Insert Disinterested Yawning

Link to today’s strip.

Boy. these people are pretty dull to be so smug.

What Cindy seems to be saying, here, is that “new media’s” excitement over an “old media” award somehow means that “new media” admits that it is shallow and worthless, and that “old media” are the only “real media.”  So I guess BuddyBlog is going to shut down its evil internet-only site and start broadcasting on television.

You remember television.  They’re the people who fired Cindy because she aged.

Cindy, by the way, has nothing to brag about.  When she was working for BuddyBlog in February 15, 2016, she was a bit irked that she was going to broadcast trivia and gossip.  “Anything on the President, or the Middle East?”  she asked, thinking there were things in the world that mattered more than cat videos and celebrity gossip.

Now she’s happily making documentaries about an actor no one remembers, who starred in a 1950’s serial based on a comic book, then “lost his career” because 1) he committed Contempt of Congress because it made him feel “cool,” and 2) because tightly held bitterness is this strip’s only balm.  Trivia and gossip.

There you go, Cindy.  You’ve become BuddyBlog, the thing you once hated…because awards.




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18 responses to “Insert Disinterested Yawning

  1. spacemanspiff85

    You know what the oldest, greatest media of all is? Newspapers! Newspapers that have comics in them! Buy a newspaper! Or comics!

  2. billytheskink

    I read an article in the newspaper the other day about Facebook. I don’t believe Mark Zuckerberg saw the irony in that. I sure didn’t.

    TB does draw a pretty good Scott Bakula, though I’m not really sure why he’s playing both Mason and Cindy’s roles.

  3. Gerard Plourde

    I’m not particularly up on the Emmy nominations. Do they actually consider web content or is this another BaTom flight of fancy?

  4. Charles

    Do they actually consider web content or is this another BaTom flight of fancy?

    Even if they did, it’s still a Batiuk flight of fancy because it suggests that brief, amateurish, desultory interview was somehow worthy of a major award.

    It’s amazing how much these two people spend on the beach, since they’re supposed to be two of the hardest-working, most prominent members of the media. Cindy’s next execrable project should be a “Where is he now?” on Mason Jarr, since this major motion picture star has evidently not done a single bit of acting in the last 5 years. Some actors’ careers don’t even last as long as this douche has been sidelined.

  5. erdmann

    Billy, it must be an episode of “Quantum Leap.” Sam leaped into the body of Mason in hopes of stopping production of “Starsux Jones.” When that failed, he leaped into the body of Cindy so he was both of them at the same time. Al, no doubt, was very confused.

  6. Epicus Doomus

    Cindy achieves career redemption and vindication after being unceremoniously dumped by ABC for being too old and haggard and all she can do is muster up a few wry sarcastic wisecracks and act all blithe about it, like she’s too cool too care. Which flies right in the face of all the insecurity and doubt she’s displayed for the last four or five years. And incredibly, I’m not even slightly surprised by that.

  7. ian'sdrunkenbeard

    Panel 4
    Masone Jarre, in a husky, somewhat strangled voice:
    “I really like how you spoke into that microphone, Cindy. Now turn around and interview Masone, Jr.”

  8. Rusty

    I guess Batiuk remembered that Mason is supposed to be muscular in today’s strip. He was built like Les when “researching” Starbuck Jones by eating milk and cookies while reading comic books.

  9. I blame McLuhan for hoodwinking Batiuk’s generation into thinking that the medium is the message.

  10. It’s so exciting to see rich people lounge on a beach and talk about the awards they might get.

  11. Eldon of Galt

    The amount of wrong and stupid here is truly astonishing. Buddyblog is not television, so it couldn’t be nominated for an Emmy. We have seen no evidence that Buddyblog is anti-establishment. Cindy has plenty of reason to despise old-media, so why should she delight in its triumph? The “evil-laughter” comment here makes no sense. Cindy doesn’t understand air-quote gestures. Mason has a magically changing physique. On and on and on.
    How is it possible to screw-up this many things all at the same time?

  12. Jimmy

    That Batiuk sure knows how to move a plot along.

    foe the amount of time these people are shown at the beach, they are the palest SOBs ever.

  13. Hitorque

    So let me get this straight… Cindy is in her mid-50s, looks like someone in her late 20s at the worst, and she got aged out for “looking too old?”

  14. Comic Book Harriet

    I actually glanced at who won the Emmys last year to see if any webseries were nominated. Transparent, the Amazon show, got some awards, so it looks like the Emmys do cover web content.

    Cindy in panel three is a Crab Person.

  15. Professor Fate

    I have to say the author does have a gift of making characters truly truly unlikeable. That is if he meant to be make these folks seem like smug dicks. But no, we’re supposed to be on their side. I mean how does that work. I dare anybody not the author to read this strip and not find themselves wishing for a stray meteor strike to vaporize these two.


    You know what I long for? The strips that Doonesbury did with Boopsie in Hollywood. They actually showed some good insight into how Hollywood actually works and more importantly….I liked Boopsie, Sid & BD as characters!!! I honestly don’t give two shits about Maeson Jarr and the extremely unlikeable Cindy. I hope a riptide carries them out to see. Then Les Moore can right another shitty book about that. Call it “Swept Away in Hollywood”.

  17. Charles

    The one thing I’ve learned this week is that Batiuk’s portrayal of the filming of Starbuck Jones, and Cindy’s interview with Cliff Anger are his notions of how award-winning movies and documentaries are made. And not simply award-winning, but the awards they’re associated with are the most prestigious awards in the world for their respective media.

    So we have a movie that was written by an amateur, its shown dialogue so bad it wouldn’t seem out of place in Samurai Cop. They have only one storyboarder, who works with the screenwriter instead of the director. A schoolbus blunders into a scene while filming and the director has to consult the script before he realizes this is not supposed to be happening, and decides to use the botched take anyway. The studio is so cheap and unconnected that instead of designing a set and a scene to suit what they want, they instead have to hijack an actual high school graduation in order to film one. They also allow people unassociated with the filming to hang around just off-camera while filming is taking place, walking directly into the scene to show a trained stuntman how to do his job, or screaming because she doesn’t like what’s being filmed.

    This is apparently how the production of an Oscar-worthy film works.

    And then there’s Cindy’s documentary, in which she has some amateur camerawoman hold up a minicam for an entire interview of two 90-year old people burbling about something that happened decades ago. There were no cuts, no reshoots, no alternate takes or angles. It was all one take and the whole documentary was that one take. Also, the interviewer had no idea what the two interviewees were going to say before she put them on camera. To wrap up, we see the interviewer thank the interviewees while pulling out her cellphone to check messages.

    This is how Batiuk thinks making a Emmy-nominated documentary works.

    That’s what I’ll take away from this week. All that stupid shit that happened? He thinks that’s normal and competent.