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“Yo, Petey! Listen, you know those thirty pallets of blank VHS tapes you boosted right before the format went extinct and couldn’t ever find a buyer for? Well listen, there’s this town in Ohio….”.

“Welcome to Slippery Pete’s Blank VHS Tape Emporium, formerly “Citizen Khans”, how can I help you? Two dozen blank VHS tapes? Why sure, that will be two hundred dollars, please (chortle).”

Taping…LOL. Taping “Law And Order” for twenty years…LOL again. “Too busy coaching”…uh yeah, sure he was, Linda, sure he was.


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19 responses to “Bore And Snore-der

  1. spacemanspiff85

    As bad as that team was, he couldn’t spare forty minutes a week to watch a TV show? Seriousl?


    Why do you need to binge watch Law and Order? Every episode is fucking the same. Then again someone who had to watch his team lose repeatedly probably craves sameness.


    Well at least Bull will have the pleasure of seeing Marianne Winters first role as dead strangled brunette co-ed #5 and Mason Jarres first role as a transexual serial rapist suspect that John Munch interrogates in the toilet.

  4. Jimmy

    So, Bull has the receiver set firmly on A&E? It reminds me of the time I missed watching “Roadhouse”, then I just turned on TBS and voila!

    Seriously, though. We have DVR and On Demand these days. I just looked up L&O on my cable box, and 20 seasons are available.

  5. DOlz

    In true FW fashion Bull watches a half-a-dozen episodes and goes, “I spent all that money on tapes and time recording this drivel?”

  6. Gerard Plourde

    So he had the time to set the VCR so that he could record the episode and to make sure he had a fresh tape so that hewasn’t recording over an episode each week but didn’t have time to watch any of them? That strains credulity (even more than usual).

  7. Jimmy

    Regular Show does a better job selling VHS as part of everyday modern life.

  8. He’s going to be so upset when he finds out about Jerry Orbach….

  9. Hitorque

    Batiuk missed a trick here… He should have tried to tie this into the #Simpsons600 event…

    So at no time could Bull be bothered to watch the 4-hour rerun block that my own father used to binge on every evening?

    While he’s at it, Batiuk should catch Bull up on all those M*A*S*H episodes he missed, too

  10. Hmmm. The perfect show for those dirtbombs. Trite. Arch. Repetitive. Filled with smug idiots going through the same abysmally depressing motions week after week as they devolve into receptacles for a hack’s love of misery and psychosis.

  11. Frank Bolton

    Is this just going to be yet another opportunity for Batiuk to torment Bull? “Ha ha he retired in disgrace and he’s just sitting in his man cave, slowly dying and rotting as he watches pap.”

  12. I have this awful feeling it’s going to take two weeks for one man to hand a videotape to another.

  13. billytheskink

    I remember when the St. Louis Baseball Cardinals wore blue road uniforms, but not when the St. Louis Football Cardinals wore blue helmets.

    Is… is Dinkle’s rear end smirking in in panel 1?

  14. Bull’s bingeing on Lawnorder because the show’s distint “bonk-bonk” sound

    triggers an alpha-wave seizure in his brain, almost erasing the misery of living in Cancerdeathville for a few seconds.

  15. Don

    > So he had the time to set the VCR so that he could record the episode and to make sure he had a fresh tape so that hewasn’t recording over an episode each week but didn’t have time to watch any of them?

    Of course not. Changing the tapes was his wife’s job.

    Keep in mind that if he didn’t record them in SP, there’s a good chance that the older ones are pretty much unwatchable when he replaced his VCR, and if he did, then he can fit only two per tape, so that’s 220 tapes…

  16. Wait a moment–I thought Bull was a lousy player and a lousy coach. So why are there awards in a cabinet in panel three?

    Did he go to a place that makes awards and just buy some for himself?

  17. TB is going to be so upset when he learns about Netflix and Hulu.

  18. What is it with TB and drawing men’s trousers? In panel 1 it looks like Harry’s ass is leering at us, and in 3 he’s got a visible boner! I mean, I studied subliminal clips in psych (naked bodies in liquor ads depicting a tumbler of ice and scotch, to secretly arouse consumers, for example), but I can’t see any point for them in a comic strip. It’s not like any sexually active young adults read FW anyway. “Hey babe, check out the funny pages this morning. What say we call in sick and go upstairs to make some whoopee!”

  19. Professor Fate

    Law and Order? I can’t imagine why Bull as we know Bull would be at all interested this show. One can only guess that the author needed a show that had been on forever – and picked this one not caring if it made any sense or a bit of a funny or even weird, like him watching The Voice or a reality show, Using Law and Order is just lazy.