Do you suppose, dear reader, that ’round February of last year, Batty’s wife reminded him that it was time to finally plan their estate? After which TB tiptoed 1/4″ away to craft this week’s arc while such terms as  irrevocable trust still danced in his head?



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10 responses to “Pre-predeceased

  1. spacemanspiff85

    Because half your face is drooping as you speak, Funky.

  2. Epicus Doomus

    TFH: Absolutely, without a doubt. Those anthologies aren’t going to market themselves after he’s gone, you know.

    “Why me?”…perhaps the funniest thing anyone in this strip has said in years. Why you indeed, Funkman, why you indeed.

  3. billytheskink

    This… THIS is what gets Funky to ask “why me?” A hypothetical posed by a lawyer and not, y’know, everything else about his life?

  4. The Dreamer

    see now when Funky bought out Montoni, he was married to Cindy. Therefore Cindy should still have her share of the restaurant. Presumably her big city anchor money helped fund Montoni’s ill fated attempt to francise too. When they got divorced, presumably they just left business matters as they were. Cindy wasn’t asking for alimony. If Cindy’s his silent partner, he has to buy her out before he can leave the place to Cory or Holly.

  5. Gerard Plourde

    An Irrevocable Trust? Is Funky really that successful that he needs this sort of asset protection?

  6. @Gerard Plourde:

    Is Batiuk that well off that he needs it too? I would tend to think that dishing out twaddle is as not at all lucrative as hawking terrible Ahia pizza.

  7. It’s interesting that BatHack has Funky talking about an IRREVOCABLE trust, one whose terms can only be modified by the beneficiaries (assumed to be Cory), and not by the ones making the trust (Funky and Holly).

    Suddenly, the “Funky’s gonna run 1/4 of a marathon” arc makes a lot more sense…

  8. Max Power

    I never thought I would want to go back to LA to find out how Year 2 of filming of Starbuck Jones is going, but a week of estate planning “jokes” might do the trick.

  9. Jimmy

    I doubt Cindy, Cory or Holly is the beneficiary. It’s gotta be Les.


    While reading this strip, something occurred to me.

    I’m reading a strip about two old people discussing estate planning with a lawyer.

    Just let that sink in for a while..

    There is no humor here. There is no biting satire. We are reading about something that you should be reading comics to escape from!!!!

    In Dick Tracy , you can read about gangsters shooting it out with the cops
    In Doonesbury you could be reading political satire on state of current hotbed of whats going on in Washington.

    In Peanuts you could be reading the funny hijinks of Charlie Brown trying to get his team to actually win a game.

    Hell, in Mary Worth you could read about the romance of an older woman and a younger man.

    In Funky Winkerbean…we get to read whether Funky has to fill out Line A of form 227 or Line B.