Oh look, someone let Les put the message on the school sign in today’s strip. Or maybe Kablichnick put that up. Or Linda. Among the Westview High faculty, the possibilities are endless…

So, I’ve been assuming this is Logan Church, who was introduced in early 2016 as a white girl with an ABC News-endorsed business blog, and I stand by it. A change in ethnicity? That’s an established common occurrence in the Batiukverse. A successful business blogger who suddenly dresses like an extra from the opening scene of Austin Powers and jokes about not knowing basic high school geography? Wouldn’t be the first time.

And with that, I hand the keys back over to the governor himself: TFHackett. After this week’s clip show, one can only assume we will back to regularly scheduled programming. Good luck… you’re gonna need it.


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10 responses to “Cana-duh

  1. Epicus Doomus

    Well, this is another pitifully weak gag, courtesy of a character I don’t know, no less. Leave it to BaTom, I’ve been reading this thing for forty years and he still manages to confound (and bore) me with incredible consistency.

  2. billytheskink

    You know what I like about this strip?


  3. @billytheskink Excellent call on Logan Church. I’ve applied a little Photoshop magic to Logan’s debut from last year. Now those giant earrings make sense.

    A change in ethnicity? That’s an established common occurrence in the Batiukverse.

    Indeed. Frankie’s sidekick Lenny first appeared darkly-complected before turning white.

  4. Rusty Shackleford

    This is another example of Batty unknowingly offending people with terrible word play. Remember that wordplay between Les and Cayla?

    Today, Batty unknowingly offends Canadians!

  5. From watching tedious old people meekly awaiting their kindly friend Death to a supercilious young person smirk because she’s crap at actually reading textbooks is an exercise in aggravation.

  6. So I guess the plan to turn Cayla white very gradually gets offset by these other characters getting “the change” from one appearance to the next. Makes sense. In fact, in today’s strip, isn’t that Bernie in the corner, but with contacts and a respectibly curly ‘do to more accurately “match” his presumed ethnicity? TB, you are such a child of the ’70s, unaware that accepted tropes back then might be at least mildly offensive now. Coming soon: a ’70s take on campus free speech and cultural appropriation…

  7. Gerard Plourde

    I’m also puzzled what he’s trying to convey by having her put down what couldn’t conceivably be a correct answer. Is she supposed to be a wise-ass? Anti-authoritarian?

    Also, I see this is the debut of his new artist/partner for FW.

  8. spacemanspiff85

    @Gerard Plourde:
    It’s pretty darn sad that this is the strip he gets as his debut. All the different angles and perspectives still can’t make six straight panels of someone staring at a piece of paper remotely interesting.
    And if this is the new artist, then why in the hell is Batiuk still not crediting him? Either way, Batiuk’s screwing somebody over, because he doesn’t draw this strip anymore.

  9. batgirl

    Is this the level of test question that a high school student would get? It seems more like elementary school. (I’m Canadian, so may be biased.)

  10. @batgirl:
    If this is when they introduce introductory geography at Cancerview High, no wonder they keep voting down the school levy. Someone could write an expose of Les and the others called “How They Make Our Children Stupid.”