Ballistic Mrs

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You know, I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that Funky’s wordplay is actually kind of clever.  It’s certainly far superior to anything Les Moore has ever come up with.

And I guess that’s the reason why he has to be insulted.  How dare you do something that Les is incapable of doing–providing some amusement, however dim.  Telling, isn’t it?  If it’s not Funky running himself down, it’s everyone around him–including his creator.   It’s times like these–strips like these, I should say–where I don’t wonder why Funky has the grim, fatalistic attitude he has.  What kind of life is it where the only response you can expect from a little joke is disgust?  Just because you weren’t born with the name “Les Moore”?

I’m not saying you should be ROTFLOL at his joke, but it’s kind of clever and relevant to the situation.  And Funky can’t even get an indulgent smirk.

You can bet that if this joke came from the death-hole of Les Moore, people would be laughingly falling out of their chairs to show how funny they found it…and yet, they’d also be reflecting on how true it all is, and how it has enriched their lives.

(It might be hard to discern that over the sound of readers everywhere projectile vomiting, but it would be there anyway.)

It’s probably good that Funky doesn’t (so far as I know) own a shotgun.  I’m sure he would have gunned down anyone near him before turning the gun on himself–probably many, many years ago.  Necessitating an Act IV, I’m thinking.


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12 responses to “Ballistic Mrs

  1. Max Power

    So the Dr. just switches from telling Funky isn’t dying (yet) to asking Holly questions? Is that how “Super Clinics” work?

  2. Epicus Doomus

    This arc is like being flogged with a plastic grocery bag full of used kitty litter. It could be worse, it could even be messier but it’s not pleasant nonetheless. One minute he’s dreading the inevitability of death, the next he’s cracking wise with the abysmal wordplay…does Super Clinic have a mental health department on site?

  3. See, but if she’s having hot flashes, the Mrs. is already uncomfortably hot and therefore would be seeking to escape the heat. Maybe the doctor sees it this way too and that’s why s/he calls Funky “a jerk.”

  4. Rusty Shackleford

    Funky should ask the good Dr: What nationality are you? You look like kind of a hodgepodge of various minorities. I guess our dear author wanted to be inclusive, but not funny.

  5. Jimmy

    While this comic does not depict young adults, it is 1/4 from reality in my work, I wish I had a nickel everytime someone has said to me, “You’re not dead…yet…but you are still a colossal asshole!”

  6. Epicus Doomus

    TFHackett: I thought that too. Shouldn’t she be a “heat-seeping” Mrs.? Or is that just too much wordplay for one strip?

  7. Jimmy

    I mean my world. I am not in the medical field, though some would call me a professional a hole.

  8. billytheskink

    Funky is “always a jerk like this” eh? Let’s test that out.

    Recent Holly and Funky strips:
    Feb. 2 – Holly smiles and Funky contemplates impending death upon learning that he doesn’t have cancer
    Feb. 1 – Holly describes her and Funky as a unit
    Jan. 30 – Holly yells at Funky for getting them to the airport too early, even though he followed the TSA’s recommendations
    Jan. 29 – Holly makes fun of Funky’s apparent tendency to arrive early for flights
    Jan. 22 – Funky and Holly cordially share the Sunday newspaper, Funky takes a shot at Generation Z
    Jan. 21 – Funky makes a passive-aggressive remark about Holly having a life insurance policy on him as Holly eggs him on
    Jan. 20 – Holly strongly suggests that Funky run the Akron marathon relay for reasons I do not wish to comprehend
    Jan. 15 – Holly rolls her eyes at an exasperated Funky, who had raced home from Montoni’s after failing to hear her say the phone part of “my phone is dying”
    Jan. 6 – Holly chides Crazy for giving $20 to some ki… wait, that’s Donna… sorry
    Jan. 1 – Holly tells a concerned Funky that she prefers to call hot flashes “power surges”
    Oct. 27 – Holly chides Funky for joking that he never thought he’d hear “Bull, “Brain”, and “science” in the same sentence

    Funky has his moments of jerkiness for sure, but I would say Holly as many if not more.

  9. ian'sdrunkenbeard

    “Shut up, you fat turd, the grown-ups are talking.”

  10. It’s sort of like watching Golden Girls and remembering how Dorothy was never allowed to tell a story about her past.

  11. Hitorque

    Bad puns are how they really say “I love you” in the Batiukiverse…


    I’m pretty sure that calling your patients “jerks” is a sure way to get bad word of mouth on your clinic.