A Kiss Before Sighing

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Blech. Is it just me or does Marianne change a little bit every single day? If Harry waited on line for a week to see Marianne, doesn’t that mean the room is packed with lots of other fans who likewise waited in line? What about THEIR feelings, huh? Does Harry’s wife ( I think her name is The Donnanator or something) know her husband blew off work for a week to meet a nineteen year old girl? And now that I think about it, his wife was also somewhat “boyish” back when he first met her…perhaps it’s just his “type”. Doesn’t make it funny, though.



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  1. spacemanspiff85

    Really though, what is it with Batiuk and giving so many of his female characters bad boy haircuts? Marianne looks like she’s Lisa with dyed hair here. Knowing Batiuk he probably just went with it because it’s easier to draw.

  2. billytheskink

    That’s a killer Lisa cosplay behind Crazy’s right shoulder.

  3. Jimmy

    Unrelated to the comic, I’m wondering about the whole on line/in line thing. The only time I ever heard of someone waiting on line is when I lived in New Jersey (I never got used to it).

    Is it just a New Jersey thing, or is “on line” prevalent through the North? Are there actual lines painted on the ground for waiting? In the past two days, I’ve seen ED use both iterations, I’m curious.


    Beady-eyed nitpicker.

  4. I wish Tom Batiuk would grow up.

    Either Marianne Winters is such a hot property that her casting puts the publicity for “Starbuck Jones: The Slide Show” through the roof, and people wait weeks to see her…

    …or she’s just some innocent naif from nowhere who has no idea how popularity, fans, buzz and criticism work in the entertainment world.

    It CANNOT be both.

  5. Epicus Doomus

    Jimmy: Interesting, I never pondered that before. Maybe it is a NJ thing, like “down the shore”. Now that I think about it, I guess I do use “on line” and “in line” interchangeably. “I’m on line at the bank”…”I’ve been waiting in line for an hour”…hmmmm.

  6. Jimmy

    OK, so I guess you’re a Jersey guy like TFH. I lived some time in Point Pleasant and Long Beach Island, so people who said “Down the Shore” were either Bennies or Shoebies(sp), depending on one’s disposition. And the whole North Jersey/South Jersey divide is fascinating (what about those poor Central Jersians in the border counties?).

    If I see pork roll in a store, I’ll walk on by. But damn straight I’m buying Taylor Ham if I see it. New Jersey taught this Southern boy about so many great culinary choices.

    Looking back on it, Jersey is pretty cool. Much cooler than FW, with better pizza.

  7. Epicus Doomus

    Jimmy: Yup, in fact I’m a Central Jerseyan myself and we do indeed identify as such. I wouldn’t go as far as to proclaim myself as being a PROUD Central Jerseyan though, as that would be just plain silly.

    FW would never work if it was set in NJ. Too much profanity, too many pizza options and a very low tolerance for smug smirking, bad wordplay and wry banter. Although we do have a lot of Superfund sites thus the cancer stuff would still be believable story fodder. But then again, who wants to read a comic strip about cancer? I think we all already know the answer there.

  8. Sorry I haven’t weighed in for a bit. Login trouble….although I haven’t missed anything worthwhile. Just garbage about how pathetic they’re making Crazy.

  9. Charles

    Considering the severity of Marianne’s response to the flap over her kissing Mason, I really don’t think this would be her impulse in this situation.

    And kissing a fan at a convention too… what does Batiuk think would happen in this situation? If he thought there’d be a terrible response to that contextless photo, what on earth does he think would happen here? There are going to be a lot of guys who want Marianne to kiss them just like she did Crazy, and I doubt they’ll all handle it well when she turns them down.

    Although I suppose Batiuk doesn’t think that a hot actress kissing a fan because he’s a fan would lead other obsessive fans to want her to kiss them as well. He has demonstrated a distinct lack of understanding of how the world really works, after all.

  10. Hitorque

    Um… The last time she kissed a dude, somebody on the internet said something and she became despondent and suicidal as a result… Is she sure this is where she wants to go with this?

  11. @Ian’s: Bravo. Best. Ever.

  12. I think I’d be flattering myself to think that the title of this post on the FW blog is a shout out. Anyway, TB, I’m sure that restaurant appreciates a plug in which you don’t even mention their name.

  13. Jimmy

    TB need’s a copy editor in that blog post.

  14. Doghouse Reilly

    I stand in line.