You Sneeze You Lose

SosfDavidO here and awww c’mon, still with the sneezing thing? If this were any other comic it’d be semi-mirth provoking but now today’s strip has even the most optimistic of faithful Funky Fans wondering if Mason has a brain tumor or something. In any case, gear up for more sneezing, followed by either an attempt at hilarity or a trip to an MRI machine.



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12 responses to “You Sneeze You Lose

  1. Epicus Doomus

    What movie is this now? I thought the perpetual SJ production was in the middle of “downtime”. Whatever happened with Frankie and the Film Food operation? Is BatNom really doing a week featuring Mason sneezing? What’s Mason’s deal anyway, is he just doing SJ movies exclusively now? So many stupid questions, so little chance of them ever being answered.

    So I guess Mason is Sneezy. Boy Lisa is definitely Dopey. Funky has to be Grumpy. Dinkle can be Doc, I guess, and Bernie can have Bashful. Batiuk himself is obviously Sleepy and that leaves Happy…ummmm, hmmmm. I’ll get back to you on that.

  2. billytheskink

    Is BatNom really doing a week featuring Mason sneezing?

    If only there was good reason to believe he wouldn’t…

    If someone asked me to guess which comic strip was about to do a week long arc centered entirely around one character sneezing, I would hesitate to answer Funky Winkerbean only because Crankshaft is also a strong possibility.

  3. Gerard Plourde

    Following the plot (a term I use cautiously) of these two weeks I guess that we can assume that Pete and Darin are either superfluous to the production or have been fired from it since they can spend a week touring The Flash Museum in the DC universe after a brief stopover in Westview, Ahia.

  4. So, gang, if I advance the hypothesis that the Starbuck Jones movie is a feint, and what’s really going on is a weird experimental-film project along the lines of William Greaves’s Symbiopsychotaxiplasm, where the director pretends to be ineptly making an obviously foredoomed movie but is actually making a movie about what it takes for the actors and crew to break under the stress of an obviously foredoomed movie, would you let me get away with it?

  5. Many Monty Python sketches would take an incredibly trivial event and make something hilarious out of it. Tom Batiuk seems content to take an incredibly trivial event and make something just as trivial, but five times as long. I know which of the two I have preserved on DVD.

  6. Epicus Doomus

    billytheskink: As hard as it is to believe the quality of the strip has actually TAILED OFF over the course of 2017, which quite frankly just boggles my mind. If basing new premises on bodily functions becomes a trend there’s no telling how ugly it could potentially get.

    BC: TomBan never met a premise he could boring-i-fy by a factor of ten million. Funky could win a 500 million dollar lottery jackpot and it’d be a two week arc featuring him complaining about waiting in line at the lottery office.

    Coming next week: Funky wins a 500 million dollar lottery jackpot and complains about having to wait in line at the lottery office.

  7. Rusty

    Maybe he’s developing an allergy to Cindy’s dusty old ass.

  8. Sneezing in the presence of actors in “alien” costumes… hmm, another on-the-fly re-write? “Just keep filming, we’ll work the sneezes into the plot just like we did the high school graduation and the school bus in the battle scene!” And then the ending will be rewritten a la H.G. Wells, with Masone’s sneezes infecting and killing the aliens. I’m sure BatHack is familiar with this plot device, as both “War of the Worlds” and “First Men in the Moon” are available in comic book form.

    This is what Durwood and Mopey Pete get for being off-set when the director decides the script needs some tinkering.

  9. hitorque

    So after three years on the set his allergies start to reveal themselves?? Who knew that we’d get a week on Masone’s never-before-mentioned allergies before we’d see an arc about his bi…………….polar disorder?


    Okay, what’s going on with the sneezing? Is it going to be revealed that Masone has a serious reaction to plastic monster suits and has to leave production? Is he going to die from cholera? Did Cindy pass him VD or something? Please I am dying to know what this sneezing plot will lead to.

    You know what this retro sci-fi is making me think? Damn, what would David Lynch do with a movie like this!

  11. @Westview – Did you know that George Lucas offered the director’s role on “Return of the Jedi” to…David Lynch?

  12. spacemanspiff85

    The sneezing plot is “Mason sneezes”. Next week, Funky bitches to his personal trainer.