Meeting Of The Mindless

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Woe, woe, woe…Merry Funkmas!!! Everything is inexplicably back in living color today as Dinkle bravely forges ahead through typical Westviewian blizzard conditions to visit his old pal…Bull? Sure, why not? I don’t recall ever seeing those two interact, this oughta be really…(zzzzzzzz). I’ll tell you this right now: if Bull is angrily sitting there next to some overturned water cups I’m outta here for the week. Ditto if Dinkle starts with the music-based puns…”passing his baton” and such. This has “dismal and lifeless” written all over it as it is, there’s just no need to pile on.


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15 responses to “Meeting Of The Mindless

  1. What’s the term when a cancer returns, even more aggressive than before? I would suggest “Dinkle,” as in, “I’m sorry, Reg Reader, but your leukemia has Dinklized. Best to make your preparations.”

    Dinkle has always occupied the Number Two slot in the “Westview Loathsomeness Pageant” for me (no one can take Les’ crown). Unlike every other horrible character in this strip, he serves no purpose whatsoever.

    I take that back, he embodies a definite finger on the hand…though so many others vie for that position.

    Is it possible to draw a comic strip if your hand is nothing but middle fingers, pointed at the reader? I guess we have an answer.

  2. billytheskink

    Dinkle had better make his visit real short or he’s going to have a heck of a time getting home. Judging by the snow that’s already on the road and/or driveway, he may be snowed in at the Bushka’s.

    Bull may have been a bully in high school, but he doesn’t deserve this kind of personal hell.

  3. Epicus Doomus

    Yeah, it’s always wise for elderly drivers to go a-visiting during major winter storms. And here in New Jersey you’ll get ticketed for driving around with mountains of snow on your car like that.

    Note what’s in Dinkle’s hand. It might be a book but IMO it looks suspiciously like a VHS tape. Sigh.

  4. Gerard Plourde

    It appears that Dinkle is holding what appears to be a videotape in his hand in Panel 2. I’m also made uneasy by the expression on Bull’s face that appears on the masthead of the site today. He looks more out of it than Funky’s dad did before his miraculous recovery from dementia.

  5. spacemanspiff85

    Dinkle is #1 for me. I can’t stand Les, but with him there’s at least a semblance of a plot. When Dinkle shows up you just know you’re in for a week (if you’re really lucky) of terrible band jokes and everyone talking about how incredible he is. And with Les, you usually have new reasons to despise him every time we show up. With Dinkle, it’s just days upon days of “band is Hell, and Dinkle is Satan, and that’s funny, somehow” again and again.

  6. Rusty Shackleford

    I didn’t know Bull lived at the top of a snow covered mountain.

    Is Dinkle the grim reaper of cancer?

    Ah another day of nothingness and despair in Westview.

  7. I assume she means “surprise” in the way that Pearl Harbor was a surprise.

  8. bigd1992

    3rd verse
    Same as the first
    The 2nd was bad
    But this one’s worse

  9. Rusty

    Can anyone explain the wide part in Linda’s hair? Did she once suffer a massive headwind? (It would explain marrying Bull). Any chance Jinx makes an appearance soon?

  10. Rusty

    Wound, dammit.

  11. Charles

    Re: Which character is the most loathsome

    I can see hating Dinkle over Les. With Les, part of his characterization is his haplessness. Batiuk may be absolutely in love with him and not recognize his faults, but he does make him miserable. Les hates large parts of his life and responds to it with his detached aloofness that makes him so contemptible, but it’s obvious he hates those parts. For example, he’s a teacher despite the fact that he hates the kids and can’t wait until he gets to retire. So you know that even though it’s nowhere near proportional to his terribleness, Batiuk’s having him suffer.

    Dinkle, on the other hand, is deified. He just wanders around, telling people how wonderful he is, and in turn gets told how wonderful he is. I mean, hell, he’s retired but he still shows up at work and the people there let him be in charge. His character doesn’t incorporate any of the suffering that Les’s does. He’s just smirks, puns and Remember Whens. And finding that more detestable is a perfectly respectable opinion to have.

  12. Charles

    I forgot: Re: Which character is the most loathsome

    I would put a lot of money down that Mason’s going to make a huge play for this spot over the next two years or so. Maybe even over just one.


    OK, so now it is Winter in Ohio. Which means that the it’s Christmas time. So Starbuck’s Jones still hasn’t fucking finished filming for what is supposed to be a summer movie. The Alan Smithee moniker is being warmed up as we speak.

  14. Charles

    Quite obviously Dinkle didn’t show Linda and Bull the courtesy of calling before coming over. He just wandered over there with his stupid video tape with the expectation that they would drop everything to accommodate his visit. And, of course, he’s right.

    “Harry! Nice to see you! I was just about to apply Bull’s large regimen of ointments! Wanna help?”

    Or Harry shows up when Bull’s having one of his episodes and the doorbell enrages him so that he uses Harry’s head as a toilet brush.

    At least then I’d enjoy the strip, rather than this stupid wheel-spinning. Seriously. Harry walks up to a door and Linda answers. That’s it. That’s the strip. Tune in tomorrow when Batiuk actually might do something with the time he’s been allotted.

  15. The sad fact is that Harry Dinkle is probably the first person to come over since Bull took early retirement. As has been said, Dick Facey has no interest in being smug and superior if his stooge can’t remember who he is, Chunky is too busy selling pizza and Crazy is gonna be a no-show because Bull doesn’t give two shits about comic books. This means that trying to get Bull to remember what a great thing being upstaged by a sousaphone-obsessed monomaniac in gold braid was is almost a Godsend.