Lunch Break Some Heads

A taco truck on the corner threatens the very existence of Mason Jarre, American’s Favorite Actor’s movie in today’s strip! Before the bad guys leap into what I assume will be limited action, I’d like to remind everyone not to get too excited– it’s possible Monday will start a new story arc back in Westview where the kids are excitedly babbling about the “new” Star Wars movie that came out a year ago.



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9 responses to “Lunch Break Some Heads

  1. Umm… shouldn’t their “real work” (mopping up, cleaning the sinks, carting away the garbage at the end of the lunch rush) be done with mops, sponges, cleaning solutions, bags and cans, etc.? I don’t really see how “a vengeance” is going to help with this work.

  2. Gerard Plourde

    Get down to their real work? Wasn’t giving the entire cast and crew food poisoning enough? Or did the pizza they had from Montoni’s when they were on location inoculate everybody?

  3. Bobby Joe

    Sure all the cast and crew are going to provide all sorts of inside information to the two dweebs that run the lunch wagon.

  4. Epicus Doomus

    Wow, that was a waste of a week even by FW standards. At this pace Frankie’s cockamamie scheme will take longer to play out than the SJ filming will and that thought just boggles the mind.

  5. DOlz

    Come on TB if you’re going to beat us over the head with this plot point to make sure we understand it, shouldn’t you also have them twirling handlebar mustaches while they plot to tie Darren to the railroad tracks.

  6. Great. His clever plan is to stoke a dumpster fire by adding in his guano.

  7. Double Sided Scooby Snack

    If you’ve been following this idiotic garbage, Frankie, the Defiler of the Blessed Saint Lisa, has already told Duhhren he’s on site to get gossip about the movie cast and crew, not to sell sammitches. Duhhren gave him a SEVERE tongue lashing and waddled off, feeling he had done what had to be done with this miscreant. Meanwhile, Bio-Dad is free to roam the studio property without anyone questioning who he is or why he’s there. Makes sense.

    Prediction, and if this is dead on, I SWEAR I have no access to future episodes: Frankie and Squiggie put on costumes and disguises to try to infiltrate the dressing rooms and the sets. It will be the cheesiest sitcom stuff EVER, brought to you by the pinheaded mind of Batyuck.

    You heard it here first, folks.


    So yes. Darrin hasn’t called security. Further proving Durwood uselessness as a human being,


    You know who the greatest villain in the Funky Winkerbean is? Tom Batiuk. Think about it. Nobody has done more to harm the cast then Herr Autor. All the misery in their lives of the cast have been to perpetuate meglomaniacal desire for Pulitzers and ego stroking. He even gave a character cancer to justify himself as a “great writer”. That my friends is the true evil.