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Gorilla Marketing

Hi all! SosfDavidO here with a pain in my neck from trying to read today’s strip sideways.

Hey, hey, it’s a monkey! A gorilla to be more accurate, drawn by a man who ape-parently only has a basic understanding of what a gorilla looks like.

It’s true, though, gorilla covers on comics sold a lot of issues back in the day. TomBat isn’t the first to notice the phenomenon of course, but I have to wonder, Tom, if you’re going to do a throw-back gorilla cover, why not the simian golden age equivalent of Freebird by revamping the infamous Jimmy Olson marries a gorilla” cover?


This is what Gramps was reading, kids.



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SosfDavidO here, and I had to throw in a classic MST3K reference for today’s strip, which makes me want to hate alter-Pete and alter-Darrin even more. Really? You want a little kid to fail? Is that what we’re supposed to take away from that smirk? Is that a smirk or are they laughing about the situation and it’s a genuine smile? Who knows!


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It’s a Hard Life, Knox

SosfDavidO here, taking the penny tour of Batcom, Inc, along with the Little Knox Kid as he goes through orientation. Whaddya know, in today’s strip, our comic nerds are once again complaining about things like deadlines and story arc changes and edits made by the.. what’s he called again? Oh yeah, the EDITOR.


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A Man Ta Knox

SosfDavidO here, wondering what Alter-Mopey Pete is alluding to in today’s strip! I’m just going to assume Pete is worried he’s about to be replaced by a little kid and not that Pete is worried Brady shouldn’t be working with a kid since he has that court order to stay 1,000 ft away from schools.


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Yer Kidding Me

SosfdavidO here with today’s strip, which finally goes a little off-kilter into new territory. Writer boy wonder, meet the new kid in town!

/o~ Mitchell-Come Lately
New nerd in town
Fat Editor loves you
So don’t let him down…/o~


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Dog Gone Dumb

SosfDavidO here again, plodding through the week because the noose I tied to my shower head slipped off, forcing me to continue with this awful arc.

Ok, at least there’s dialog in today’s stripsomething I can work with. It’s not like we’re watching Funky’s fat bulk heft up a hill for a week.

It looks like alternative-verse Pete and Darrin have been tasked with creating a super pet, which was all the rage in the 40s. Spongedog seems as useless and impractical of a super pet as one could get, though. Not to ask the obvious, but what if it rains!?


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Black and What?!

SonofSFDavidO here and… aw, shit, this again!? Today’s strip kicks off yet another Batom Comic’s storied history/imagined timeline/dunno what I’m the hell I’m even looking at arc.

Aside from realizing we’re in for the literary equivalent of a week-long root canal, I’m scratching my head over what Pete’s goddamn complaint is. They’re putting “more things” into the new movie? Boo hoo! Unless it’s going to be an Andy Warholesque film that shows StarBucks Jones sleeping for 8 straight hours then yeah, scripts change. I know this complaint is just to shoehorn in a sepia mess but still, complaining about doing the job you’re getting paid for is pretty lame, Mr. Hollywood.


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The Fan-Tom Empire

Cowboys, thunder riders dressed in quasi medieval armor shooting futuristic weapons, robots with flamethrowers— The Phantom Empire viewed genre boundaries as mere inconveniences rather than limits…I became fascinated with the idea of taking what was considered to be a low art form and creating something of substance within those confines, of trying to take what others considered junk and turning it into something more. That thought continued to inform my cartooning choices for the next fifty years. It’s hard to overestimate the impact that The Phantom Empire has had on my developing brain.

From the introduction to The Complete Funky Winkerbean Volume One

So today, Batiuk’s “writing what he knows'” sharing with us readers a space opera that influenced his creative vision as a youth. At the same time he’s writing about something about which he has no idea: how today’s Hollywood motion pictures are made. “I think seeing that old serial is really going to be helpful with our movie.” Mason might as well be talking about a campfire skit or routine that they are preparing for a middle school talent show. And I’m waiting for the day when Darin snaps at his old buddy Pete: “Shut the fuck up already about ‘back in the days of Batom Comics!'”

Anyway, snarkers, it’s good to be back in the SoSF wheelhouse as we approach the 6th anniversary of Son of Stuck Funky! Stay tuned for a special announcement of the first contest around here in awhile. Details to follow! Happy Easter!


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The Ghost Who Balks

Link to today’s strip.

Don’t know what I can say about this.  Frank Brunner is a really great artist, and that’s a heck of a cover–it makes me want to read the comic inside.  Too bad Tom Batiuk had to junk it up with his own stuff, the sad, miserable “creators” that live in his sad, miserable comic strip.  I think he should abandon the idea of a Sunday strip that references his characters, and just do comic book tributes every week.  Just the covers, no stupidity in the margins.  I’d like that; at least the artwork would be good, and we’d get less of these smelly, trollish creatures that proudly wallow in their own mire.

Once again, there’s not a joke to be had here, but I am amused that The Idiotwins think that “spongetonite” stinks as a concept, to the extent that it cannot be associated with…The Amazing Mr. Sponge.  Really, the dumbest non-parody superhero of all time, and apparently he’s just too good for “spongetonite.”  That is rich.

At present I have no idea what Monday will bring.  Possibly more of The Idiotwins tolling in comic-book Hell, with an unhinged Brady fuming that his ideas were squelched, although I would note this:  that would be something interesting, that would develop a story beyond just stating a concept and smirking…so that probably means we’ll get Les watching the “For Les” tape.  Or Funky at the gym, haven’t had one of those in a while.

We can be certain of only this:  it won’t be funny, it will be dull, and it will be excruciatingly padded.


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Sponging Off Relatives

Link to today’s strip.

Ha ha ha, the first line Darin’s had all week and Pete immediately steps on it!

I continue to be amazed that anyone, anyone at all, could find a sponge-based superhero to be interesting.   When I was back in the ninth grade and was drawing superhero comics on notepaper, I would never have considered such an idea, much less dealt with it for more than a few seconds.  (“What a stupid idea.  Must be too much eraser dust in the air, confounding my brain.”)  Perhaps I’d use it as a comedy character who was immediately defeated in some humorous way, but anything ongoing?  NO.

And remember–I’m talking about the ninth grade.

I don’t know what to make of Tom Batiuk’s fantasy publishing world.  In a way, it’s quite impressive in its scope and detail, but it makes me wonder why he doesn’t apply some of that creativity over here, in the strip that puts bread on the table.   Wouldn’t that be something?  Imagine reading posts on this site telling how much we liked the episode of the day.  As it is, Funky Winkerbean comes across as an afterthought–as Gerald and others have pointed out, no one who only reads the strip would have any of the Batom Books details provided in the blog posts, which robs these flashback strips of rather most of their impact.  Not that it would really make much to people not obsessed with silver age DC comics, but still, some context is always nice.

Without any of that, reading about some guy’s fantasy comic-book publishing world is like listening to a really boring person at a party.  You suddenly realize you’ve heard nothing he’s said for at least five minutes, and you start to worry he’ll ask you a question and you won’t have any idea how to respond.  And your drink is almost full–can’t use “Going to get a refill!” as an excuse.  Maybe plead for a bathroom break?  Give it a shot.  You can hide in the den…and read old comic books.

Heh heh heh.


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