Black and What?!

SonofSFDavidO here and… aw, shit, this again!? Today’s strip kicks off yet another Batom Comic’s storied history/imagined timeline/dunno what I’m the hell I’m even looking at arc.

Aside from realizing we’re in for the literary equivalent of a week-long root canal, I’m scratching my head over what Pete’s goddamn complaint is. They’re putting “more things” into the new movie? Boo hoo! Unless it’s going to be an Andy Warholesque film that shows StarBucks Jones sleeping for 8 straight hours then yeah, scripts change. I know this complaint is just to shoehorn in a sepia mess but still, complaining about doing the job you’re getting paid for is pretty lame, Mr. Hollywood.



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  1. count of tower grove

    So Durward never bothered to see his parents.

  2. Epicus Doomus

    Well, we’re barely three months into 2017 and already BatNom is furiously juggling handfuls of unfinished arcs, haphazardly going from one to the other with no regard at all for flow or continuity. Just a few weeks ago the “Starbuck Jones” movie production was “on hiatus” but today an already-weary Pete and Boy Lisa are drained by the producer’s constant unending demands. Some hiatus that was, maybe Darin should spend his next hiatus relaxing at home instead of jetting off to help Les write books about Lisa, or “mommy” as he prefers to call her these days.

    And even worse, they’re daydreaming about the lifestyles of old comic book writers from the 1950s again, a bit that Bantom has already driven into the ground repeatedly. I hate Editor Guy and Retro Pete and Boy Lisa even more than I hate their “now” versions and I’d be willing to wager that everyone else (save a single soul in Ohio) does too.

  3. billytheskink

    So this week we get a story arc about Pete and Durwood procrastinating right on the heels of a week of weird strips that were likely the result of TB procrastinating, which followed a story arc about Les procrastinating.

    “Write what you know”, they say…

  4. spacemanspiff85

    “Wow, I can’t believe the director is letting us create our own original characters for the movie! I wonder if Flash Freeman was this excited when he made the original characters!”
    See, Batiuk? It’s pretty easy to jam in your stupid imaginary comics company without making your characters inept, lazy, losers who can’t stop bitching about having to do their dream job.

  5. spacemanspiff85

    And as much as Batiuk obviously loathes young people, I can’t really think of anything that screams “entitled millennial brat” than “I want to get paid to do whatever I want, and I’m going to whine and moan if I have to do actual work”.

  6. The dude’s mustache appears to have vanished….

  7. Check out TB’s tip of the felt tip to the Smithereens at his blog! Admittedly he’s just stringing together some “life affirming” blather that I would have written at the newspaper in 1985, but his sincerity is genuine -humble, too, which a nice touch. Plus, he obviously just wrote it this weekend.

  8. Max Power

    PRESENT DAY: “My work on ‘Rise of the Zeetons’ would go a lot faster if those lousy corporate fat cats stopped trying to make it a successful movie with their ideas!” “Yeah, if only they had never gone ahead with the sequel and/or hired better people to do our jobs, then we would be whining about something else back in Westview!” FLASHBACK: “What?!?! A…car?!?…Based on the main character?…How will we ever figure out how to draw that???”

  9. Rusty Shackleford

    @fred At least he didn’t use the word cathartic.

  10. Rusty Shackleford

    Those damn producers, always getting in the way of us creative types.

    What is a Batty bithching about? He’s got a syndicate that lets him do what he wants. He’s got a publishing house that will print whatever he writes. And if he wants to publish a comic book so badly, then self publish one. He has the means to make that happen.

    Personally, I think having an editor or producer would only improve his work.

  11. Gerard Plourde

    So Pete and Darin are employed on the Starbucks Jones sequel and are complaining about something that extends their employment?

  12. So….we transition from Funky whining that Life Is A Futile Struggle to two idiots who couldn’t write a laundry list moaning because their boss has to do their job. They don’t need Big Frankie to screw their lives up….they’re self-screwing.

  13. Hitorque


    2. Good to see Pete Racob Ringgold-Heimerschmidtt learned nothing about how the Hollywood game works the first time around so we’ll get nothing but two assclowns from two different eras whining incessantly over having to do their most basic and elemental job duties…

    3. Seriously — Why don’t these two idiots quit and go back home? Nobody is holding a gun to their heads and forcing them to write lameassed scripts and storyboards…


    Yeah, I mean seriously. The nerve of some people to to come up with new ideas to help improve their art. It’s much better to just keep recycling the same old ideas time and time again.

  15. This might not be so terrible if it wasn’t like the FIFTH FUCKING TIME HE’S DONE THE EXACT SAME ARC WORD-FOR-WORD. And it wasn’t even the least bit entertaining the first time he did it.

  16. Professor Fate

    To quote Tom Servo “oh the really unappealing characters.”
    And how many many times have we seen the exact same strip? At least when Lucy pulled the football away from Charlie Brown there was a bit of variation but this might as well be a repeat.

  17. Max Power

    The third panel would actually work if in panel 2 retro-Pete and retro-Boy Lisa were discussing how their carefully planned multi-issue plotline would pay off with the reveal of who Mr. Sponge’s father was in the next issue.

  18. It’s interesting how this works. Since it’s Cigarchomp McBaldfat who is suggesting a “Spongecar,” I imagine we’re all supposed to think, “How crass and vulgar!” But I’m betting that a ten-year-old Tom Batiuk, after sketching his superhero, would treat the suggesting of a themed-car with a “Wow, that’s totally cool!” How easily one forgets one’s audience when one no longer cares.

  19. And the whining continues. Mopey Pete should be happy he has a job after losing his comic book gig. And what was Boy Lisa’s job before this one? Working a dead end job at Montoni’s. I feel like kicking the sh!t out of both of them.

  20. Majicou

    @count of tower grove
    Naturally not. Once Blondo the Clown figured out that his true, holy mother was the Dead St. Lisa, the couple who raised him became irrelevant–beneath notice and burned away like so much chaff. All hail the glorious Dead Lisa!

  21. ian'sdrunkenbeard

    I’ll never learn. I’ve been hanging out here, reading the comments of the erudite snarksters, but I still fail to grasp their message: FW is bad. It is worse than it first seems.

    After a week and a half of build up on the abandoned house story, I stupidly thought, “There’s got to be a pay off here. Maybe Funky grew up here. Perhaps he lost his virginity to his high school girl friend or his gym teacher here. Is this where he chugged his first beer, or murdered a hobo? We’re going to learn something new about Funky.” Alas, it ended with a half-assed bleat about the futility of life, which was stated more succinctly by that great philosopher Homer Simpson when he said, “The first step towards failure is trying.”

    With apologies to Omar Khayyam:

    The Funky felt tip writes, and having writ
    Moves nowhere: nor all thy snarkiness nor wit
    Shall lure it back to improve half a line,
    Nor all thy groans wash out a word of shit.

    P.S. It also cheesed me off when TB besmirched the talented Lesley Gore by quoting “Sunshine, Lollipops and Rainbows”.

    This week it’s back to Mr. Starbuck on the deck of the Pequod…..oh, crap. Wrong Starbuck.

  22. Charles

    I would love to hear Batiuk’s explanation of what Darin’s job is. So he’s a storyboarder hard at work despite the fact that there’s no script to work off of.

    I guess Batiuk just thinks that Pete writes something and Darin draws a picture of it as a concept to show the director. If so, that means he didn’t even spend one second investigating what a storyboarder actually does. One second.