Second Rate

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Ho hum.  Look at the expression on Mason’s face in panel one.  Boy, those are some real sincere congratulations.  He’s probably thinking, “Fine, can we talk about me now?  Like, how awesome I am and stuff.”

And what is that thing under Cindy’s hand?  Part of her bracelet, or a car key?  Are they planning a dine ‘n’ dash?  Because that would be exciting…but I think I might be able to handle that!  Please go ahead and do it!

Unless you’re a long-time reader of this strip–and I hate to tell you this, Mr. Batiuk, but we’re it–you’ll have no idea who “Vera” is.  Last time she was seen in the strip was some months ago, and I wonder if she was even referred to by name then.  Cliff Anger was mentioned once earlier in the week, but given his idiotic name, one might have thought Cindy’s documentary was on the “[psychological condition known as] Cliff Anger [in which people who read a certain comic strip throw themselves off high mountains].”

It would have been funnier.

(Corrected for spelling…hey if Tom Batiuk can do it, so can I)


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13 responses to “Second Rate

  1. spacemanspiff85

    I miss the second act of this strip, so much. Now, at the time, I was incredibly bored with it and just skipped right over it in the paper, but compared to this garbage, it’s art.

  2. Epicus Doomus

    What “second acts”? Cliff and Vera’s? Huh? The strip never bothered to explain why they split up…for sixty years no less…in the first place. It wasn’t like he did twenty five years in Leavenworth or something, he was in a self-imposed exile in NYC until three bored morons found him sitting there doing nothing.

  3. billytheskink

    If Cliff and Vera’s engagement lasts as long as Cindy and Mason’s has, they’ll likely both be dead.

  4. count of tower grove

    To second acts from the broad now in Act III.

  5. The Dreamer

    So Holly is hot and an emmy nominee getting sun at the beach in LA with her movie star beau, while Holly– who she went to High School with and is the same age– is old fat and losing her mind….

  6. ian'sdrunkenbeard

    I think the drawing has gotten worse. Masone looks like he fell asleep in a dumpster, went through a trash compacter, and then showed up for cocktails.

  7. So this woman is to be praised for brainlessly sitting on folded hands waiting for the idiot to get pried loose from his self-imposed exile. Yeah……great concept, Batiuk.

  8. What do I get the feeling that Whiny McBimbo will be fired soon, if not tomorrow.


    You guys think anything will come of Mason’s bi-polar disorder? I mean Batiuk brought it up, isn’t he gonna use it somehow? Or is the concept of Checkov’s gun alien to the great Batiuk?

  10. I think the entire reason that Mason announced that he had bi-polar disorder was to do the lame “Bi-…” “…polar” joke, where the reader was expecting him to announce his bisexuality, but heaved a sigh of relief when it was revealed that he was merely mentally ill. I guarantee that it will never be mentioned again.
    It was similar to the time that Cayla announced to Less that she was pregnant, apparently as a joke, or to see if he was paying any attention to her, and there was not another mention of that incident ever again (I think that was during the wedding arc).

  11. Richard Egenriether

    @$$$$westviewoncologist$$$$, Jarrehead is presumably on his meds and is drinking. Hilarious psychic break to follow!

  12. Hitorque

    Cindy and Masone remind me of that particular brand of smug Instagram/Twitter account where the woman has to show how charmed her life is by posting hundreds of scantily-clad selfies in the bathroom mirror ruminating on her beauty and how perfect her body is, and how perfect her Malibu beach home with the perfect view is and how blessed she is to be so financially successful and get an Emmy nomination and how blessed she is to be dating a perfect man like Oscar nominee Masone because he’s the sexiest in the world and here’s a pic of the 100,000 engagement diamond she’s so blessed to have and they make the perfect couple and here’s a pic of Masone eating her out and and here’s a perfect selfie of Masone doing her doggie-style and anyone hating on her for being so blessed is just jealous and they need to get out of her damn mentions and….

    (Seriously, there are more Instagram and Twitter accounts like this than you’d care to imagine)…

  13. Comic Book Harriet

    Crankshaft has been more interesting this week than this drivel. Lilian contemplating writing a book AFTER having been shown attending a writers conference. I can only assume that she repressed the entire event to try and purge Les Moore’s terrible advice from her mine.