Had I known TB was going to gratuitously shill for his next collection of strips in today’s strip, I wouldn’t have plugged his Amazon pre-order page yesterday. Click the link above to the previous day’s post if you want to see it, I’m not linking it again.

So… Durwood first floated this whole “Prelude” idea to Les over a year-and-a-half ago. Les allegedly began working on it shortly thereafter, with his publisher delaying release of The Last Leaf until he could finish it so that they could be released together.  In fact, just last week Darin explicitly tells Les he wants to see what he has written so that he can start on the “illos” for the book.

But in today’s strip, Les is just NOW given the idea for the Prequel/Prelude book that he claimed to have started in mid-2015, a book it was definitely implied he was procrastinating on just LAST WEEK?!

I… I mean… Just… Just move on to the next story arc, please.

The Last Leaf, by the way, is going to be an actual thing. That means that, combined with Prelude and the already-published The Other Shoe, this trilogy of books that Durwood has proposed is going to be a real (expensive) thing too.

And to think I said I wasn’t gonna plug TB’s books today…


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21 responses to “Preludicrous

  1. Epicus Doomus

    Yep, once again Batiuk takes a simple premise and painstakingly crafts every single detail to ensure it makes absolutely no sense whatsoever. Boy Lisa dropped by to discuss the book he suggested Les should write…two years ago, mind you…then after reminiscing with Les about the subject of the book he re-suggests the very same idea that prompted his visit in the first place. And Les, who spent the last two years writing a total of four words, is instantly creatively energized, like it’s the greatest idea he’s ever heard. Which of course HE HAS!

    And on top of all that, BanTom picks up a plot thread that’s gone nowhere in two years and blithely starts it from the beginning again. All so he could walk down Lisa Lane again for no apparent reason. Just totally baffling and entirely in character.

  2. billytheskink

    How amazingly awful and utterly unsurprising is it that The Last Leaf (the real one), a book that is supposed to largely be about Les and Cayla’s relationship, is subtitled “Lisa’s Story Concludes”?

  3. I remember from years ago, the formula for writing an article:
    1 – Tell people what you’re going to say
    2 – Say it
    3 – Tell people what you’ve just said.

    Tom Batiuk seems seriously stuck on part 1. This whole arc is so idiotic, and poorly written, that it pretty much confirms what folks here have been saying: this strip has no editorial supervision. I guess the syndicate considers Tom Batiuk a “rock star” and if he says “No brown M&Ms!” no one has the time or energy to oppose him.

    Myself, I keep thinking, Poor, poor Cayla. Yes, she brought this on herself, and willingly subsumed herself to Lisa…but this is just unimaginably cruel. People would be rightfully angry if they knew a dog was being beaten like this. But Tom Batiuk is okay with Cayla being crushed, every day, beneath Lisa’s Legacy.

    While this strip has long since ceased being of interest for itself, it may supply future psychologists with grist for their mills if they examine its creator.

  4. Epicus Doomus

    billytheskink: “The Last Leaf…I’m Really Really Really Over Her This Time, I’m Serious”. Apparently he forgot that in the strip “TLL” was supposed to be an anniversary gift for Cayla and presumably had nothing to do with Lisa. Once Batiuk gets Lisa on the brain though, all bets are off.

    beckoningchasm: He not only completely negated the premise of the very story he was telling, he totally ignored the chronology of the strip again, all for the sake of re-doing a few of his favorite Lisa panels. That character means so much to him he was willing to resort to anything to find a way to pay homage to her again yet he couldn’t be bothered to find an organic or even semi-logical way to do it. He’s flat-out telling FW readers “hey, don’t pay any attention to what’s happening as it won’t matter anyway”. I can’t think of a single other piece of popular culture that operates like this.

  5. 1966tvbatman

    What a fucking dick.

  6. spacemanspiff85

    “The Last Leaf: Lisa’s Ghost Watches As I Scream Out Her Name During an Awkward Moment With A Black Woman”

  7. Rusty Shackleford

    I wonder who buys these books? My local library, which isn’t far from where Batty lives, has only has Volume I.

    Volume 3 isn’t even in the top 1000 on Amazon for comics and humor books. Overall, it isn’t in the top 1 million for books.

  8. Rusty Shackleford

    Poor Cayla. Then again she was always a dog poo character a la DogPoo Petuski on South Park.

  9. ian'sdrunkenbeard

    “I hate to give you the bum’s rush, Darwin,” said Less, as he grabbed him by the back of his waist band and collar, shoved him roughly out the door and threw him down in the driveway. “I haven’t checked for an update on for a while and I’m getting pretty antsy.”

  10. Batiuk seems to have never realized how ruinous his fixation on the very boring Lisa is, I should think. His need to talk up how great she was and how sad life is without her has more or less swallowed up his strip and he doesn’t even see it.

  11. Gerard Plourde

    How is it possible, in the space of about a week, to completely forget that the reason Darin flew across the country was to discuss the progress of the Lisa prequel project? This isn’t just sloppy writing – it raises questions about memory loss.

  12. Max Power

    Wow, Les’ publisher will be thrilled to hear (again) that he is doing a “prelude” book. Check back in 2019 as Boy Lisa pays yet another visit to Les and inspires him with the tremendous idea of writing a Lisa prequel. Maybe then the prequel will expand into a prequel trilogy: “Lisa’s Story: The Birth of Her Bio-Son”; “Lisa’s Story: A Comic Book Pizza Wedding”; and “Lisa’s Story: The Post Office Explosion Maiming”.

  13. I thought I was imagining it at first – that TB had forgotten this was all done awhile back. He simply doesn’t give a shit.

  14. Rusty Shackleford

    @max. One wonders what publisher would be interested in this crap. Of course today, Les could just self publish but Batty would never show that as it’s not the way it was done.

    Batty has the ever compliant Kent State University Press for his publishing needs.


    Couple of things:

    1. Les is a little too excited to be writing again about the death of his wife. This would be like a photographer being excited to publish another collection of his photos of a genocidal war.

    2. Trilogy? Prequels? What’s next? The expanded “Dead Lisa’ universe???

    3. Les/Batiuk’s planning is following dangerously close to George Lucas path in regards to the “Star Wars” saga.

    4. Dead Lisa has the same problem that Gwen Stacy does. Their death is more interesting than their life ever was Gwen Stacy was killed because Stan Lee thought her character was too boring and that Mary Jane Watson would be a better girlfriend and more interesting character. And I agree. I can’t think about a single character trait of her other than she was Spiderman’s girlfriend and she was thrown off a fucking bridge. Lisa is the same. I can’t think of a single character trait of her other than her being Les’ wife and dying of cancer. Why should I care about the loss of life of someone who never had much of a life to begin with?


  16. Rusty Shackleford


    You ask what is next: Tales from Heaven – Lisa gets her wings.

  17. The Merry Pookster

    Cayla who? Oh the Sally Hemings of Westview you mean?
    The black woman who is totally subservient & submissive and works in the main house…. Black Cayla Matters
    Way down yonder in the land of Westview
    All Black Lives are soon forgotten
    Look away look away Batiuk writes a book
    In Westview I will take my stand to live and die of Cancer.

  18. Epicus Doomus

    Earler this week billy mentioned the infamous pregnancy arc and how quickly that arc played out from beginning to end. Now we see the flip side of that approach, as this arc pressed the pause button for almost two years and the result was that BanTom totally lost the thread, rendering everything that came before meaningless. It’s a bizarre approach that I’ll never understand. If Boy Lisa wasn’t there to discuss the Lisa prequel what WAS he doing there? Why were they talking about Lisa at all? He couldn’t be bothered to go back and see where he left off before picking it back up? It’s sloppy at best, totally inept at worst.

  19. hitorque

    So the first prom date, pregnancy, proposal in Paris and sucker punching Bull didn’t make it into the first two books? And somehow these four one-paragraph anecdotes are gonna get stretched out to novel length…

  20. Hey, I found the manuscript to “The Last Leaf: Lisa’s Story Concludes”:

    Chapter 1

    Still dead.

    The End