Chess Flub

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Oh, because they both include the word “club”. I get it. I mean hey, I’ll take Bernie over Les, Lisa and Darin any day of the week but still, this is a really weak (and not especially timely) gag.

Speaking of Dick Facey, the header seems to indicate that we’re in for at least a week of more Lisa wallowing, just what absolutely no one was clamoring for. Believe me, I’ll have plenty to say about that, as nothing enrages me more than Batiuk’s pathetic Lisa fetish does. That pic is nauseating beyond words, just like everything else involving BanTom’s imaginary girlfriend. Stay tuned as billytheskink takes over and bravely leads us through Tomban’s latest deranged Lisa fantasy! Stay Funky and keep that barf pail handy!!



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15 responses to “Chess Flub

  1. spacemanspiff85

    I wouldn’t think that was funny even if one of my own friends made that joke. Let alone a published cartoonist getting paid for it. In a six panel Sunday strip.

  2. Punchline should have been, “The first rule of chess club…you do not talk about Chess club.’

    I mean, how hard is it to get the damned reference right? The movie is more than 25 years old. Way, way older than the Lisa crap.

  3. the dreamer

    Bernie looks like a Les clone– this is the best Batiuk can do for a new Westview student?

  4. @the dreamer A Les clone? What if he’s Les: TNG? He’s already got the smirk and the punchable face. Do Westview girls have enough sense to avoid him like the carcinoma?

  5. Bernie? I thought Darin’s long-lost half-sister Kerry was back in town to visit mom and dad too! As for the rest of the “kids” in today’s strip, maybe it’s just as well that Batiuk’s moved on from featuring high schoolers, as he’s forgotten how to draw males with hairlines that are not receding.

  6. “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.”

    “The first rule of Fight Club: You do not talk about Fight Club.”

    The question is, which one of these references was he TRYING to make?

  7. Epicus Doomus

    Yeah, this one’s definitely from the “outtakes” pile, it’s a big swing and a miss. Still better than Les and Lisa though.

    TFH: Yikes, they’re identical. That whole “let’s paint the stroke victim as a lousy philandering dream-ruining husband” arc where everyone trashed Fred was really weird and when you look back on it, pretty harsh. What was the whole point of that?

  8. spacemanspiff85

    @Epicus Doomus:
    Payback for one of Batiuk’s teachers who didn’t tell him his Mister Sponge comics were literary masterpieces, I’m sure. And who probably completely forgot about Batiuk a year after he graduated. But Batiuk never forgets.

  9. spacemanspiff85

    Really though, what the hell is the deal with Batiuk and the receding hairlines? I don’t know if it’s just part of his lazy, quarter-assed approach to this strip, or just that he wishes everyone in the world had receding hairlines or something else, but it’s really bad. Especially in today’s strip, since those two guys in the comic store really look like they should be in their mid-fifties, which makes hanging out with a high school sophomore, and knowing enough about him to know he just came from chess club, seem really off and disturbing.

  10. If this was an attempt to cleanse our palates before more Victim Sue worship, it fell well short of the mark. I’d rather watch a new Les clone continue his legacy of breezily mangling quotes that sail over his head than the “And then…..the rubble burned down” style of storytelling that always emerges when we see Young Lisa’s homely face.

  11. Max Power

    Straight from chess club to the Comics aerie high above Montoni’s. Bernie’s nerd credentials are secure as he carries the torch passed down by generations of Westview “heroes”: Les, Crazy, Pete, Chullo, and Chullo’s friend.

  12. Gerard Plourde

    This may be nitpicking, but if Bernie has spent the afternoon playing chess a chess club at school, would he really go to hang out at the comics store after that? Doesn’t he have to go home to eat dinner and do homework?

  13. Rusty

    The new generation of comic book geeks have no distinguishing features, other than the receding hairlines mentioned by many others above. Not a stupid hat to be found.

  14. billytheskink

    Slightly better than TB’s first take on chess.

  15. Hitorque

    Holy damn are these middle schoolers or something?