How about a Fresco?

If I had told you a year ago that today’s strip was going to be the second in as many days to revolve around Bernie Silver’s forehead acne, you probably would have said “yeah, that sounds like something Tom Batiuk would write about.”

What a pompous and verbose response to a reasonable question. Does Bernie look at Les a role model? Because strips like this make it seem that he does. It almost makes you forget that Bernie is trying to use a pimple to justify an absence from school, a trope that became trite decades ago when the 7 billionth fictional teenager got a pimple on school picture day or prom night and sulked about it.

The traveling green shirt, meanwhile, lives up to its name and finds itself being worn by a third different student in as many days.


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8 responses to “How about a Fresco?

  1. Epicus Doomus

    So, this Bernie guy is something of a dweeb, he knows nothing about vendos at all and he has forehead acne. Let’s just hope it doesn’t take eight years for THIS remarkably uninteresting Act III WHS student character to graduate. At least Owen had that nutty hat, this Bernie kid has nothing and he actually gets less and less interesting with every appearance.

  2. billytheskink

    I was about to say that panel 4 would be not-Monroe asking why Bernie didn’t just re-apply his pimple cover-up (is that a thing? like, different from makeup?) after washing off his original poor application, but then I thought about it for a second and realized that not-Monroe would probably have found another card table to eat lunch at by the time a fourth panel would happen.

  3. Charles

    That poor white kid who’s not Bernie – he started losing his hair catastrophically when he hit puberty. He’s a 15 year old with a 54 year old’s hairline.

    I seem to remember raising the issue with Batiuk’s high school kids with massively receding hairlines back in the gay prom storyline. Some things never change.

  4. sgtsaunders

    Dahlinks, I see once more that it is better to look good than to feel good. By the way, you look mahvelous.

  5. You know, if Batiuk isn’t even going to bother to check out the types of things high schoolers talk about (and how they say it), why should I even waste the effort?

    Meanwhile, over in Krankenschaaftenland, always making Lena the nasty butt of jokes is the new baby seal clubbing…

  6. Comic Book Harriet

    That look that BlackBestFriend is giving Bernie in panel two is priceless. Such a look of profound sadness tinged with resignation. “Dude, Bernie, THE MAN got to you. Twisted your mind. And now you’re spouting some wry nonsense about the Sistine chapel. THE MAN got to you, and it’s breaking my heart.”

    Also, the Sistine Chapel restoration was finished in 1999. When Bernie and co were at most embryos.

  7. Doesn’t he have bangs covering his forehead? Are you just allowed to skip school because of some acne? I have so many questions, yet at the same time I don’t care at all.

  8. Rusty Shackleford

    Sooo boring. I’m saving my snark for Mary Worth. This week was spent watching Katie get trapped in a bathroom and screaming for help. Yes, this has gone on all week.

    It’s the kind of time wasting minimal effort stuff that Batty would appreciate. It’s gotten so bad that wrote an article about it.