Meanwhile, Back At The Dick Cave…

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BatNom got me again. Every single time I openly pray for a lengthy FW arc to end, every time I desperately plead for something…ANYTHING…else, he puts the zap on me and delivers a dose of Dick Facey, which always leaves me yearning for more of whatever we just suffered through again. It’s a vicious circle, an endless cycle of tedium. The man certainly has a gift.

Anyhow, the execrable Boy Lisa is on the phone for some ominous reason thus Cayla has to dutifully sleuth about the Dick Cave to ensure she won’t be interrupting The Delicate Genius while he’s penning this year’s paragraph about his dead wife because WE CAN’T HAVE THAT!!!! Why Boy Lisa wants to speak to his bi0-stepfather is beyond me, although that Lisa connection alone gives me plenty of reasons to start “uh-oh”-ing.

Typical Cayla, always on eggshells around Les. It’s kind of telling how she has to trudge outside on another sub-arctic Ohio day to bring the phone to Les, as opposed to Les simply picking up his OWN phone instead. I guess when he retires to “The Genius Works” studio he leaves his phone behind, lest it interferes with whatever weird Lisa-related thing he’s (ewwww) doing in there.

“Honey, if any dear friends or Lisa’s bio-kids call, should I disturb you in your creative sanctuary or leave you alone lest I disrupt the painful creative process?”

“Uh, no, don’t bother me today…I’ve, uh, got some old Lisa tapes I have to, uh, catalog.”

“Oh, OK. But this time could you please close the blinds? Thanks!”



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16 responses to “Meanwhile, Back At The Dick Cave…

  1. WTF has Les written lately? It was he was writing a script for the “Lisa’s Story” comic book, than I think he was going to work on “Lisa’s Story prequel. But that was a almost two years ago.

  2. You know, when I spend my time rearranging books or whatever instead of a current project, it means I’ve kind of lost faith in that project and probably should abandon it.

    I doubt we’ll be that lucky with Les.

  3. Dullin is going to ask the Great Auther for advice on the Starbuck Jones movie. “You’re a writer, Mr. Moore, and I are an artist, so I need your help on imagining how the sequel’s villain looks. You got any good pix of Funky Winkerbean?”

  4. spacemanspiff85

    The sad, sad thing is that I’m sure Batiuk intends this to be a fascinating little insight into a creative genius at work.

  5. billytheskink

    See, THIS is why I said I have some respect for Funky a few weeks back. We just got done with a multi-week arc of Funky being an unpleasant wad of used chewing gum while doing a mundane task that he could have avoided had he not been an idiot, but you know what… he was doing SOMETHING. And his unpleasantness was at least partially fed by the fact that he needed to get back to work, at a business that has had practically no success when he has not been as hands on as possible. Funky is flawed as all get out, but he makes at least a little effort in his life.

    Les, meanwhile, can’t even get started on a supposed passion (*cough* vanity *cough*) project and gets treated with kid gloves. He’s got no deadlines, no pressure, his own wife is reluctant to interrupt him doing nothing… and we’re supposed to empathize with his writer’s block. What a schmuck.

  6. Jimmy

    Les is going to be put out once again by being offered a princely sum to rewrite the movie that was supposed to be in the can a year ago. Oh, woe is Les!

  7. Jimmy

    I think the correct phrase I meant is “put upon,” but I ain’t no fancy writer like Lester.

  8. Les wallows in the past, we’re supposed to indulge him as he does as little as possible, he’s treated with reverence for doing both things and he blames other people for his own miscalculations and stupidity. I could probably replace Les with Tom and make sense.

  9. Charles

    The problem here isn’t that Les is obsessed with his loss of Lisa, it’s that Batiuk thinks that there’s nothing damaged about him because of it. Les doesn’t fixate on Lisa too much according to Batiuk. He fixates on her precisely as much as he should.

    And I don’t think it makes Les look any better, and it certainly kills off most of the drama surrounding such a damaged person. I mean, if Batiuk had a character say that Les effectively died with Lisa, that character wouldn’t be wrong. Les has spent the last twenty years pretty much sleepwalking through his life. He doesn’t enjoy teaching. In fact, I don’t believe there’s been a single moment in the strip where Les felt some satisfaction or reward in the work he does at the school. Batiuk tries to show him passionate about his writing, but Les has only written about his loss of Lisa. Even the book about Cayla got turned into a sort of Loss-of-Lisa epilogue: Look at good things happening to this man who has suffered so. The proposed story can’t possibly be the least bit compelling, or even interesting if you don’t buy into Les’s profound loss. And now he’s writing a book about how he met Lisa, which, again, can only be dramatic with the knowledge that Les watches Lisa die afterward.

    Really, the only time Les has truly lived since Lisa died is when he’s able to wallow in his loss of her. Even his pride in his child’s accomplishments are inextricably linked to the loss of her mother. The guy really doesn’t live for anything else. And it’s a testament to this strip’s repulsiveness that none of the characters are able to see it.

  10. sgtsaunders

    Who died?

  11. Rusty

    Les even looks like a giant pussy just putting books on a shelf.

  12. Hitorque

    I told y’all a long time ago that Batiuk was going to find a way to get Les involved in the Starsuck Jones movie… Look for Marianne Winters to attempt suicide again when Les smugly rebuffs her awkward sexual advances…

  13. louder

    Frick on a stick! Less is in the living room according to the second panel, meaning he’s taken over the whole house as a “writing den.” Now Cayla is exiled from here own house. It’s always disturbing to see how, for BatHack, Less’ marriage is successful because Cayla is nothing but a doormat to The Great Writer.


    Did Les lock Cayla out of the house or something? Why is she calling from the snowy outside where she is obviously cold with just that sweater. Is Cayla not allowed to be in the vicinity when Les touches “Lisa’s Story”. Yeah, I’m pretty sure that’s the book Les is placing in the shelf.

  15. Jim in Wisc.

    @spacemanspiff85: That could be interesting, if only Batiuk knew any creative geniuses.

  16. Speaking of Les Moore, here’s proof positive that Tom Batiuk reads the comments here.

    Some days ago, I posted a quote from his blog which read thusly:

    “Zed, dumbs the weapons and let’s they wreak havoc there instead of in his spaceship”

    I was looking at the blog yesterday, and that sentence now reads:

    “Zed, dumps the weapons onto the Earth and let’s them wreak havoc there instead of in his spaceship.”

    So I guess he read about his word-use here and made some changes. Note that he still has the “let’s” error in there. Mr. Batiuk, “let’s” is a contraction of “let us,” it is not another way to say “allows.”