To Greet The Man, You’ve Got To Meet The Man

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Happy Thanksgiving From Your Pals at SoSF!!!

Dashiell Hammett makes his first actual appearance today and it’s everything you imagined it’d be, even minus the band turkeys. Yep, nothing leaps off the funny page like a drawing of a man while he writes…but as a regular FW reader YOU ALREADY KNEW THAT!!! This Hammett guy was a political activist during the “Red Scare” era which is without a doubt where BanTom is going with this, although I can tell you with 100% certainty he’ll dance around the particulars and the details and keep things as vague as he possibly can to ensure there’s absolutely no possibility of offending anyone whatsoever, like he always does. Yep, 1950s commie paranoia…issues, today’s youth and so forth. Sigh.

“Starbuck Jones”…an obscure, short-lived comic book title that eventually grew to span decades and captured the very imagination of a nation. The old SJ movie serials of the fifties…low-budget and mostly forgotten matinee fare that was actually the brilliant work of a group of idealistic young Hollywood subversives. Cliff Anger…not really a weird old recluse but an American hero forced into seclusion by Cold War paranoia. Montoni’s…lousy indifferently-made food that Westviewians would kill for. Nothing is ever what it appears to be in the Funkyverse, like how it’s always on the page titled “Comics” for some reason.


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9 responses to “To Greet The Man, You’ve Got To Meet The Man

  1. Happy Holidays to all.
    So, Tom Batiuk is going to tackle the Hollywood Ten. I’m sure over at the Pulitzer offices they’re already rubbing their foreheads, hoping the headaches will go away. “How about,” one of them will say, “if we send him an email and tell him to stop baiting us?”
    “Can we rescind a nomination?” another will ask.

  2. billytheskink

    I imagine Hammett didn’t want anybody to know he was writing Starbuck Jones scripts for fear of embarrassment.

    Anyways, not only was Dashiell Hammett more Red than Tom Batiuk, he was also more read than Tom Batiuk.

  3. Jimmy

    A guy with issues mommy lionizes a commie.

  4. There’s nothing more irritating than watching being denied something beyond his capacities mess with someone’s head. Batiuk’s the Ted Forth of cartooning.

  5. Rusty Shackleford

    Wow, Cindy’s gonna be promoted to chief anchor as a result of this.

    As expected, lots of words, nothing said, story drags on, boredom ensues.

  6. louder

    Hollywood BatHack wrote this story, and It Shamed Them All. Hmm, All Hesitated, for this story turned out to be A Hell Amidst Them, and I felt that Mallets Had Hit Me, it was so bad and dumb.

  7. Rusty Shackleford

    Funky Winkerbean, the cultural gift that keeps on giving. It really helps us to understand the richness of the human experience.

  8. Rusty

    Cindy holds on to a little smile, wondering who the hell Dashiell Hammett is.


    Giving Hammett suffered depression and alcoholism during these years, I think we have stumbled upon something rather significant. Hammett needed a LOT of alcohol to get through the depression of realizing he was reduced to writing fucking Starbucks Jones serials for a living.