The Plot Thinnens

SoSfDavid O here, and, ugh, I think we can all tell where this is going by panel 3 in today’s strip. The only question is, will Tombat take a week to tell the story or the first half of 2017!?


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  1. Rusty

    “You actually stepped out of bounds a couple of yards before being stopped at the goal line, so you wouldn’t have scored anyway. Too bad, but I thought it was worth letting you know 40 years later.”

  2. billytheskink

    “But this video was shot by one of our band parents down by the goal line… It confirms that you were a full yard short. You know, I had forgotten how terrible your football team’s were. No wonder it was so easy to kick you guys off the field for band practice.”

    TB would never do this, but it would be totally in character for the Dinkle he established back in Acts I and II.

  3. Epicus Doomus

    So someone brought a VHS camcorder to Bull’s last game? That is what the imbecilic Dinkle is saying here, right? Obviously this is turning out to be just like that “Brady Bunch” episode where the cheerleader-photographing Greg accidentally captures indisputable evidence of where the ball carrier’s foot stepped over the line marker and (zzzzzzzz). Anyhow, I would have assumed that Bull had already forgotten all about that game, being a coach and that asshole Harry Dinkle, but that’s BanTom for you.

  4. Yeah. Great. “Look how beautiful your failure looks.” Way to be useless, band mom.

  5. So now that he is about to learn that he was robbed of a TD 40 years ago, he can re-forget it and die of CTE a happy man? Is that the point? Because that seems to be the point.

  6. Gerard Plourde

    We have a story that could have been completely told in one Sunday strip (or two daily ones). stretched into a week. The only suspense this is building is whether the punchline is the expected one that Bull actually got into the end zone or whether Batty’s dislike of jocks remains so strong that it merely confirms Bulll’s failure.

  7. Rusty Shackleford


    Also, since when do they allow people to kill around in the end zone.

    Ah, Batty’s little fantasy land where nothing works like you expect it to.

  8. merrypookster

    “Yes Bull, I’ve been hanging onto this ancient VHS tape while you’ve been tormenting these past 40 years.”

  9. Normally when the tape shows a ref made the wrong call (we all know that’s where this is headed, right?), the response is usually along the lines of “yeah, we messed up, we’re only human, but we can’t change the call now.” But this is Westview, so we’re in for several weeks of everything stopping so Bull can get his long overdue trophy and everyone cheers the epitome of the Peaked in High School crowd.

  10. sgtsaunders

    We’re to think “Ohshitohdear, they really won the game, thereby giving Bully Balls a reason to go on living.” But with any luck, this revelation will reignite the seething rage inside Bully Balls, sending him into orbit once again, this time higher and more insane than ever. Monday will see Les in the Westview General ER whining abut why they are attending to a “has-been Bully” with a stroke instead of first removing the VHS tape lodged firmly in Les’s colon.

  11. sgtsaunders

    OR it’s only a half-time show from sixteen years ago and Band Director Man has gone round the bend mentally. The rest of my Bad Craziness set forth above remains the same.

  12. Comic Book Harriet

    1.) I called this yesterday.
    2.) What parent in Westview was so rich as to be able to purchase an personal camcorder in the SEVENTIES? My mom bought her first for A THOUSAND BUCKS in 1990. And why did the parent transfer the super 8 Reel to Reel footage (What my parents 1981 wedding was shot professionally in) to VHS, give it to Dinkle, and NOT give it to Bull?

  13. What’s the over/under on how many more days before we actually see the video? I say 3. The viewing will occur on Tuesday and Wednesday (at least) and the reaction will take the rest of the week.

  14. billytheskink

    Reading this strip for a second time, I finally noticed that this arc is anchored in one of TB’s classic continuity errors… and this one is a doozy.

    While it took Marianne Winters several months to go from rising starlet whose mere presence greenlights sequels to “and introducing, in her first motion picture”, it has taken just seven weeks for Big Walnut Tech’s goal line stand to go from Coach Stropp’s last game to Bull’s last game. This may be a new record…

    Coach Stropp’s last game was in 1996, and Bull was not a player on that team but an assistant coach. The November strip does not dispute this, as Bull says “we were stopped just short of the goal line” not that he himself was. This, of course, was already a retcon of what TB really depicted in Coach Stropp’s final game, a 97-0 loss after Stropp had already been told he was fired.

    So what did TB actually depict in Bull’s final game as a Scapegoat? Does it line up with this current “stopped short of the goal line” business?
    Of course it doesn’t.

    In the final football game before the time jump took us to Act II, November 1987 1977 1991, Westview goes in to the final game against Big Walnut Tech an undefeated 9-0 due to a remarkable set of coincidences that led to every one of their opponents forfeiting before the teams even took the field. (For the curious, their opponents that year were: Haysville, Crestwood, Fort Clinton, Blue Valley, Central Catholic, Lowell, Centerville, Shelby, and one whose name I can’t make out.) Big Walnut Tech is the first and only opponent Westview actually plays that season and they proceed to beat the tar right out of the Scapegoats. However they used an ineligible player in that game, so they offer to forfeit as well. Despite Fred Fairgood telling Stropp that the offer is a courtesy that is never accepted, Stropp excitedly accepts the conference championship that is later stripped from him in that 1996 story arc where he is fired. Dinkle then throws shade on Stropp when asked to clear some space in the trophy case for conference championship trophy.

    But Bull is not seen or mentioned in this series of events. Did he already graduate? Well, no, he is depicted as a student throughout that last Act I school year and in February of 1988 1978 1992, he signs his letter of intent to play football at EMU. Thus, we can confirm that Bull’s last game against Big Walnut Tech was a bad loss that was ultimately declared a victory by forfeit.

  15. Don

    > ” However they used an ineligible player in that game, so they offer to forfeit as well. Despite Fred Fairgood telling Stropp that the offer is a courtesy that is never accepted”

    Er, I don’t remember them “offering” to forfeit; besides, in 1982, BWT successfully protested a game it lost to Westview (Westview’s first win in school history) because Bull was academically ineligible, so they had no problem “accepting” it back then

  16. billytheskink

    Fred says they offer in the strip:

    Big Walnut Tech’s actions in 1982 would make Fred’s claim that “no team in our conference has ever actually accepted…” a bit of a continuity error. Shocking!