All Things Must Passport

Harriet (or the Dinkles’ talking car) expresses disbelief over the waiting time required to process passport requests. I don’t have a fake nor a real passport either; I agree with Harry that a fake passport could take less time but am also pretty sure that for travel purposes, it would be even more useless than today’s punchline.



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10 responses to “All Things Must Passport

  1. Epicus Doomus

    So if you had to summarize this latest Dinkle arc for someone unfamiliar with the mysteries of the Batiukverse, it’d probably go something like…

    “The annoying old band director won a free trip to Europe and now he’s pissing and moaning over having to apply for a passport like it’s some kind of huge inconvenience to wait a few more weeks for something he never had in his entire life to begin with.”

    Then that hypothetical person would go to the other side of the room and pretend he/she didn’t know you. I mean what did Dinkle think would happen? “Oh, you used to be a locally legendary high school band director who won a candy-purchasing award? Well, why didn’t you say so? Here’s three passports, have a terrific day sir!”. He’s either a complete imbecile or the most entitled person alive, neither of which is funny, by the way.

  2. billytheskink

    Back in Act I and for much of Act II, Harriet Dinkle was an unseen character, like the adults in Peanuts except that she did have dialogue. She’s almost become the reverse of that in Act III, visible but silent.

    Why? Because Dinkle has less to say than he ever has and is somehow taking more words than he has ever used to say it?

  3. spacemanspiff85

    Considering Harriet said her line while they were still in the car, and Dinkle didn’t answer until they were completely out of the car and a good bit down the sidewalk, I don’t think he should be calling other people slow.

  4. ian'sdrunkenbeard

    “Dammit! Somebody tagged our garage door with an ampersand! Get out there and clean that up, would you , Harridan?”

    “Uh, OK.”

  5. Charles

    I have to admit that you got me, TFH. I had forgotten that you had set up the rolling SoSF header from past iterations, so when I logged in today and saw Cindy from several months ago checking her face in the mirror because she’s soooooo old, I thought that was a preview for next week’s strips. And I actually said “Oh, go fuck yourself [Batiuk]” out loud. Not sure if next week’s strips will actually provoke a similar reaction, but it’s a non-zero chance, I suppose.

    I see Harriet has made even further strides in her transformation to Holly, with her wearing Holly’s uniform pink blouse under a black cardigan/jacket.

    Also, the Dinkles drive some weird-ass car. It’s a 2-door station wagon. Has any such thing ever existed?

  6. Rusty Shackleford

    Ugh, a whole week wasted trying to get a passport. Good stuff there Batty.

    Crankshaft: Les regurgitates a quote from Ray Bradbury and others who made similar statements that writers need to write every day.

    Judging by the stories told this week in both strips, maybe some shouldn’t.

  7. What Harry doesn’t know, of course, is that everybody in Worstview, including everybody at all government offices, hates him passionately. So much that they are working to turn his “joke” into a reality by forwarding his passport request form to a guy who sells fake documents. Bad fake documents. Really BAD fake documents. Easily detected fake documents. Fake documents that Homeland Security has connected to terrorist organizations (“ALERT: Passport documents showing these errors are associated with ISIS. Detain holder and transport directly to Gitmo”).

  8. Wow, in Crankshaft Les is being a truly colossal ass. He’s basically saying “All the other folks up here at this podium are total morons, and you wasted your time listening to them. All this is true, but it takes a massive dick like me to say it right in front of them. If this was a universe with the slightest tinge of justice, they’d beat me to death where I stand. But since this universe is run by an idiot, they’ll probably praise me for making them better writers.”

  9. A HREF

    Slightly OT:but flashback Ted Forth’s hair (presumably late 80’s early 90’s) looks like Cindy’s hair from the 70’s/80’s

  10. A HREF

    Oh and Sally looks like pre-Stones post-Faces Ron Wood.