I’m Already Dreading 2021

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Finally. It appears that our national nightmare is over…for now, anyway. Funky has his license and, well, Funky has his license. He can bitch all he likes but damn, that Ohio BMV is really on the ball. He wrapped up his entire ordeal in a day which IMO is remarkable. I wasn’t really sure what BMV Guy was laughing at, I assume it’s Funky’s DL photo but who the hell really knows?

Of course, this is FW and often times things suddenly go from bad to worse. Judging by Dick Facey’s presence in the header it looks like something even worse is on the horizon, which seems impossible right now but there you go.



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13 responses to “I’m Already Dreading 2021

  1. I think the “something worse on the horizon” is the threatened Lisa’s Story Tenth Anniversary.

    I’m thinking it will qualify for “unspeakable.” Several weeks of “Les, it was ten years ago…how are you coping?” and other Les-Worshiping stuff.

    We’ll be lucky to survive it.

  2. billytheskink

    Funky’s finger mustache is not that funny.

    I’ve been wondering throughout this arc why Funky never got a driver’s license renewal notice in the mail, and why Doughy Les is telling him he’ll have to come back in to renew the license instead of advising him to watch his mail.
    And then it hit me… Westview has no mail service. The USPS closed the post office and laid off Crazy years ago. At the time I never would have guessed that story arc would ever be relevant to another. I’ll bet TB didn’t either.

  3. spacemanspiff85

    “Okay. It’s good for five more years. You can pay over there.”
    Also, every time I’ve been to the DMV they let you see the picture before it’s printed off.

  4. Epicus Doomus

    Ban Tom also apparently forgot that this strip would be running in 2017, as 2021 is four years from now, not five. Oops. Post-it notes are your friend, AuthorGuy.

    So a fat, rude, stupid jerk dumbly lets his license expire and after a few blunders that were totally his own fault, he gets the entire situation resolved in a single trip to the BVM. And the only consequence he faced was some gentle mockery about his idiotic name and bad picture. If the goal here was to do a “oh the hassles of dealing with the BMV” arc it was a huge fail, but it the goal was to once again bury Funky for no real reason, mission accomplished.

    BC: That cancer book anniversary is hanging there like the first few whiffs of a giant stink cloud that’s about to engulf us all. And remember, the arc ran ten years ago but in strip time it’s been twenty, a fact he can’t overlook because of Summer. If he actually tries to pretend it’s been ten years in the strip it’ll clearly illustrate just how little he cares about FW or his readers, even as he takes yet another victory lap to remind everyone about how incredibly bold and paradigm-shattering the “Lisa’s Story” arc was. Nor can he do an arc about the tenth anniversary of the fictional “LS” as that happened a few years later. It’ll be interesting to see how he chooses to completely botch it all up.

  5. Dear God…..don’t let there be yet another time frog. Oh, GOD….there’ll be another time frog.

  6. Saturnino

    “Ban Tom also apparently forgot that this strip would be running in 2017, as 2021 is four years from now, not five. ”
    Cause for another week’s hilarious arc as he has to correct the error between five years and four years.

  7. As an editor, this is appalling. We had a big goof on a magazine cover not long ago due to a last minute art change and it was purely because neither our proofreader nor I was sent the cover for final approval. Everyone felt really aggravated over this since we had the editorial failsafe in place but it was not followed. TB obviously has no editor because even a novice would have spotted the 4/5 years goof here. As I have told friends, students and other writers, show me a writer who claims not to need an editor, and I’ll show you someone who’s not a serious, credible writer. An extra set of eyes s always a plus.

    I’ll be curious to see if Comics Kingdom fixes it on the site. I know digital publishing too, and while it is a minor pain to have to re-upload a PDF page or digital file, it only takes a few minutes. And if they don’t, that either says they are lazy (not caring how people regard them as professionals),or they could give a shit about their clients. Or at least one particular client.

  8. I did a little research and found that Ahia uses facial recognition software to create a database by which its citizens may be identified by surveillance cameras (and, very probably, cameras at checkout counters, so their buying habits can be tracked even if they don’t participate in a “loyalty card” program). As a result, there are strict rules about what constitutes an acceptable photo, among them NO SMILING and NO SQUINTING. While NO WIPING YOUR NOSE is not explicitly among them, I’m pretty sure it’s implied.

    I sometimes wonder about snarking over things like this. After all, it’s a comic strip, right? Reality can be stretche a little to make a joke, can’t it? But then I read the words “Funky Winkerbean is a reality-based comic strip,” and consider how rarely we see and actual joke, and say, no, I can’t let this slide. T-Bats has told us repeatedly that the strip takes place in the real world, where there’s pain and misery and failure and cancer, and if he’s gonna set his strip there, then he has to play by the real world’s rules.

  9. Well, technically, since there was a 10 year time jump in there somewhere, Funky’s license expired 5 years ago.

  10. If you sneezed when they snapped your license picture, they would take the picture again instead of letting it stand with your face partially covered…which would kinda defeat the purpose of, you know, IDENTIFICATION.

    Most unflattering license pictures are the result of more subtle flaws…but the way Batiuk draws faces, he had to resort to this absurdity to show that it’s a “bad picture” and not just his usual Funky face.

  11. Double Sided Scooby Snack

    Guessing the Ahia Bureau of Motor Vehicles Bureau was mean to Tommy in some way. “I’ll show THEM!” he said as he stormed up to his mom’s attic, where he “writes” this comic strip, eats pizza, and reads comic books.

    So if you were keeping score, we learned:

    1) BMV clerks always look bored. And I’ll bet NONE of them is a Pulitzer-considered “writer.”

    2) Ohio has no computer system for looking up your name, record, and license status.

    3) If you have a funny sounding name, the clerk can decide you need to bring a birth certificate. An original. Not a copy. And he still doesn’t have to look up your record.

    4) The driving examiner can call you “pal” and make references to your “butt.”

    5) If your license photo is totally messed up, that’s perfectly okay. You are stuck with it. And the clerk can openly laugh at how bad it is. And even if you knew you were picking your nose when the picture was taken, you’re stuck with that picture. Read the hand written, sloppily taped up sign on the wall: “NO DO-OVERS ON LICENSE PHOTO’S!” [Apostrophe intentional.This is a requirement of the Federal Hand Written Signs Act.]


    Hey, hold on there Tommy!! You sure you’re done with this plotline? Maybe Funky’s motor vehicle tax needs to be paid off? You’re missing a great opportunity here!!

  13. Double Sided Scooby Snack

    Yeah, now that his test is complete — parking cheat and all — let’s file charges for driving with an expired license and parking in a handicap space!

    “Um, Mister Wankerburn, not so fast. Your license has been revoked. Here’s a quarter, and directions to the impound lot. Call someone to pick you up.”