He Not Busy Being Born

Trying to get a driver’s license under an assumed name is no joke these days. If Fat Les really thinks that’s what’s going on here, he should calmly ask “Funky Winkerbean” to wait right here please and then summon the authorities. And assuming Funky’s got his expired license with him, he doesn’t need to produce his birth certificate or anything else beside the $25.75 renewal fee. This is just payback to Funky for busting BMV Guy’s chops. And it’s working: instead of another wry retort, all Funky can muster is sputtering, Crankshaft-like indignation.



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15 responses to “He Not Busy Being Born

  1. spacemanspiff85

    I’m really starting to think this is based on a real-life experience of Batiuk’s. He was an idiot and let his license expire. Then he was a jackass to the DMV workers, and for some reason they made things difficult for him. And now, he’s getting his payback.

  2. Epicus Doomus

    Ugh, that gag landed with a thud. It’s 2017, everyone knows the DMV requires all sorts of documentation these days. He’s the imbecile who let his license expire, thus it’s pretty hard to relate to him here.

    It’d be funnier if the clerk just kept calling over other co-workers to goof on Funky’s name. It’d also be funnier if newspapers dropped FW this week and replaced the strip with carpet coupons. I wonder how many people would notice or complain?

  3. Jimmy

    Hey guys, did you hear the one about how trips to the DMV are dreadful? Really witty, insightful stuff, I tell ya.

  4. billytheskink

    I’m really starting to think this is based on a real-life experience of Batiuk’s.

    Probably so, which says a lot about TB… especially the spelling gags from the previous two strips.

    “Batiuk” is not a common surname and is not at all spelled like it sounds. I’m sure TB is asked to spell it regularly, which is something a normal person would find understandable.

  5. If he wanted to win our sympathies for his alleged plight, Snowtom Batiukflake fell well short of the mark. You don’t wise off to people and if your name is weird, be patient with people who question it.

  6. Rusty Shackleford

    So you show up without any documents, makes sense. You know you could have checked their webpage and gotten detailed instructions for what you need to bring, but no, you’d rather just show up and waste everyone’s time.

    For strip that focuses on young adults, why does everyone look and act so geriatric?

  7. Rusty Shackleford

    Ah, the 70s, when funk was king, ya dig? I was young, they called me The Funkster. I had the moves, but then time moved on and now nobody knows what a Funky Winkerbean is…maybe 200lbs of lard?

  8. @Jimmy: actually, I haven’t for a while. For reasons that completely elude me, after decades of corruption and inconvenience, the Ill-Annoy Secretary of State’s office has been a model of convenience and competence for the last ten years or so. Seems that for once it’s occupied by a guy who has no ambitions to use the office as a stepping stone to the governor’s mansion or a Senate seat. Mind you, this being Ill-Annoy (state motto: “where the governors make the license plates”), the office may still be corrupt as all hell. But y’know what? I almost don’t care if it’s corrupt–from my viewpoint as a customer, it’s competent and quick and courteous.

  9. Max Power

    Easy Funky, you’re the one who let your driver’s license expire a year ago. Your Panel 2 attitude should be how you conduct yourself for this entire transaction.

  10. sgtsaunders

    Hint: How about the old driver’s license or the information on the computer screen, Numbnuts! That DMV schmuck looks too much like a bloated Les. It’s about time for some Mark Trail-level punchtastic action!

  11. He Not Busy Being Born

    He Very Busy Being Boring

  12. Gerard Plourde

    I guess we’ve progressed to Act IV, “Boring”.

  13. the dreamer

    can we get back to hollywood and the movie…everybody in Westview is dead or dying or wants to die. batiuk clearly has no more ideas of what to do with westview or those characters. the only life for the strip now is the hollywood arcs

  14. the dreamer

    I’m just waiting for the arc where the Lisa’s Story movie, aka Lust for Lisa, which has to be in turnaround at the moment, gets optioned again and we get a different studio trying to make it. Which would get Les, who is supposed to be the strip’s star even though he’s hardly in it anymore, back to L.A.