Losing Track

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The series of inconvenient events continues
as Dinkle and Dinklette must travel somewhere outside of Westview to a town that still has a post office. And what at what post office/bureau of motor vehicles/doctor’s office/retail store/fitness center/old folks home in the Funkiverse are you not greeted by a miserable, sarcastic, unattractive person who proceeds to insult you to your face?



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16 responses to “Losing Track

  1. Epicus Doomus

    Oh that Bantom and his unyielding negativity. Everyone’s a bungling sarcastic screw-up who just doesn’t give a damn…and people wonder why FW isn’t far more popular than it is, you know? I don’t know her but I am assuming that Mrs. BatNom is nothing short of a saint.

  2. billytheskink

    Not so funny when people treat you like a band student, is it Dinkle?

  3. spacemanspiff85

    You know, usually when everywhere you go, people are nasty and unpleasant to you, the problem is you.

  4. Jimmy

    @spacemanspiff: I chalk it up to the fact I’m awesome and everyone else sucks.

  5. Rusty Shackleford

    Ha ha ha, the Post Office is so incompetent. Batty’s secret sauce sure is special.

  6. Gerard Plourde

    It’s been a while since I last renewed my passport, but the process I remember doesn’t resemble this at all. What I remember is taking my fiilled out application, photos, and a check (or possibly they require a money order) to the post office. The clerk looked it over, had me swear that all of the information was correct and then took all of the materials. I presume he forwarded them to the State Department, since I didn’t have to mail anything anywhere. Doesn’t The Author remember the procedure he went through when he was getting ready to go to Africa?

  7. I’m guessing that Dinkleberry has neither mailed an item with tracking or received a package from USPS, UPS, or FedEx over the past 20 years. Credit the postal clerk for responding to an inane question with a sarcastic response, all while maintaining the signature Westview world view of gloom and doom.
    April is going to be a long month, I’m afraid.

  8. Crankshaft: Every other writer on Earth is a goofy flake, Les is the only hard worker.

  9. Comic Book Harriet

    Tune into Crankshaft today for a glorious panel of Les admitting that he’s doing everything wrong. And he’s right! I mean, the other writers are giving terrible advice, but ten years on from Crankytime and Les “Death-is-my-muse” Moore has still only written two books, and neither of them are ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’ caliber.

    Found Funky acceptably funny for newspaper strip two days in a row. IT’S A NEW RECORD!


    Crankshaft – Les’ actual response was
    “Gee, I just wait for someone to die of cancer or get shot by a madman.”

  11. Max Power

    Can’t wait for the collected 2017 strips come sold in book form: “The Other Paperwork”.

  12. I fully applaud and encourage everyone to be nasty and insulting to Dinkle, so this counts as a good strip.

  13. Here, we slander government employees for inconveniencing a vain dimwit. Elsewhere, Les learns how to become a shitty, waffling imbecile of an author.

  14. Ryokomayuka

    Just last year I got a passport and it was done at the post office it was very simple. Bring a passport photo plus form, birth certificate, and money order and the lady looked it over and asked a few questions and off it went. I didn’t have to mail it. I would imagine the proceeds would be the same no matter where you got it done at. I know sometimes it could be a library or the like. I doubt you would personally mail it in. Just wait about three weeks or so and a brand new passport in the mail.

  15. Don

    I got my passport renewed a few months ago, and it was done the same way that Dinkle is doing it. Some post offices – especially in larger cities – have the “hand me the forms, swear something under oath, and we’ll handle it from here” method – I did it that way 20 years ago – but the smaller ones still make you mail it in.
    As for tracking, it’ll tell him when it gets there – but after that, your guess is as good as his as to where the application is in the processing line.

  16. This is bizarre – and since I’m posting end of day, I hope someone sees my post in order to discuss. Saw comments about Crankshaft so I clicked on the link to today’s FW strip, then on the Comics Kingdom link to additional strips, and THEN on the link to the Crankshaft strip for today. Nothing happened, just a return to the roster of CK strips. Tried this 5 times, same result. Out of curiosity, I clicked on a random sample ot 10 other strips, and all of them came up. Tried Crankshaft again; no go. So then I clicked on the CK link for FW strip – like Crankshaft, no go. But all the other strips except those 2 pulled up fine. WTF? (Today’s FW still comes up fine if you go to it from SOSF, however.) The conspiracy theorist in me has his spidey sense tingling, but… oh, and what’s with the 2 mystery characters that Comic Kingdom is using in conjunction with the FW logo on the main comics roster page?