DuMbZ Part 3 in 3-D

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Oh Good God.  You know, the other day when I said that Frankie’s big scoop would be “Elder Stars of ‘Starbuck Jones’ in Torrid Affair,” I was kidding.  I didn’t think that anyone, and I mean anyone, would notice such an innocent-looking stroll and think, “Oh, boy, look at the scandal right in front of me–here’s my next paycheck!”

Frankie is really, really bad at this villain business.  Sure, I recognize that he has the requisite sleaze factor (based solely on the fact that Westview hates him, so who knows if that sleaze actually exists).  But he would also have to have some kind of journalistic ability, and the judgment necessary to recognize when a story is not a story, and vice-versa.  And italics.

Of course, I don’t know why Clean-Shaven Fred Flintstone is even taking the time to berate them.  In case he didn’t notice, the network already ran with both of these stories.  It’s way, way too late to decide they just aren’t up to snuff.  It’s also hard to tell his reporters, “Don’t do that thing that we used, and that we paid you for.  Just stop doing that.  What?  What should you do instead?  I don’t know.  I’ll let you know after we run your work in prime time.”

Unless…the last two days were a dream sequence for Frankie?  I would not put it past this comic strip to pull that one.



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11 responses to “DuMbZ Part 3 in 3-D

  1. Epicus Doomus

    Here’s what I can’t figure out: what motivated Frankie to do this in the first place? I assumed his re-appearance would somehow involve Boy Lisa, but now it appears that this isn’t the case. So did he just happen to choose the film his bio-son was working on purely by happenstance or what? Because THAT seems pretty unlikely, doesn’t it?

  2. spacemanspiff85

    You’ve put way more thought into this than Batiuk.

  3. HeyItsDave

    That alliteration in the last panel… It’s probably the hardest T-Bats has worked in six months.

  4. billytheskink

    So is the DMZ HQ located in the actual DMZ, or are cinder block offices a common thing in Southern California?

    And where does human Droopy get off with this dismissive” sequel every five minutes” business? In real life, sure, this silly movie would be just another rotten would-be tentpole that the studio will soon find can’t hold up a paper towel. This isn’t real life. Until this last DMZ broadcast, the Starbuck Jones movie was depicted as nothing less than THE boon of the century to Hollywood… perhaps even the key to a national economic recovery.

    It has earned a sequel before the first film has even completed filming. It has spiked demand and prices for classic Starbuck comics. It has major merchandising in the works. An event featuring the guy who played Starbuck Jones 60years ago drew a fawning crowd with no publicity beyond a coded newspaper ad. Said guy is now going to be the subject of a documentary. The star of the film has directed the spending of millions of dollars with his staffing and filming location decisions.

    As depicted in the Batiukverse, this movie is a big freaking deal. Everything about it has been interesting and important we’re told… until now. Why the shift? Oh yeah, to skewer Frankie. Why else does TB write, after all?

  5. Epicus Doomus

    Oh yes, Frankie’s plan to wreak revenge against his estranged bio-son by destroying the SJ production via obtaining backstage gossip by operating a working food truck parked directly outside the studio is pure genius all right. It’s like something (guffaw) Tom Batiuk would come up with…oh yeah, right! You look back at that weird Boy Lisa sequence and Frankie’s incessant ominous cackling and for a second you think there’s something more going on here but of course there isn’t.

    Coming late next summer: Les arrives on the set with “Lisa’s Secret Journal Vol. 14: The Time Frankie Tried To Ruin My Student Film By Setting Up A Hot Dog Stand Nearby And Spreading Rumors About The Cast In An Attempt To Cash In And Be A Big Mean Jerk and How I Handled It” in hand, once again saving the day with an assist from (wink) you-know-who. No one is even slightly surprised. Lenny takes over the food truck, offers only Ohio-style pizza and slowly bleeds Pete and Darin so dry they’re forced to sell him the REAL inside dirt on the SJ production, which should have been the original premise to begin with.

  6. As I said on Comics Kingdom, he’s not any more competent than anyone else in the strip…he’s just actively nastier about his total shit-for-brains ineptitude. Also, good catch on their boss being Fred Flintstone. Maybe his rival looks like George Jetson.

  7. So despite the fact that the scoops were lackluster, they still were good enough to run on the broadcast, so WTF is the problem?


    You know, this whole concept would work if it didn’t involve Frankie and his used to be black companion. Imagine if this was Crazy Harry. Imagine Crazy was having money problems and DMZ went to him and gave him an offer to get dirt Crazy Harry would have an actual moral quandry. It would be something interesting.

  9. ian'sdrunkenbeard

    Dhat dhe duck do dou dhink dou’re doing? Dig dup dome dirt, dor dou’re dired!

  10. ian'sdrunkenbeard

    I love the panel that bc created for the opening comment. It made me lol.

    There should be a third panel of the boss saying, “Now get to work, you jugheads!”, while slapping them both across the face with one swipe.

  11. professor fate

    Utterly baffling it’s like three of four story drafts are being used at the same time.