Estate of the Unit

Wow! Hell of a Super Bowl, huh guys? Greetings, snarkers, and a tip of the SoSF coonskin to Beckoning Chasm for his fine stint. The flight back from Dallas has given Mrs. Kidneycyst, I mean Winkerbean, plenty of time to ponder mortality. They’ve not even put down their luggage when Holly brings up the  contemporary issue affecting young adults that is estate planning. How’s that for setting the tone for a week of strips? Having stated his thesis, Batiuk has one panel left in which to lighten things with his trademark wordplay, but can only manage another of his patented, head-scratching punchlines. The Winkerbeans’ home is apparently pretty spacious, but I wouldn’t say they live on an estate. Or did Funky mishear “planning” as “planting”? Still makes no sense.



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  1. Epicus Doomus

    It’s a whole new direction for FW! Forget everything you knew about Westview and its zany cast of characters (that was quick!). From here on out it’s week after ponderous week of Funky and Holly doing ordinary and mundane things…you know, “reality”. Next week they’ll replace the upstairs bathtub, the week after that it’s an oil change, then it’s tax time, with only the Winkerbeans’ wry married banter to keep things…uh…”interesting”, so to speak.

    While Wally’s, Summer’s and Dinkle’s fan won’t like it, I applaud Batiuk for taking comic strips in this bold new direction. “Reality” isn’t always death and disfigurement you know, sometimes buying a new washer for the kitchen faucet is all the reality you need.

  2. billytheskink

    A recovering alcoholic and a breast cancer survivor, and they haven’t done any estate planning yet? Or are did they just decide to cut Cory out of the will?

  3. It’s the same car as yesterday…DID they drive the whole way? Or does he have a car rental arrangement, “Has to be tiny and uncomfortable, and it MUST be robin’s egg blue.”

  4. spacemanspiff85

    There’s also the fact that Funky is a business owner, so it seems pretty strange that he wouldn’t have a will made up.
    They must’ve been having a real fun conversation in the car, if Holly’s saying this as soon as they get home.

  5. count of tower grove

    @beckoningchasm, they’re on the same kind of budget as “They Saved Hitler’s Brain.”

  6. Epicus Doomus

    Funky was also in a near-fatal car accident a few years back, lest we forget. Yes, I agree, the idea that someone as illness, accident and misery prone as Funky is doesn’t have a will in place is kind of ridiculous, although one mustn’t forget that he’s stupid too.

    Now a premise about an older married couple pondering the realities of their mortality could have some comedic potential, but without including real jokes (as opposed to the pathetic attempt at wordplay today) it’s just that annoying stupid BanTom “married people” banter with the wise-ass smirks and sarcastic remarks. Time and endless repetition has already thoroughly proven how unfunny THAT is but as always BanTom is the last to know.

  7. Jimmy

    Wait until we get to the real hilarity.
    Watch them get their will notarized!
    Follow along as they pick out cemetery plots!
    Laugh out loud as they sign a DNR order!

  8. With his keen instincts, you can bet that his original plan was ripped off from the Royal Canadian Air Farce radio show. One of the fake ads they had was from Hector Baggley’s Funeral Home and Pizzeria: “Whether it’s your Uncle Irving or a deep dish pizza for twelve, it goes in the same oven!”

  9. “Batiukism”: an attempted pun or similar wordplay that uses an incorrect or inappropriate term for the punchline and therefore neuters the joke and/or renders it nonsensical.

    Clearly someone had a line leftover from a discarded Crankshaft strip.


    Let’s not beat around the Bush, here. There is only one thing of concern here………………… WHO GETS THE KEYS TO MONTONI’S!!!!!! For he who owns Montoni’s…..controls Westview!!!!

  11. Jim in Wisc.

    You think this is bad? Check out the horrifying sentence in today’s Krnakenschäft.

  12. Comic Book Harriet

    Anybody been following Rex Morgan MD? I can’t help but feel that Beatty has been reading the Cliff Angere plotline here, and decided to have a go himself with “Horrible Hank”. Maybe do it right. Or a least better.


    @Comic Book Harriet

    Yeah, the plotting has been very Batiuk-esque in Rex Morgan lately. Though unlike, Funky Winkerbean, there is at least cheesecake or beefcake to admire.

  14. Amy K

    Flunky might need to make out a will before running in the team marathon.

  15. Comic Book Harriet

    @westview Oncologis.
    I think as a whole I prefer the RMMD. They’ve told us what Horrible Hank’s been doing in the interim. He had a life with a job and a family, and his son is accompanying him. His age gells mostly with the ‘Seduction of the Innocent’ era. And then they took him to a larger comic book convention rather than some kind of secret decoder festival, where the ‘hailing our elderly’ feels more on key as a well meaning VC comic PR stunt to try and distract people from the terrible VC comic movie universe that is slowly being crushed under the weight of it’s own glum aspi—

    Sorry…segued into reality there.

  16. @Comic book Harriet – so I looked up the last couple of RMMD strips, and I have to hand them for doing their homework – in Sunday’s strip, when Hank says “Good Lord *choke*” those are the exact lines in many EC horror comics when the heroes come across something particularly ghastly. A nice touch.