A Sundered Sunday’s Sundry

Link to today’s strip.

As usual, Sunday’s offering was not available for preview.  As I said last week, Sunday strips tend to be outside the continuity of the previous (or upcoming) week, so who knows what we’ll get?  I’m going to guess “band camp.”  It’s been a long while since we enjoyed one of those.   …many, many years in fact.  I’m sure we were presented one within the last year, though.

I doubt we’ll get a continuation of the “Flash Museum” arc, as Saturday showed both Pete and Dullard leaving the place.  I suppose they could babble and babble about the stuff they’ve seen for six panels–it would not come as a surprise.

Note that I said “the stuff they’ve seen.”  We sure as Hell didn’t get to see much of it.  Jay Garrick’s hat, about half of Captain Cold, a distant picture of Gorilla Grodd, and some boomerangs.   Someone who had never heard of the Flash, reading that story…would still never have heard of the Flash.  On Wednesday, this person would learn that a comic book is involved, and on Thursday he’d hear about “Flash villain(s).”  Though whether or not “Flash villain” is a villain opposing the Flash, or a type of villain, he would not know.  Also, is the Flash a person, or an organization like SHIELD?  For being such a big Flash fan, Tom Batiuk doesn’t seem to be able to say much about the man himself.

As Charles mentioned yesterday, Mr. Batiuk seems to have some peculiar ideas about Hollywood, and I’ve long suspected that the entire strip is just Mr. Batiuk saying, “This is my universe, and I can make it work however I want.  Comic books are the most revered art-form.  Anyone who works on a movie is paid enormous amounts of money, but they constantly daydream about what they really want to do–work on comic books.  Females are there to see that the man is supported in all things, unless it’s Funky, because screw him.”

Speaking of money, I’ve occasionally ordered DVDs from Warner Bros online store, so they send me periodic emails about other things.    One of them is a life-size statue of Wonder Woman, made out of some kind of foam and looking pretty realistic.  In order to get one of those, prepare to have $1300 dollars on hand.  Pete’s “dolly” looks less and less like an indulgence and more like an illness.

UPDATE:  Well, today’s offering did involve the flash, though not the one people were nattering on about last week.  The art in this one has a nice sense of space, flows well and looks pretty nice, though the two images of Dinkle do what in film school is called “crossing the axis.”  It’s something you’re not supposed to do, as it tends to subliminally confuse audiences.

The one thing I really want to mention is that image of Funky.  He has now become indistinguishable from his father, which makes that last panel pretty…disturbing.

Well, I see the light at the end of the tunnel is growing dim, so time for me to climb out of the pit before it fades entirely.  Please welcome your new dungeon master, DavidO!  Let’s all look forward to tomorrow, when, uh, a thing, er, might happen…or might not, but as always…um…[slinks away awkwardly]


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11 responses to “A Sundered Sunday’s Sundry

  1. spacemanspiff85

    Batiuk doing a hot flash joke grosses me out on a lot of levels. Also, how the hell does he do two weeks about the Flash, cap it with a “hot flash” joke, and not tie the two together?

  2. Looks like Burchett has introduced a new visual cue to FW: all panels except the last are set in the characters’ Act I heyday, but instead of the customary photo album corners used to denote flashbacks, everything is overlaid with pink halftone dots. Quite a departure from TB’s “sepia” technique, and I don’t know how this will work on those comics pages that still print the non-Sunday panels in black and white.

  3. billytheskink

    Holly had a flaming baton within reach of an unguarded Dinkle all throughout Act I and did nothing. Just when you think your opinion of someone can’t get any lower…

  4. Epicus Doomus

    One thing that always bothers me about these old Act I Dinkle-centric gags is why he’s still so beloved around Westview after all the punishment he put his band members through. But hey, expecting any sort of continuity at this point is rather silly. All in all kind of a cheap gag too.

  5. Rusty Shackleford

    Hahahahaha, Holly is a fat old sweaty frump, hahaha.

    Wait, that’s not funny.

  6. Wow. Combining an insensitive look at menopause with a sad running gag about a shitty high school is really something. Something terrible.

  7. bayoustu

    What on Earth is Donald Trump doing in today’s strip and why is he sleeping with Funky’s father??!

  8. count of tower grove

    Fungy looks like a sad Jimmy Durante, ah-cha-cha!

  9. Charles

    Combining an insensitive look at menopause with a sad running gag about a shitty high school is really something. Something terrible.

    Look on the bright side. He could just as easily be doing Sunday strips about Funky’s erectile dysfunction.

    You’re welcome.

  10. Hitorque


    Art? Good…

    Callback to a classic Era 1 gag? Okay, fine…

    Setup? So far so good…

    Punchline? GOD DAMMIT TO HELL FUCKIN’ SHIT PISS TITS BALLS BATIUK! You had an eight-inch putt for birdie and you spit the bit…

  11. hitorque

    Meanwhile, back in Hollywood, Cindy reverse-ages another two years…