Flirty Marianne & Lazy Harry

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Well, yesterday’s somewhat pleasant strip was, of course, just an anomaly. Crazy Harry waited on line for a week to meet a boyish nineteen year old girl? What’s up with John’s brutally fractured syntax? Why doesn’t he just wake Harry up, was it really necessary to humiliate him that way? I mean if Harry is the guy who waited on line for a week to meet Marianne, John is the guy who waited with the guy who waited on line, which isn’t “better” at all.

Then again, if Comic-Con is even half as dull as FW makes it out to be I’d probably be sleeping through it too. This Q&A session is more like a Q&(zzzzz) session, amirite? Look at the crowd, laughing in delight as the creepy old weirdo misses out on what very well might have been the last true “highlight” of his otherwise wretched life because his “friend” doesn’t have brains enough to elbow-nudge the guy or something. What a pal.



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10 responses to “Flirty Marianne & Lazy Harry

  1. I don’t know why Harry should worry. I’m sure moving to Westview is in Marianne’s future plans. Then he can see her all the time in Montoni’s.

  2. spacemanspiff85

    What do you think the odds are that Batiuk did this exact thing to one of his “friends”? I’d say pretty dang high.

  3. billytheskink

    DSH and Crazy were invited to Comic-Con by the movie studio in exchange for DSH’s “work” on the film (which involved arranging movie stills to spoil plot points or something). Both of them personally know the fiancé of the movie’s star and head string-puller.

    And they had to wait in line for a week to for a chance to “meet” Marianne (who is now being depicted as getting one of her first tastes of stardom) at a panel, at a microphone-requiring distance?

  4. Jimmy

    Since Conan O’Brien is on the panel, I’m willing to bet this is one of those set ups where he would interact with an “audience” member.

  5. Epicus Doomus

    billytheskink: Batiuk really needs more Post-it notes or something to remind himself of plot points like that. “Don’t forget: John has job with SJ production”…stuff like that. Good point re: Marianne too, pretty much everything she does is from the perspective of her being a naive delicate waif who’s overwhelmed by it all. Wait until she sees the bright lights of the Montoni’s District for the first time, right around autumn when the leaves are in full free-fall. The kid’s really gonna be full of wide-eyed wonder then.

  6. Saturnino

    ” I’m sure moving to Westview is in Marianne’s future plans. Then he can see her all the time in Montoni’s.”

    Isn’t Mason also moving to Westview?

  7. Rusty Shackleford

    I feel like Crankshaft today as I have no idea what is happening in this strip today.


    Um, if Crazy wanted to meet Marianne so badly…why didn’t have Darren or Mopey Pete introduce him to her. You know…the guys that are writing the fucking move! Or even ask his friend Funky, considering his ex is the boyfriend of the star of this goddamn movie! Jeez you guys live in a a town full of nepotism, but you never take advantage of it!

  9. The Dreamer

    so Crazy waited in line for days to meet a girl who is younger than his daughter. Okay…..