DuMbZ Part 2

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Okay, not sure what I can say about this one.  We saw Vera and Cliff the other day enjoying ice cream together…and that warrants network coverage?   For two people that were completely forgotten by the viewing public until the last six months?  (In other words, people that no one cares about.)

What, weren’t there any cats stuck in trees in the past week?

There’s really only reason for coverage like this, and that would be if the upcoming Starbuck Jones movie was the most anticipated film of the century, with people slavering to learn each and every tit-bit.

And I just can’t buy that.  Why?  Because Tom Batiuk hasn’t sold it, that’s why.  There’s a reason some people are storytellers and some people aren’t.  Some people can tell stories about damaged or despicable people and make you care what happens.   Alfred Hitchcock did this many times–in “Strangers on a Train” there’s a scene near the end where the villain is being prevented from acting, and the way the film is shot and edited, you’re actually hoping the villain succeeds.  Similarly in “Psycho,” when the car stops sinking, the audience has been subtly led to think, “Oh, no, that car has to sink!”

Alfred Hitchcock was a masterful storyteller.  Tom Batiuk…not so much.



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14 responses to “DuMbZ Part 2

  1. Epicus Doomus

    He even telegraphs his inane stories in the least-subtle way possible. Obviously Frankie will make up some dirt about Mason and Marianne blah blah blah blah Lenny abandons the big loser Frankie after he’s foiled once again by Our Gang. You know there’s just no other path for this story to take, the only unknown here at this point is the same one as always…”what incomprehensible contrivance will he dream up this time to end this tale on the least-interesting and dullest note possible?”.

    The food truck is the funniest thing about this arc. Of all the ways BanTom could have had Frankie penetrate the SJ set he chose to have him operate a food truck that parks outside the studio lot. I mean just ponder that for a second and reflect upon how f*cking lazy and stupid that is. Why write anything at all if that’s all you have?

  2. billytheskink

    I sincerely hope that promo still in panel 1 is the Starbuck Jones movie poster. Mason smirking, preening in akimbo, is an image that perfectly captures this whole endeavor: a vanity project (the movie/Batom comics “backstory”) that no one asked for from a creator (Mason/TB) who is taking everything about the project way too seriously. Truly spot on.

  3. billytheskink

    Also, I’m pretty sure the old man up there in the new SOSF banner would have gotten away with it if it weren’t for those meddling kids.

  4. He’s got nothing left in the tank because he overextended himself. He should have stuck to the consequence-free gag-a-day stuff and kept this a badly-drawn clone of Archie.

  5. Rusty Shackleford

    Batty loves talking about seniors. And why would the news run a story on Cliff, just a few weeks ago he was a forgotten nobody living in a crappy NYC apartment.

  6. Tom Batiuk assumes anyone under the age of 30 has the same contempt for him that he has for them. He’s probably right.

  7. louder

    @billytheskink. Akimbo is one of my favorite words! so like the posture.

    That’s all I have — the less said about this stinking pile of crap story line, the better.


    Huh? Why is a shaved Adolph Hitler in the SOSF banner?

  9. Well, at least the image of Fred Flintstone with a pin-striped shirt in our masthead provides some suspense for this week..

    So, Frankie infiltrates the CME studios by going undercover as a roach coach chef and the best he can come up with is a photo of two aging cameo actors eating ice cream? Maybe Mr Flintstone is watching DMZ on his television in Ohio, sees the Cliff/Vera photo, and is spurred to action somehow?

  10. Professor Fate

    There are so so many problems with this – in the first place we are being told something we already know we saw them sharing ice cream a couple of days ago and unless the reader has short term memory issues, this is simply redundant. Second we have been given no idea of what the stakes are here, Is it a bad thing that people hear this? if so why? otherwise it’s as meaningless as the daily HS homeroom broadcasts. If nothing else he could have at least shown the couple’s reaction to the news being broadcast – that would at least have given the reader some sort of clue as what this is all about.
    but no. we get 3 panels of a talking head.

  11. ian'sdrunkenbeard

    This just in! Old people like ice cream!

  12. i

    “We may hear wedding bells soon if their ancient genitalia still work properly! Ha ha ha! Old people – amirite?”

  13. Jimmy

    It occurred to me (apologize if someone else has mentioned this), that this story arc was inspired by the integrated marketing communications campaign launched in advance of the Star Wars movie in Fall 2015.

    What I’m saying is, I want a bowl of Starbuck Jones cereal right now!

  14. Jimmy

    And I’m calling this now. The guy in the masthead (who looks like he dropped out of one of those Hocus-Focus panels) is Cliff Anger’s nogoodnik son.