Compare and Contrast

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Just like yesterday, Funky actually comes up with some wordplay that’s kind of clever.  It reflects on the “doctor” and “snapshot” ideas, and uses them both to play off their varying definitions.

And of course, he has to be excoriated for this offense against the holy wit of Les Moore.

Let’s compare: today,  here’s Funky telling a joke, and here’s the reaction he gets.

People so disgusted they have to support their scowls with their hands.  I mean, WOW, that’s pretty disgusted, right?

Yesterday, we had something similar.  Funky tells a joke–

And gets this reaction for his troubles:

Yeah, Funky’s a jerk.  I’m not going to argue that one.  Whadaya think I am, stoopid?  But let us cut a little closer, let’s move in to this strip’s guts.

Compare the last couple of days’ offerings to a strip of a couple of years ago.  Here’s Les offering up his own version of wordplay.  He was talking about hauling a typewriter onto Montoni’s roof to write his first failed book.  (As if Les Moore is capable of that kind of manual labor–that’s a funny joke right there.)

Have you ever heard anything so utterly childish?  Don’t tell me that Funky’s puns from the last couple of days suffer in comparison.  Les’ kind of wordplay…that’s the sort of thing a three-year-old would say he’s grown out of.  But here it’s presented as the height of hilarity.

Let’s take a closer look at the reaction Les gets.  Is he called a jerk, and groaned at?

Oh hell no:

Of course, I’m not sure what can be expected from a strip that has a character who says this, in 2013:

Who then, over the course of a couple of years, matures to the point where he now says this, in 2016:

To quote Jack Nicholson, in Mars Attacks! (1996): “Yikes!”

Given what we have, in a strip like this, it’s apparently perfectly understandable that Les’ “roof draft” joke would get this reaction:

These two people have never heard anything so funny in their entire lives.

In fact, they’re–

Why, they’re almost–wait, what’s this?  Oh my God, what the Hell–

“God help us, in the future!” (Criswell)


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10 responses to “Compare and Contrast

  1. Epicus Doomus

    By that point I’d imagine they could just ship whatever’s left of Funky via UPS or something and save a fortune on airfare. Which reminds me, they still have to fly back to Ohio which could mean yet another series of (sigh) air travel gags.

  2. billytheskink

    Funky needs a go-to list of Carnac The Magnificent-style audience insults for whenever his jokes go unappreciated.

    May a goateed English teacher supervise your child’s field trip.
    May a bearded mailman drink every pot of coffee you make.
    May a megalomaniacal band director get your father to perform in a 4th of July concert.
    May an aging majorette chide your time management skills.
    May your now ex-wife accuse your business of redlining on the TV news.
    May your best friend tell you that some children were left behind.

    These things practically write themselves!

  3. And all because for some inexplicable reason, Batiuk despises the character. He can’t succeed, he can’t breed and no one likes his jokes…and all because of the name he has.

  4. Charles

    Thing that kills me is that the guy telling these bombing jokes is totally oblivious and impervious to his audience’s negative reaction. I mean, look at that doctor’s face as he tells his stupid joke. She’s trying to do a job for him here, a very serious job, and she clearly doesn’t appreciate his stupid quips, yet he keeps it up. So Funky is either being a complete asshole to his doctor whose expertise he flew across the country to obtain, or he’s so lacking in self-awareness that you’d think he’s suffered brain injuries several times over.

  5. Frank Bolton

    @Charles I don’t think it’s so much the fact that Funky is getting dunked on for trying to be punny in public. In fact, I applaud any and all occasions where these emotionally and psychosexually stunted children get insulted and glared by people outside of their community bubble.

    What galls is that Les and Dinkle never get smacked down like how Funky is being smacked down.

  6. Rusty Shackleford

    More cheap potshots on Funky.

    Over on Crankshaft, we see the foundation of this strip: old things.

    We have an old bus driver, responding to an old Batiuck premises (outrageous snowfall the likes of which we haven’t seen since the 70s), leading to kids sleeping in an old theater, all of which is reported in the old, dying newspaper. Classic Batiuckian stuff here. Savor and enjoy!

  7. gleeb

    You liked the “doctor the snapshot” joke?

  8. Gerard Plourde

    Unanswered in this entire arc is why they had to travel all the way to the research clinic in Dallas. I suppose it has some significance for the author.

  9. Double Sided Scooby Snack

    Gerard, we can only assume BatButt has worn out his welcome in every doctor’s office in every city in Ahia.

    What makes no sense is how “Funkman” hires a personal trainer, but doesn’t want her to do personal trainer stuff. Then he hires a doctor (at great expense, including travel) but doesn’t want her (assuming it’s a “her” — we’re not sure) to do doctor stuff. Does he take Snowball the Car to the mechanic, but decline each service that’s offered, not not until he’s made puns that even Lynn Johnston would think are dumb?

    Can’t wait to find out what happens next, but I’m sure it’ll be one of two possibilities:

    1) Monday, these two goofs are back in always-snowy Ahia, wearing their Montoni’s aprons and serving free coffee to the deadbeats from the Komix “store.” No further mention of this “Super Clinic” boondoggle.

    2) The groundhog sees his shadow, resulting in us being treated to six excruciating weeks of Flunky and Holleeee getting every appendage grabbed and every orifice probed while their exposed flab flops this way and that.


  10. The doctor in panel 3 is probably thinking to herself, “Now I’m glad I decided not to say anything about that lesion on your bladder.”