Own a Pizza the Rock

Begging the syndicate’s pardon: we’ve long since ended the practice of embedding each day’s comic on this blog, but I’m invoking fair use to allow those viewing this on the desktop to savor today’s strip without getting a neck cramp.

Credit where it’s due: Funky has taken Holly’s suggestion, and we find The Unit sitting down with a probate lawyer to plan their estate. Unlike yesterday’s puzzling tree-planting “punchline,” the flurry of jokes exchanged here actually make comic sense and are funny; at least they were when they were first told back in the days of vaudeville. Holly can’t raise even a smirk, and pleads with her Maker for the sweet release of death.



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18 responses to “Own a Pizza the Rock

  1. spacemanspiff85

    The fact that Funky runs (owns? partly?) Montoni’s and doesn’t have his own lawyer is really disturbing.

  2. “Well, there were a couple of pizza-based jokes that I thought of, but–and you’ll find this hard to believe–I could never shoe-horn them into the strip itself! I know, I know. But then–I thought, what if Funky was going to die? I could sure use those puns then! I mean, who would blame me by then? It would be a relief from the boredom!”

  3. DOlz

    Really TB Holly’s line is “Take me now, Lord!” instead of “Take me now, lard!”. How did you miss that one?

  4. Epicus Doomus

    Is there any reason that this is one big sideways panel? Did he think the repartee would seem snappier if it was all contained in one panel that the reader would need to turn the entire newspaper sideways to read? He includes two legit jokes (barely, but still) then makes it impossible to read them. It’s like when he took the already annoying enough Les and slapped that beard on him, deliberate self-sabotage.

    LOL Funky not having a lawyer by now. He’s the president of the local chamber of commerce for crying out loud, what sort of example is he setting for the other local merchant?

  5. billytheskink

    I’m surprised Funky’s reply wasn’t “No, that’s the yeast of my worries”. Makes we wonder if he’s not joking about the sausage grinder incident. I hope Les ate that pizza.

  6. ian'sdrunkenbeard

    I strained my neck for this?

  7. Jimmy

    At least this strip attempted to show humor. However cheesy, it didn’t knead Holly’s comment.

  8. spacemanspiff85

    I really hate how Batiuk does these strips, though. You take out Holly’s comment and you just have a dumb, silly joke. (Which is more than this comic usually has.) With it, you have someone being a jerk to a loved one for no real reason. And it doesn’t add A THING to the strip.

  9. Five bucks says that Fat Boy was counting on Saint Dead Lisa to do his estate planning despite that not being her field anyway. That handles his brain failure as regards legal representation. What explains Holly’s being a creep is his need to jam it to Funky.

  10. Saturnino

    With a head that size, Bathack forgot to draw the obligatory ruptured capillaries on his nose. And with a head that size, how could he sit up without falling over?

  11. Rusty Shackleford

    Sideways? Why? And we are to believe Funky makes his own sausage instead of buying frozen from a distributor.

  12. It got a rise out of me! “Rise,” geddit? So, who is the guest writer? Dolly? Billy? Jeffey? It’s a real joke so it can’t be TB…

  13. Holly’s comment is really telling. It could easily be interpreted as Tom Batiuk’s way of saying, “I threw in a couple of jokes for the idiots, but you and I know I’m so much better than that. I’m a serious artist and entertaining people is beneath me.”

  14. Sgt. Saunders

    I can just imagine Batcave getting a big laugh out of everyone trying to read his strip on some evil technologist’s computer monitor and not in a proper newspaper.


    Funky really should have his own lawyer. That way he wouldn’t have to consult with an Easter Island Statue.

  16. Jimmy

    @Sgt. Saunders: I’m willing to bet those who get the strip in print form wouldn’t bother to turn it sideways either.

  17. Gerard Plourde

    I wonder if this means that he’s going to revert to the gag-a-day strips from now until he reaches the golden anniversary.

  18. The Dreamer

    The doctor is hinting for Funky to get his affairs in order. I guess this arc is leading to Funky deciding to retire and leave the Montoni’s pizzaria to Cory and Rocky. After all they are about to get married and are unemployed since leaving the army right? Funky and Holly move to Arizona for his health, and get to visit Mason and co. in Hollywood a lot, while Cory ruins Montoni’s and runs it into the ground