Lisaday, March 10

Today’s strip was not available for preview. If this week’s trend holds true, we’ll be seeing another Les-Lisa milestone. The most likely possibilities:

– Les’ European adventure from 1995 – Where he chased Lisa across Europe to propose to her after Susan sabotaged his original audiocassette proposal.
– The post office bombing that injured Lisa in August 1996 – You can read the whole thing right here on SOSF.
– The Halloween 1996 wedding – With Funky Winkerbean as Spider-Man in the DC-Marvel crossover no one asked for!
– The strip that launched TB’s opus – You know the one

In case my guesses are totally off, and so no one visiting SOSF today leaves empty-handed, here is Lisa’s very first appearance in Funky Winkerbean:


And as an added bonus, I regret to inform you that you will be able to own your very own hard copy of the strip above (and many others) come October with the release of Prelude: Lisa’s Story Begins, available for pre-order NOW on Amazon!


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28 responses to “Lisaday, March 10

  1. The Dreaner

    So lets see, Les proposed to Lisa in Paris on a bridge at the river Seine. He proposed to his current wife Cayla on a dumpy bridge near the old battered bandstand in Westview, and he has never taken Cayla anywhere. Wonder which marriage means more to him? Hint– he isn’t showing Darrin old pics of Cayla or talking about old times with Cayla. When he won the trip to Kilimanjaro, didn’t take her .etc Les is still hopelessly in love with Lisa and treats Cayla as a second class hand-me-down. Cayla should divorce Les!

  2. And I’m still wondering whatever happened to Susan after she’d resigned. And I still think it would be a better story than Batiuk recycling these strips.

    It’s of just being creepy, Batiuk is now being creepy and lazy with his Lisa worship.

  3. spacemanspiff85

    Now, why couldn’t this storyline have been done with Les and Summer? It could actually have a chance of being emotional and even touching if that was the case. Has Batiuk forgotten she exists?

  4. bigd1992

    and it’s Paris. Les is very punchable today.

  5. Epicus Doomus

    Meanwhile, somewhere in Westview, a dejected and depressed Ann Fairgood sits alone with her disabled, dream-squelching old husband in loveless silence, occasionally glancing out the window in the hope that her beloved son Darin will stop by for a long-awaited visit. And while she slowly watches the sun set on yet another miserable day, her only son is yukking it up with Les Moore and referring to Lisa as “mom” over and over again even though she acted as his “mom” for half an hour twenty long years ago.

    Oh yeah, Les’ proposal to Cayla. That one was considerably less romantic than his proposal to Lisa was, unless you’re the kind of woman who’s deeply moved by hearing your fiance describe exactly how and where his first wife found her first cancerous tumor, that is. I like how Les supposedly sat there for twenty months drawing a complete blank but now can smugly elaborate on every detail of his Lisa courtship like it was yesterday. As usual BanTom is either too inept or too lazy to work into these flashbacks organically and chooses to ham-fistedly throw them out there in the most obnoxious way possible.

  6. Jimmy

    Come on, The Dreaner. Les promised Cayla a trip to China to watch all those child laborers pump out his vanity graphic novel. If that ain’t romance, I don’t know what is.

  7. It’s of just being creepy, Batiuk is now being creepy and lazy with his Lisa worship.

    The VHS tapes were creepy and lazy. This stuff is just pathetic.

  8. billytheskink

    Of course Les is acting like he planned this, even though his original plan was for her to listen to a recording of him proposing on an audiocassette (what is it with these two and magnetic tape media?) that he mailed. Not to mention that it was Lisa who happened to find him on that bridge, after he had despondently wandered the city ready to give up his search.

  9. spacemanspiff85

    If you read Batiuk’s latest blog entry, you can see that he refers to his house as “the Cartoon Castle”, which is pretty funny. Not haha funny, though. Knowing him I’m shocked he didn’t go with the Fortress of Solitude or the Sanctum Sanctorum.
    He also recounts an editor giving him the advice “that comic strips work best when there are only two or three major characters whose personalities are clearly defined and constantly reinforced.” Literally the only character who has a consistent personality in this strip anymore is Les, and that personality is just “jackass”. It amazes me how he can ramble on about comic writing so much and not realize or care how crappy the one he’s writing has gotten.

  10. erdmann

    Consider Durwood’s comment for a moment. Unless Les is showing him this in a copy of TB’s forthcoming collection (which wouldn’t surprise me in the least), Lisa’s bio-son is simply parroting what Les must have just told him seconds earlier. It would be more natural to exclaim “That’s amazing!” or “How romantic!” or “You’re sh***ing me!” or simply “Wow!” My vote is for option three.

  11. Rusty Shackleford

    Over on Comics Kingdom, Gleeb’s daily FW flashback reminds me of why I hated Lisa. This was the “obscene comics” case that Lisa so graciously and bravely took on. Ugh…Batty at his worst.

    Go have a look and see if you don’t agree.

  12. That “Prelude” book should be a hot seller, I see it selling, oh, nearly, oooo, almost, um, nearly one copy. Almost.

  13. Max Power

    “Wait, Mom…died? So that’s why I don’t see her at Montoni’s any more.”

  14. Rusty

    Batiul used tp draw the cast looking like a bunch of twins. What is it with the androgynous young women?

  15. sgtsaunders

    Look, that Stank Yellow Shirt™ is finally starting to itch.

  16. 1. A bridge in Paris? How hopelessly cliche… And even for 1995, Les is dressed like he stepped out of 1981 like the total douchebag that he is…

    2. If there’s one thing I really hate about Lisa, it’s her inconsistency… In high school she’s short, dumpy and meek yet after graduation instantly grows a foot taller and morphs into this slender, fashionable, confident female… Nevermind the fact that her hair has had three very different styles and colors by my count…

  17. 3. I really really really hope somewhere back in Beautiful Downtown Burbank that Darrin’s long ignored and neglected wife starts an affair with (__INSERT_CELEBRITY_NAME__) and files for divorce…


    I love how Durwood is the exposition bomb of the previous panel. Yeah, if I didn’t have the exposition, I might have thought it was DSH John and Lefty sharing falafel at noon in Cairo. Though given Batiuk’s lazy artwork, maybe it is warranted.

  19. Gerard Plourde

    @ Rust Shackleford,

    Thanks for pointing out Gleeb’s post at CK. I wasn’t following the strip that closely at the time. I didn’t realize that the case was such a screwed-up mashup. As he points out, if Roberta Blackburn thought DSH was selling adult material to minors, the charge would have been corruption of minors (or whatever the Ahia variant is titled) and would have fallen apart as soon as Kevin’s identity was established. On the other hand, if the materials he sold met the definition of obscene materials under a local statute, then his conviction of the charge would be certain and the only way he’d be vindicated would be if the statute were ruled to be unconstitutional on appeal on First Amendment grounds. Either way, his treatment of the matter was off base.

  20. billytheskink

    The Roberta Blackburn-DSH-obscenity story was a self-righteous slog, but the one strip where DSH is arrested for selling the obscene comics to an undercover police officer was great. Probably the most I have ever laughed at Funky Winkerbean strip.

  21. Rusty Shackleford

    And don’t forget Roberta was the stereotypically angry, and presumably Christian, white lady who made a big fuss about the gay prom.

    No story, no depth, and crappy artwork, as Batty knocks down another straw man.

  22. 4. You will note that even now Les still has to make it all about HIM… “Yep, I did have MY moments!” instead of “…And when she said ‘yes’ she made me the luckiest man on the planet!” or something, anything that shows how much Les loved the only woman he’d see nude for the next 25 years…

  23. Double Sided Scooby Snack

    Maybe I’m just being stupid, but I don’t see how dorky Act I Lisa evolved into the later version we see now and on the VHS tapes. Wouldn’t older Lisa look like, well, an older version of young Lisa?? Nothing is the same, from head to toe. It’s like they fired the original Lisa and hired a whole new one.

    Even the two Darins on Bewitched looked much more alike than the two Lisas.

    Wondering how Goatee Boy omitted Paris from the Saint Lisa Tour he made Cayla sit through before proposing to her. I would have enjoyed that.

    “Here, Cayla.”

    “What’s this?”

    “An airline ticket to Paris.”

    “OH, LES! HOW ROMANTIC! You want to propose to me in Paris!”

    “What?? No! I want to show you where I proposed to my REAL wife. A booth at Montoni’s will be good enough for YOUR proposal.”

    “You fucking little…”


  24. Professor Fate

    5. yes it’s always always always about HIM. Even the death of St. Lisa was framed in terms of Les’s suffering as was the prolonged morning period afterwards (still like to think he has a statue of Lisa carved out of butter somewhere in the house – it’s the Romantic in me). That an author can not see what a completely self absorbed self impressed little toad Les comes across as does not speak well of the author one must say.

  25. The dreamer

    This is all leading to Darrin getting Lisa’s Story the movie lut of Turnaround in Hollywood and taking a second shot at making it

  26. batgirl

    Even Les’s punching of Bull wasn’t really to defend Lisa. It was anger at the idea that he was the wicked seducer. If he’d been defending Lisa, he should have socked Bull at the ‘got into trouble’ line, not the ‘smoothie’ line.

  27. Comic Book Harriet

    1.) SILENCE WOMAN YOU HAVE NO MORE LINES TODAY! has become one of my catchphrases among friends.

    2.) If this doesn’t end with BoyLisa and Les discovering their true feelings for each other and just going to town on the table, photos and scrapbooks strewn around them…I’m going to be very surprised.

  28. What really annoys me about all of the blind worship of the tepid love affair is the realization that Les is only fitfully aware of how banal and loopy it all is. The man believed that Lisa would have been delighted to have been more or less proposed to by the Control Voice from Mission: Impossible only to make an ass of himself in Europe because a dumber, crazier person sabotaged his Very Clever Plan. If this is a love affair for the ages, I’m the Rapid Deployment Force.