Garage Schlock

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From the FW blog: “I feel I should say something about some of the things being said about yesterday’s Funky Sunday…”

I have to wonder if today’s strip reflects the real-life goings on at Batiuk’s “Cartoon Castle”: the dutiful wife furnishing the “brilliant writer” with flattery and hot chocolate. Though he loves to lecture others about what it means to be a writer, when it comes to his own craft, Les tries and fails miserably at self deprecation. The clumsy perspective in panel 2 perfectly captures the true essence of Les, as his giant, swollen head threatens to overtake the whole room.



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14 responses to “Garage Schlock

  1. spacemanspiff85

    So Les apparently hangs out alone with strange men who can actually write in the garage, and Cayla doesn’t come over until they leave. Not surprising at all, really.

  2. Epicus Doomus

    The “things being said”, huh? Who else is talking about FW? No, I’m really asking, who? We all know TomBan isn’t a racist, he’s just an oaf is all. FW has always bent over backwards to avoid even a suggestion of anything controversial, that was just the usual clumsy laziness, lazy clumsiness and such. The one kind of prejudice I’ve seen in FW was directed at the English language and humor. It was just a dumb mistake that could have been avoided if someone read it first is all.

    But now that you mention it, Cayla IS serving someone yet again which she seems to do an awful lot and…nah, I’m just f*cking with ya. That’s just her “thing”, like how Harry is “crazy” and Dinkle is “annoying” and Funky is “dying”. Cayla simply had the misfortune of appearing in FW just as TheAuthor began moving away from character development, stories and stuff like that, so she never really had a personality. Well, she sorta did for a while but then he couldn’t get the hair right on a consistent basis and, well, things deteriorated from there.

  3. DOlz

    How many keyboards were destroyed with vomit after folks read this? Not too many due to FW’s anemic readership.

  4. @spacemanspiff85 Well, she is bringing in two cups of cocoa, so she’s obviously late for the other writer. Unless…unless the other cup is for herself, and she’s planning on drinking in the Lisa Lounge with Les? The sheer presumption!

  5. billytheskink

    Dangit Cayla! Les was just about to fall victim to Karōshi, or rather something like Karōshi brought on by procrastination, and you had to go an give him a break from not working…

    Les’ self-deprecation is so awkward and unconvincing that when I first read this I almost thought Les was referring about Le Chat Bleu. I mean, that fever dream cat is about the only one who spends time with Les when he is writing and I have known several cats who would appear to be brilliant writers in comparison to Les, so I don’t think it is that big of a stretch.

  6. spacemanspiff85

    That blog entry is pretty funny. The Sunday strip didn’t say “racist” to me. It said “past his prime writer who’s so half-assed he doesn’t even proofread or edit his work once before sending it to be printed”. Like how he forgot the last name of a character he features several weeks every year. Also, the whole “I can’t be racist, my strip has a bi-racial marriage” is a real bad road to go down, given that the black half of that marriage really doesn’t seem to exist outside of serving the white half, Yesterday is one of the few times I can remember her having a strip all to herself, and what was she doing? Plus, she’s gotten lighter and lighter ever since they got married, and her hairstyle and facial features have completely changed. I have a feeling that in the black and white newspaper strips, she just comes off as “tan”. If that.

  7. Rusty Shackleford


    Yes, that is the main problem with Batty, he does things like add in black characters, handicapped people, women who look like teen boys, etc. just to prove that “I’m not racist, I love everyone”. But there is no depth, nothing interesting, these characters end up being clumsy props and Batty goes on believing he is a courageous writer who has enlightened the comics page.

    The only topic he treats with depth is cancer.

  8. Just to elaborate a tad from my comment about the blog (and not to beat a dead horse here), I know none of us think TB is racist. And I applaud him for having the good sense to take charge of the situation swiftly and attempt to smooth over any looming, widespread outcry – extra points for not deploying the tired old “I’m sorry if anyone was offended” line. Still, it should not have been written in the first place, and it strikes me as not too many degrees difference from the Kendall Jenner/Pepsi flap, albeit on a far lower level. (You can’t compare the comments section here and at CK to several million voices abuzz in the Twitter hive mind.) That is, given the contemporary context we are currently in, it was just remarkably oblivious and tone deaf on his part – not to mention the mark, once again, of T B clearly having no editor, or even a friend’s casual input. Otherwise, surely someone along the line might have gently mentioned, “Uh, Tom, er, ya think maybe this could possibly be taken the wrong way, and maybe you should rethink it? You have heard about that little phenom going around called Black Lives Matter, and fair or not, people are a teensy bit sensitive these days?” For a guy who claims to script “contemporary issues,” he demonstrates a remarkably low level of contemporary cultural awareness, the mark of someone who lives in a bubble of book fairs and charity runs. So no, it’s not called “writing, Tom. It’s called “oblivious.” Once again, we have an example of you overhearing a word or phrase – here, maybe some kids innocently engaged in alligator/crocodile wordplay – and deciding you’re gonna shoehorn it into a strip come hell or high water. That it was also in the service of poking fun at the notion of dumb shit that goes viral is so deliciously ironic that I need a beer to wash it down – even more so, considering you stepped in quickly to STOP it before it went viral. Tom, you are a total dumbass.

  9. It was sweet of Cayla to bring an extra cup of hot cocoa for Lisa.

  10. DOlz



    Once again this comment blog proves to be more informative and entertaining than FW on its best day.


    Sure you have a biracial couple, but you whitened Cayla once in the process. There is nothing about Cayla that indicates she is African-American anymore. When you do something like that it sends the message that “Sure! White people can marry black long as they straighten their hair, have tinier noses and conform to white beauty standards.

    I agree that you’re not a racists, Batiuk, but you have the same self awareness as George Lucas had when creating Jar Jar Binks!

  12. Excellent comments from Fred Blurt. The problem is that, once he starts consulting others in terms on use of language, it would become a process that would snowball. Soon other questions would come up–“Where’s the punchline? Why isn’t this funny? Well then, why isn’t it insightful, then?”

    Mr. Batiuk would have to defend his content against criticism that it is boring, unfunny, un-thought-out and uninteresting.

    That would mean Mr. Batiuk would have to re-do his entire working process to address this criticism, and I don’t think he’d like that at all.

    No, much better to just keep at what he’s doing and just be ready for the minor incidents that pop up. Which, let’s be frank, would rarely occur, as the strip has practically no readership.

  13. Epicus Doomus

    If he did mean “us” (and who else even noticed the strip in question?) he surely realizes we’ve been mocking his oblivious ham-fistedness for years. Like I said, it was undoubtedly a case of simply not taking the time to review the dialog before he bagged and tagged that particular strip. FW has always gone way, way out of its way to avoid even a whiff of “controversy”. Like with the infamous gay prom couple arc which couldn’t possibly have had LESS to do with gay couples (or anything else for that matter).

  14. When TFH said this: “the true essence of Les, as his giant, swollen head threatens to overtake the whole room,” I thought of this. I started working on it, then I fell asleep. Here it is anyway.