I Pray the Lord My Soul to Take

Sleepin’ with your back to your loved one
This is all that we’ve learned about happiness

Check It Out“, John Mellencamp

I’ve already gone on record admitting I usually like the way Batiuk draws couples kissing. So I think today’s panel 2 is sorta cute, even if Funky looks like Mister Magoo. And, probably by coincidence, Batty has depicted the current lunar phase! The text content, though…meh. The Winkerbeans have  settled in for the night when Holly offhandedly mentions a couple things she’d forgotten to tell him.

The “check engine” light, that bane of motorists’ peace of mind since the late 20th century. Usually not as serious as other dashboard indicators such as, say, the brake light. Probably 75% of the time it’s just letting you know it’s time for an oil change. On one of my cars, I ignored the “check engine” light until it burned out–problem solved!

And the expiration date of Holly’s driver’s license is somehow tied to Funky’s? Do they do their motor vehicle business together like they do their annual physical? In either case, both issues can be addressed in the morning and are nothing over which to lose sleep, or shouldn’t be to a man who’s struggled to keep a business afloat, dealt with an aging parent, or had a kid serving overseas in the military.



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11 responses to “I Pray the Lord My Soul to Take

  1. Everywhere I’ve ever lived, drivers licenses expire on some variant of one’s birthday.
    Not sure I want to think that Funky and Holly share the same birthday.
    Anyway, I’m seriously thinking that Tom Batiuk wants to end this thing on the 45th anniversary, and not bother with the 50th.
    It has been quite clear that he has no interest in any kind of storyline. He seems to have no interest in introducing new characters. I can’t remember the last time any story had any “impact” on the strip. I guess Les’ marriage to Cayla, which was really just more Lisa pr0n.
    Maybe he’s going to give us a real surprise this March.

    I mean, it’s obvious he hates Funky the character, it’s obvious he hates Funky Winkerbean, the strip named after the hated character, it’s obvious he hates the fact that his life will be defined by this hated character, and this hated strip. Why not just end the damned thing?

    He’s not that old, if he put some effort into it, he could make some kind of lasting tribute.

  2. spacemanspiff85

    If he put effort into this, he’s still good five years. Five years of a good strip (or heck, even a halfway decent one would be a huge improvement on this) would leave a much better impression than this garbage it’s been lately.

  3. billytheskink

    Here’s a strip I can read to cheer me up whenever I’m feeling like my life is really boring.

    Thanks TB!

  4. Epicus Doomus

    Well, the DMV here typically sends you a notice a few months before your DL expires (and bear in mind that I am in goddamned New Jersey) so you’re aware of the fact. Surely Ohio’s motor vehicle services are not outclassed by f*cking New Jersey’s, as that would be insane.

    Maybe the idea here is to stamp out FW snark by making the strip as mundane and boring as possible. He does do this from time to time, he gets stuck on a particular character and the next thing you know it’s been seven straight weeks of Funky or two months worth of Les and you’re downright relieved to see Owen or Wally or literally anyone else. It’s strange, but no stranger than having a “comic” strip without jokes or a cast of fifty characters all with the same nose, I suppose.

  5. What annoys me most about this is that THIS is why he yearns for death in his heart of hearts. Simply put, Funky can’t deal with the piddly little bullshit of day to day life and thus wishes for Sweet, Sweet Death.

  6. ComicTrek

    Take heart, Funky. At least she’s talking about the car light instead of your prostate.

  7. No doubt the reverse angle camera will show Holly smirking, knowing she’s just pushed Funky a few hours closer to death, and her to owning everything worth owning in Wurstview.

  8. Max Power

    The strip is funnier if you replace panels 5 and 6 with “Les and Cayla are coming over for dinner tomorrow night…” “And they’re bringing Dinkle.”

  9. The Dreamer

    Funky is about to fall asleep and have his Holly as dominatrix dreams again

  10. It’s funny, because over the last 40 years I’ve had similar conversations with my spouse under the same conditions. You win this one, TB. It was funny.

  11. Frank Bolton

    This has to be the first Funky Winkerbean strip I unironically enjoyed in months.