Yer Kidding Me

SosfdavidO here with today’s strip, which finally goes a little off-kilter into new territory. Writer boy wonder, meet the new kid in town!

/o~ Mitchell-Come Lately
New nerd in town
Fat Editor loves you
So don’t let him down…/o~



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17 responses to “Yer Kidding Me

  1. Epicus Doomus

    “Motab”…I LOVE it! “Do not drive or operate heavy machinery while using MOTAB. May be the opposite of habit-forming”.

    So in “reality”, Pete created “Mister Sponge” but in his weird boring daydreams some stupid kid was involved? BanTom has his chronologies all f*cked up again, which is as always the end result of really not giving much of shit anymore.

    It’s pretty funny how now you pretty much have to read his blog to make any sense out of the strip. And the really funny part is that the blog doesn’t make any sense either. So you’re using one nonsensical thing to decode another nonsensical thing, which is kind of surreal.

  2. spacemanspiff85

    A genius comic writing kid? Yay, another Batiuk avatar. With a receding hairline, even though he’s like, ten years old.

  3. count of tower grove

    BWAWHAHAW! Retro Mopey Pete confronts an existential crisis!

  4. Gerard Plourde

    And so now we get introduced to another part of Batom History – Mitchell Knox, creator of the kid duo, Charlie and Chuck – (Batom Comics – The Untold History Parts 6-8 on The Author’s blog). The written history appearing on the blog a little over a year ago shows imagination, enthusiasm, and detail.

  5. spacemanspiff85

    @Gerard Plourde:
    One of those blog entries shows more effort, passion, and coherence than every single Funky Winkerbean strip has since Lisa got cancer, combined.

  6. billytheskink

    Batom comics is a perfect parallel to Funky Winkerbean, in that both improve dramatically when written by reader submissions.

  7. Jimmy

    I thought this storyline was funnier when Abe Simpson was the front for Bart and Lisa writing all those “Itchy and Scratchy” scripts.

  8. erdmann

    Editor Stogie Carmichael is apparently loosely based on Silver Age Superman editor Mort Weisinger (I say loosely because the character seems relatively benign, while Weisinger was a legendary tyrant). That means the kid must be based on Jim Shooter, who started writing the Legion of Super-Heroes when he was 13 or 14. You can learn more about comics, comics history and obsession with comics and comics history at your local library. They’ll be happy to help you read more about it.

  9. @redmann: This is classic Batiuk. He’s moaning and hollering because someone with actual talent got a contract when he was told that he just was not good enough.

  10. Max Power

    Look on the bright side, at least Mitchell isn’t Retro-Chullo or Retro-Bernie.

  11. Rusty Shackleford

    Mitchell Knox would grow up, get married, and have a daughter named Amanda. She would go to school in Italy, well you know the rest of the story.

  12. Another kid with a receding hairline.

  13. When he’s not spinning his Batom Comics fantasies or flogging Dead St. Lisa, Batiuk uses the FW blog to regurgitate portions of The Complete FW book series. His latest post mentions characters he introduced during the 80’s, including “the black cheerleader Junebug Jones” and “Neal, the director of the Lighthouse.” The latter piqued my interest. Turns out the teenaged Crazy Harry at one point ran away from home and was living at the Lighthouse:

    I don’t know whether Neal’s departure under questionable circumstances was something TB portrayed in the strip or just chose to throw in years after the fact.


    Is Mitchel Knox the result of cloning Bart Simpson and Shermy from Peanuts?

  15. I’ll give Tom Batiuk this: at last he’s telling a story he’s interested in, the story of Bantom comics. He put way more energy and imagination into those blog posts than he ever put into the strip that pays his bills.

    Of course, it’s still pretty boring if you’re not totally enrapt by comic books.

  16. I can not bring myself to read the blog. It’s enough of an effort just to read this horrible comic strip every day. If he’s going to have required reading to understand what’s happening in his comic strip, and not put the URL in the corner, then fuck him.

  17. Rusty Shackleford

    I do like the old John Darling strips he posts on his blog. Those take me back.