No Formats Left Behind

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It really IS a videotape! Someone actually brought a VHS camcorder to Bull’s last game? Or is this some ancient tape Dinkle unearthed while he was endlessly roaming around WHS for no sensible reason? These people and the videotapes, that was a technological advancement Westviewians oddly embraced for some reason instead of shunning it like they always do.

“What? Movies with sound? Kids today are so spoiled. I’ll stick to my silent films, this is just a fad.”

“Ahhh, the color, the tint…just two more silly knobs to have to fiddle with. I’ll stick to my old black & white TV, thank you very much.”

“Video games? On the TV? Where do you put the comic book? Kids today are so weird.”

“WOW! A camcorder! I can make my own video tapes! I’m gonna record everything and save all the tapes even if the format eventually dies out!”

One of these is not like the others. Imagine it, you’re at a WHS football game, filming with your phone. Then you look up and notice the angry faces of the locals, all of them with huge old-fashioned VHS camcorders hoisted on their aching sagging shoulders. You begin to hear the murmurs…”fancy technology wiz thinks he’s so cool”…”yeah, let’s see him dub copies with that thing”…”damn kids today”. The crowd begins passing around hand-written little notes mocking you. And when you innocently ask whether that horrible wooden trough thing is really supposed to be the men’s room the fed-up mob attacks, running you out of the bleachers and back to your futuristic dream world. And it’s all on videotape.


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9 responses to “No Formats Left Behind

  1. Jim in Wisc.

    I think L’Auteur Glorieux keeps going back to the VHS well just to troll us snarkers.

  2. spacemanspiff85

    It’s amazing that a writer could think “a guy has a VHS tape” makes for a cliffhanger, or any kind of remotely satisfying strip.

  3. Gerard Plourde

    The first question that comes to mind is “Where is Dinkle finding VHS tape? It appears that it’s no longer being produced. Of course that little fact wouldn’t deter The Author.

  4. billytheskink

    Ah, but to play the tape, they’ll have to get the other Harry to bake it first. We’ll cover that process in next week’s strips, won’t we?

  5. Not only a tedious and boring arc that goes nowhere and accomplishes nothing aside from praising another fist magnet but also a tedious and boring arc about another obsolete and best forgotten thing Batiuk loves because he too is obsolete and best forgotten.

  6. Remember, VHS has been sanctified by BSD Lisa herself, so of course the format is permissible in Westview.

  7. louder

    Next weeks discovery: 8 track tapes of the band, so you can listen in the car.

  8. Jimmy

    Honestly, I would have pegged Batiuk for a laser disc purist, but he seems to be better at drawing rectangles than circles.

  9. sgtsaunders

    Yes, it’s great. Thrill once again to Bull, wearing nothing but a jaque strop, beheading the Scapegoat with an ax then charging the camera while wielding the head in a manner that gives new meaning to the term “battering ram”. The last thing you hear is a blood-curdling scream “Don’t put that thing on meeee!!!!” AAaahhh!!! from the cameraman.So yeah, show it to Bull – or what’s left of him.