The Smoker You Drink, The Player You Get

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Ah, now, there’s the Funky we all know and, uh, know.   Completely certain of his inevitable decline and demise.    And taking an entire Sunday to remind us.

Another dull Sunday strip with no entertainment value at all…not even a vague stab at a punchline.  The only things I’m curious about are 1) What the Hell is Funky holding in panel two, and 2) the car in the penultimate panel.  That looks a lot like Funky’s car.  Are we to gather that, when they found the airport locked, Funky and Holly just said the Hell with it, and drove from Akron(ish) to Dallas?   Because that’s an 18 hour trip of nearly 1200 miles.

18 hours in the car with Funky?  I think a terminal diagnosis would be a relief.

And thus ends my time in the spotlight.  Please welcome the return of Fearless Leader himself, Mr. TFHackett, starting tomorrow, which is already in progress!




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11 responses to “The Smoker You Drink, The Player You Get

  1. billytheskink

    The “Super Clinic” has people who help you load your bags into your Batiukmobile®, what service! They don’t help you carry your bags from your room to the curb, but they’ll gladly toss ’em in your trunk.

    Wait a second, Funky and Holly were staying at this place? Did it used to be a YMCA?

  2. Epicus Doomus

    Yeah, so this Super Clinic is like some sort of inpatient thing were you check in for a weekend of medical exams and bad news? And they have valet parking too? That sounds a little pricey for a pizza shop manager married to a woman who spends thousands of dollars on comic books. Maybe Montoni’s has a really kick-ass insurance plan or something.

  3. The Dreamer

    lets get back to Hollywood already! there’s nothing left in the Westview segments except death and dying. The Hollywood strips are the only ones worth reading. And if this Texas clinic is so great, *why didn’t Bull go there to get a second opinion on his CTE?*

  4. spacemanspiff85

    Oh come on, Batiuk, stop having all your characters say “regression to the mean” like that. Nobody uses it that way!
    Coming next week: a reprise of “Funky Gets in a Car Wreck”, only this time, he deliberately turns into oncoming traffic.

  5. Gerard Plourde

    So this week Funky and Holly implausibly travel from Ahia to Dallas for a health check up at specialized (and most likely expensive) clinic. Questions abound. If the point of these strips was just series of jokes about the downside of aging after what appears to be a standard screening, why did they have to travel all the way to Texas? How can Funky afford it if he’s only running Montoni’s (which may still be suffering the long-term effects of the failed national expansion)? It seems that the author had a couple of pet peeves he wanted to address (airports and aging) and needed a way to put them together.

  6. Max Power

    It’s been quite an emotional roller-coaster this week for Funky: google-eyed panic; nervous relief; smirking and wise-cracking; and today, a “regression to the mean” with heavy-lidded acceptance of decline and death.

  7. @BC: “Are we to gather that, when they found the airport locked, Funky and Holly just said the Hell with it, and drove from Akron(ish) to Dallas?”

    Nah, Funky just has a standing order that anywhere he goes, the rental agency must set him up with exactly the same make, model and color car that he owns back in Cancerdeathville. Y’see, that particular Chevforondodgota Corcivuzus is the absolutely most average car in the country, a four-wheeled regression to the mean. Which, of course, is what Funky’s all about.

  8. Frank Bolton

    Sunday’s joke was, removed of context, half-decent. It was definitely not worth having to endure a week-plus of pointless smarm and whining and false scares. Also the need to stretch it out over a Sunday strip rather than fitting it in the much more natural cadence of a three or four-panel strip ruined the pacing.

    But that’s Funky Winkerbean for you. It’s one of those things that gets LESS funny with context.

  9. Rusty Shackleford

    Achievement Unlocked: 2 empty strips

    Both Crankshaft and FW are a total waste of space today, save for all the bricks in Crankshaft.

  10. Another dull Sunday strip with no entertainment value at all…not even a vague stab at a punchline.

    I agree with Rusty that BC’s critique of today’s FW applies to Crankshaft as well. Is the gag in Crankshaft supposed to be that nobody else wants to serve as president of the Centerville Beekeepers Association? Or that the incumbent’s name is “Buzz”? Maybe TB could’ve followed Hi and Lois‘ lead and gone with a Super Bowl theme today, though even with a year’s lead time he must know his Cleveland Browns won’t be a factor.

  11. Charles

    Not surprisingly, Batiuk doesn’t know what “regression to the mean” means.

    In this context, Funky and Holly would both have to have been getting better than average bills of health for people their age from their doctors, which hasn’t been happening at all. In fact, Funky’s been forced by his wife to get a gym membership because he’s in such poor health, and Holly’s overall health hasn’t been mentioned at all. And then, to “regress”, they would have to get a bill of health worse than what they’ve been getting, one that’s typical to someone of their age and their lifestyle, “the mean”, IOW.

    It’s so common for Batiuk to screw up the meaning of a phrase that we should probably have a tag for it.