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And just like that, the whole situation is defused.  This is a good example of Batiuk’s poor writing choices.  In the normal Archie-type sitcom scenario we’ve been seeing this week, the situation would be resolved when the wife confronts the husband, and it’s the husband who has to explain how everything is innocent.  Here, it’s like Batiuk is thinking, “Well, everyone loves my characters and I can’t keep implying that they’re doing bad things, so I’d better stop this now.”

So, Wally’s helping Adeela get her driver’s license.  So, purely innocent…and rather helpful on Wally’s part.  Those of you who, earlier in the week, guessed that something more interesting was afoot…well, sorry.  It wasn’t.

I’m really surprised Wally offered to help her.  Everything he encounters seems to trigger him into a psychotic breakdown–and given his history with women in cars, I should think this would be even more of a nightmare for him than showing up at Kent State to go to class.  According to that story, Wally leaving the house was a major milestone for him.

I think he would probably refuse to get into any car, let alone one with another person, where that person might be charged an arm and a leg.

But that’s the Funkyverse–where consistency doesn’t even apply to milkshakes.



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I’m Already Dreading 2021

Link to today’s strip

Finally. It appears that our national nightmare is over…for now, anyway. Funky has his license and, well, Funky has his license. He can bitch all he likes but damn, that Ohio BMV is really on the ball. He wrapped up his entire ordeal in a day which IMO is remarkable. I wasn’t really sure what BMV Guy was laughing at, I assume it’s Funky’s DL photo but who the hell really knows?

Of course, this is FW and often times things suddenly go from bad to worse. Judging by Dick Facey’s presence in the header it looks like something even worse is on the horizon, which seems impossible right now but there you go.


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