Extra Haiukucular Activities

Today’s strip pivots
Away from Bernie’s forehead
Thank goodness for that

Nate’s the principal
Now he’s the school counselor?
Levies keep failing

Maris Rogers’ name
Silly, but could have been worse
Mason Jarr, for one

Maris is clearly
Trying to avoid Les’ class
I say “good for her”

She went a whole year
Not taking a single class
Not noticed ’til now?

Maris, Mallory,
Jessica, Sadie, Cindy
This path is well worn

Not much to write on
Word word word word word word word
Still better than Les



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13 responses to “Extra Haiukucular Activities

  1. Epicus Doomus

    Another strong female FW character. Looks like SOMEONE still has a problem with the “pretty popular” girls…fifty years on, no less.

  2. spacemanspiff85

    The way Batiuk portrays pretty high school girls, I’m really surprised he’s allowed in his local high school anymore. Just that one strip with the montage of Les leering at blonde girls throughout the decades should’ve been enough to get him banned.

  3. billytheskink

    He’s got students staying home because of acne, he’s got students who manage to skip classes into mid-May before anyone notices they haven’t taken any, he’s got vendos that dispense expired foodstuffs, he employs Les…

    What could Nate have possibly won an award for, much less 4 of them?

  4. ian'sdrunken beard

    Right! Like you weren’t thinking the same thing!

  5. SpacemanSpitff85

    Little things like Batiuk making sure you can read “Maris Rogers” on the y the heck out of me. It’s like when he showed the sign “Buster’s Crabs” for like every day in an entire week. It’s not funny the first time! And if I thought the name “Maris Rogers” was funny, I would absolutely not want to draw anyone’s attention to that fact.

  6. 1) Someone is never going to get over not being the BMOC.

    2) Someone is never going to get over parent-teacher nights that have parents blame his dumb, arrogant and supercilious ass for the low test scores and general apathy that are clearly not his fault.

  7. Didn’t know TB was a Yankees fan.

  8. Gerard Plourde

    This exchange shows that we can add high school to the “things he knows nothing about” list. This isn’t college. Students are rostered by the school for their core courses, so the issue can’t be that, she’s not registering. Is Nate trying to say that she’s cutting classes and that he’s only dealing with that at the end of the school year? No wonder the community keeps rejecting the school levy (which of course only ensures that the school gets worse).

  9. Comic Book Harriet

    Maris is actually a Home School student, enrolled in a single class so she can participate in extra curriculars. But due to a change in Ohio law she either has to enroll or give up her chance to play football,


    Not attending Les Moore’s classes seems like a wise academic move, IMHO.

  11. spacemanspiff85

    Here’s another fascinating little gem from Batiuk’s blog. After bemoaning an issue of the Flash that’s up to the serious standards Batiuk had come to expect (it’s clearly a sore spot, still), he says this:

    It was a textbook example of how not to treat your readers. You risk everything when you change the things that your readers have come to expect from you. It just shouldn’t be done… unless of course you have a really good reason for doing it 😉

    Um, what? He’s one of the last people in the world who should be pontificating about how to treat your readers. If he’d given one thought in the past ten years about how to treat his readers, he wouldn’t have published 99% of the strips he did.

  12. Spiff is spot on. I’ll just add that TB continues to dig his artistic hole as deeply as others these days dig their political holes, without a hint of self awareness.

  13. @spacemanspiff85 Excellent call. And note the little winking smiley after “… unless of course you have a really good reason for doing it ” That’s TB’s shorthand for “…or unless you’re me.”