Wednesday, June 28

It looks like Seattle PI is having some issues at the moment so today’s strip)isn’t quite ready for preview! Rest assured it’s got a lot of sneezing. More and more sneezing.



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  1. For all the snarkers waiting to see who the Stan Laurel-looking character pictured in the header would turn out to be. Anyway, I wonder how Masone would know that his costar carries pepper spray?

  2. billytheskink

    Surely Mr. Director’s “NO!!” is a reaction to Mason’s appalling lack of respect for personal boundaries (going through the purse of woman who isn’t you significant other) and not a reaction Mason’s intent to shoot himself in the face with pepper spray.

    For one thing, if you are an adult and you are willing to spray your own face with pepper spray then you deserve what you get. For another, these two are surrounded by cameras and Mason’s pepper spray stunt would likely garner 100X as many views on YouTube as there will be tickets sold to all of the Starbuck Jones movies.

  3. Charles

    For all the snarkers waiting to see who the Stan Laurel-looking character pictured in the header would turn out to be.

    Yes, I totally thought it was going to be some 11 year-old kid who was with his parents at Montoni’s or the comic-shop-with-no-comics or something.

    Mason’s neck in panel 3 is disturbingly long, which when matched up with his too-thin head, makes it look like he’s a finger puppet or something.

  4. I think maybe Mason is allergic to Mr. Director Man’s shirt.

  5. Epicus Doomus

    What? While Mason has always been something of an idiot I don’t remember him being quite this imbecilic before…although maybe I’m mistaken about that. I don’t even really get the joke here. Is Director Guy just being a snide asshole and if so, why? And the thing about “Marianne’s purse” is just a really lazy and cheap way to sell this dumb gag, as in typical FW style it involves a character doing and/or saying something no actual person would ever say or do.

    Well, we know Mason isn’t allergic to continuity, as he’s never been exposed to it. The most annoying thing about Batiuk’s arc-hopscotching is that it takes years and years for a few weeks worth of story to play out. I’ve always assumed that he does it to disguise the fact that he can’t actually write “stories” at all and the SJ movie arc backs up my assumption, as it’s literally been going on for years now with no resolution anywhere in sight. It’s like Montoni’s West, the characters gather at the studio, exchange typical FW banter and do typical FW things. As I’ve said for years it’s a total disdain for the readers who’ve invested precious seconds into story arcs that just dangle there for years, seemingly forgotten, like Becky’s mother on that scissors lift.

  6. ian'sdrunkenbeard

    OOPS! That’s my post above. Someday I’ll get the hang of these new fangled computers!

  7. So now, he’s back to being the fucking idiot he was when Les talked him into carrying a nail in his pocket…..oh, crap, he has an allergy to rust, doesn’t he?

    Oh, sorry that my train of thought derailed there. What I was about to say is that Batiuk seems to think that consistent characterization is a horrible thing stunted people force on him to stifle his creativity….despite his objection to any explanation of why the Flash runs really fast changing from ‘lab accident’ to ‘access to the Speed Force.’

  8. @Paul Jones: What do you mean, “*BACK* to being the fucking idiot…?” When has Masone ever been anything else?

  9. 1. Just our daily reminder that if the entire Westview crowd is just high schoolers in middle-age bodies, then Masone might as well be a fourth grader… Seriously? A grown-ass man rooting through a lady’s purse like a six-year-old trying to filch a peppermint from mommy?

    2. I guess I should be amazed that an A-list actress like Marianne Winters carries a fucking purse around like she’s a makeup girl, but then again I’m reminded that she lives with her mom and takes a fucking bus or bums a ride just to get to the studio every damn day, so nothing surprises me anymore…

    3. We all know the routine here… So what’s the next entirely predictable development?

    A: The assclowns from DMZ see him and get the scoop of the year with their “Masone Jarre taking drugs” -photos

    B: Cindy catches him and goes on a shooting spree rampage

    C: Marianne catches him and gets all emo and suicidal again

    D: Masone takes too much/blinds himself and has to go to the emergency room

  10. This gag might have worked when pepper-spray canisters were a new innovation and someone might reasonably be confused by the name…but they’ve been around for decades, Batiuk! EVERYBODY knows what pepper spray is used for!

  11. @hitorque – you left out the most obvious and the most likely:

    E: Nothing happens at all.

  12. Comic Book Harriet

    I know some people have been complimenting the new artists, but I really don’t see it. There have been far too many days where someone just looks wonky and wrong. Like Mason here…who is slowly morphing into another one of Batty’s favorite superheroes, the Elongated Man. (Not a Porno, really.)

  13. bobanero

    This schmuck really is going to do an entire week of Mason Jarre sneezing. What’s next week? Funky trimming his toenails?

  14. dougputhoff

    I just hoping we discover that the sneezing is actually a symptom of some form of Cancer. Yes this strip is so big a trainwreck, that I’m hoping somebody gets Cancer again.

  15. count of tower grove

    A placeholder blog today. As good as any!


    The real story of the strip is the sad circumstances that led up to that worn out 40 year old actor to be forced to play a bit part in a fucking Starbucks Jones movie.