There You Go Again

Leaving meaningless oil paintings behind in the dilapidated shacks that they deserve to be housed in, today’s strip brings us back to art’s purest and most meaningful form and in its most hallowed of temples…

Well no wonder DSH couldn’t cover his rent back in 2010, he hates the actual function of his business. That 2010 story seems especially relevant to this one, as Funky covered DSH’s rent (and some of his own expenses) by doing exactly what DSH had apparently been failing to do, sell comic books. Now we know that he can hardly bear to part with the things that his business is supposed to part with.

I do not recall this “McKenzie Collection” but I assume it has something to do with Crankshaft’s elderly neighbor. I’d try to track down more info but I’m researched out right now, sorry.

Thanks for sticking with us through the last month, which included a couple of the most asinine and one of the funkiest strangest weeks in recent Funky memory. Sosf David O will be your driver starting next week, and should do a better job steering around the potholes than I did… and there WILL be p(l)otholes.


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12 responses to “There You Go Again

  1. Epicus Doomus

    In the Funkyverse Act I is commonly referred to as “the sepia age”. Act II is of course “the blue age” (as in code blue) and obviously Act III will forever be remembered as “the brown age” because, well, you know why.

    Anyhow, this is another rather listless Sunday outing, but at least it’s harmless enough. Right now he seems to be devoting much of his (chortle) creative energy to his blog, which has featured an inordinate number of pictures of Lisa sitting on that f*cking bench lately. It’s his own Mona Lisa, except his Lisa isn’t smiling and is dying as well. BatNom must be a real hoot at parties.

  2. spacemanspiff85

    That can’t possibly be accurate, that all golden age comics are super expensive.
    I’ve got to wonder if Batiuk’s hoping that someone in the future will be holding up “Lisa’s Story” as a Golden Age comic. They won’t. What’s far more likely is it being held up as Exhibit One for “what killed off the comics industry”. Or the book industry overall, actually.

  3. billytheskink

    Something dawned on me while watching Kent State lose in the NCAA tournament last night: I think TB went to college there largely because their mascot is the Golden Flashes.

    Anyways, I bet DSH’s cash flow would be even better if he wasn’t putting his greasy fingers all over this 70 year old comic book. Or can he not bear to part with bags and boards too?

  4. sgtsaunders

    Good grief. That is one of the most worthless “gags” ever to disgrace a comic strip. I thought last weeks existential masterpiece was about the bottom of the barrel, but this is a violation.

  5. Hmm, let’s check eBay for Flash Comics #24…

    Right now there are two people selling this issue, one asking $585 and one asking $778. So, yeah, that one’s pretty expensive, but not enough that it would make a significant difference to keeping a business afloat…

  6. Rusty Shackleford

    A couple of the snarkers here and at CK called it: one week to enter and do nothing in the abandoned house, then on Sunday, surprise, something about comic books.

  7. This is more painful than a week lost watching Funky moan about how meaningless his life of achievement is because he isn’t Les. Not only is DSH shitty at his alleged job, we have to remember how he rooked Lillian McKenzie.

  8. Rusty

    @Erich: This is a business with about $2,000 in total sales each year, so that would be a big chunk. It’s kept afloat by his wife’s salary and free “labor” from Harry.

  9. Rusty Shackleford

    I guess Batty had to do something with comic books today as he is probably downtown at the Cleveland comic-con signing autographs and buying stuff.

    And according to his blog, there is more cancer in the pipeline.

  10. Gerard Plourde

    Of course the book would have to feature the Golden Age Flash. I also wonder how many comic book store owners would actually want to develop the expertise to deal in vintage comics. It seems that in order to succeed the owner would have to have a lot of equity capital to invest. Not exactly the situation that DSH finds himself in. The stores I’m familiar with seem to concentrate on new titles across a broad range including anime and sell assorted related products (t-shirts, statuettes, etc.).

  11. Max Power

    John once had some trouble parting with his antique comic book rack, but he needed the money to buy an engagement ring for Becky. That didn’t work out at the time because his planned proposal ended up coinciding with the brief interregnum between the two times everyone thought Wally was dead.

  12. Hitorque