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Hur HURRRR hur hur…is there anything more pathetic than Boy Lisa trying to engage in wry wordplay? Because if such a thing exists I definitely don’t want to see it. So, after years and years of filming the SJ movie is “wrapped” but fret not, those of you wondering how this news will affect the twenty-seven SJ-related unresolved subplots. For you see, they’re already filming sequel after sequel, because HOLLYWOOD, amirite? Poor BanTom, always so cynical.

So why is he calling Les? Is it about that stupid graphic novel I was hoping Batiuk forgot about? Did Lisa leave a “So Frankie’s Infiltrated Your Movie Set Via A Phony Food Truck Operation…Vol 1.” VHS tape lying around just in case her bio-son ever became a famous Hollywood storyboarder? Because the SJ production could use one of them right about now, unless BanTom forgot about that one too.

Maybe, but it’ll probably be something so fantastically stupid no one could have possibly predicted it. All we really know for sure is that whatever it is it requires Boy Lisa to be “on hiatus” from the Starbuck Jones production for a while, which could mean anything or nothing at all. Odd that BatNom felt compelled to explain that, though. I really hope this isn’t the launch of a “Lisa’s Story” ten year anniversary arc…I mean I REALLY hope it’s not that. And incidentally, the “LS” ten year anniversary is also the fifth anniversary of when TB stopped relentlessly patting himself on the back for “LS”, interestingly enough.



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17 responses to “Wrapped In Spastic

  1. I don’t think the wordplay is intentional on Boy Lisa’s part. I just think he’s that stupid. Cripes, he has an MBA, and he could only get a job working at Montoni’s. This does not bode well for his ambition.

    Or, worse yet, we discover that Boy Lisa’s grandfather is actually Crankshaft, and he’s inherited the old man’s inability to speak proper English. In the Batiukverse, who know.

  2. Gerard Plourde

    Based on the phone conversation it seems safe to say that Jessica and Darrin junior have been swallowed up in the Westview Triangle to join the Act III kids in the limbo of the lost.

  3. “Before we begin work on the sequel”? Didn’t they film the sequel concurrently with the first movie?

  4. spacemanspiff85

    The word is “quadrilogy”, idiot.

  5. the dreamer

    this could be the start of the storyline where Batiuk gets Les out of Westview…he is clearly moving the strip to Hollywood. Bull’s retired, Funky’s got health issues and about to leave Montoni’s to Cory. Many of his other key characters are already out there and now we’re promised a third and fourth Starbuck Jones movie. Time to have Darrin get Les a job out there and bid Westview bye bye forever!

  6. count of tower grove

    No one, absolutely no one in the Fungyverse can properly eat a slice of pizza, wipe their noses, or hold a phone without raising their arm into a most uncomfortable position.

  7. billytheskink

    With three more movies to shirk on, Pete and Darin will be able to daydream their Batom Comics careers into the 1980s.

    “Before we begin work on the sequel”? Didn’t they film the sequel concurrently with the first movie?

    They did, but Durwood’s pens didn’t arrive from Japan in time for him to finish his assignments.

  8. Great. I’d almost rather watch Crankshaft try to lose an angry mother trying to catch up with him again than Durwood being a smug half-wit.

  9. Rusty Shackleford

    Check out the Batty Blog, he has been teasing his latest, greatest achievement. All we see is that damn park bench and so you know it just has to be about St Lisa.

    Ok, he is donating some of the proceeds to cancer research, that’s nice.

  10. Is Durwood going to experience hiatus interruptus this week?

  11. Hitorque

    Oh, FFS… SB is going to have more sequels, prequels and spinoffs than the Marvel movie universe… Shouldn’t the studio make sure they see the first dollar of profit from the first movie before greenlighting all these sequels?

  12. Comic Book Harriet

    WOW. Batty skipped what could have been a funny retrospective wrap party, where the entire LA cast and then some enjoyed their accomplishment. We didn’t see them film the final scene. We didn’t see them wax maudlin while they struck the set. We get A PHONE CALL. Two characters…talking about something that happened days ago.

    Maybe it’s because I spent the weekend home sick watching the Appendices to the Extended Editions of Lord of the Rings. But this REEKS of classic Batty missed opportunities.

    Words cannot express my contempt.


    I’m going to guess that “The Master of Evil!!” Frankie is going to do something to derail the masterpiece that is Starbucks Jones. It can also tie into the Lisa storyline as well. Probably with a call back to the rape. You know…I’m making this seem more interesting than it really will be.

  14. Epicus Doomus

    Going out of his way to indicate that Boy Lisa is “on hiatus” from the SJ movie (which has “wrapped” for now) would seem to suggest that Boy Lisa needs to be available and unencumbered by his other obligations, otherwise why mention any of that at all? I would assume this means he’s heading back to Westview or possibly someplace else, although for what I have no idea.

  15. Comic Book Harriet

    Also, Cyanide and Happiness had a comic about Batuik.


  16. ian'sdrunkenbeard

    It looks like panel #2 is right in the middle of one of them Californy earthquakes they’re always having, what with the building being all warpy and bendy and what not. Nothing lines up properly. It looks like Frank Gehry and Salvador Dali collaborated on that building.

  17. Don

    “Before we begin work on the sequel” sounds like a setup for, “The first movie crashed and burned, so the sequel is off, and you’re fired.” That’s pretty much what happened with the “Lost in Space” movie “series,” isn’t it?