Probing The Depths Of “Huh?”

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Like your comic strips overflowing with oddly-worded nonsensical babble? Well then, today is your lucky day, because we have that. The same film that drops everything and re-writes the entire script every time someone involved with it happens across some old coot or random piece of junk actually has a fully-fleshed out and complex back story behind it, a back story Mason committed to memory after holing up at Holly’s house three or four years ago and reading the entire SJ collection, which has since been sold to finance Cory’s wedding plans, which are apparently in the same place as Frankie’s food truck and Becky’s mom. Got that? Consider yourself briefed. If Batiuk really wanted to shock his readers he’d wrap up every dangling plot thread in one six day arc just jam-packed full of huge word balloons, but that would mean the next few years of FW would consist of the characters just aimlessly standing around doing nothing. In other words, it’d be indistinguishable from how it is right now.



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  1. billytheskink

    I’d like to know how this pencil-neck knows enough about the plot of an unreleased movie to ask such a pointed question.

    I’d like to know why a reboot film of a long-dormant comic book franchise is basing its plot on the events of issue #213 and beyond.

    I’d like to know why the Xaxians forgot to install security updates and restart their computer before probing their enemy’s mind.

    And by “I’d like to know”, I mean “I couldn’t care much less about this wearying and unpleasant tripe.”

  2. Spacemanspiff85

    Wow, one fictional character giving a shout-out to another fictional character! I’d call it writing, but that would be an insult to writing.

  3. Epicus Doomus

    “How could Cliff Anger be a major character in the movie if you found him living as a recluse many months after filming had already started?”

    “Well, you see, if you remember the 2007 time jump you’d remember that all FW continuity went flying out the window, thus the same would apply to the fictional comic book universe within the comic strip, obviously.”

    “Oh right…that would make sense I guess. By the way, Marianne? I felt your acting was rather stilted, unconvincing and hammy.”

    (Marianne slowly begins to ascend to the roof of the building)

  4. Double Sided Scooby Snack

    …”which said probe he later reverse engineered…”

    Lord of Language, if I had a rolled up newspaper, I’d hit you on the nose with it and sharply yell “NO!” No, you may not write clunky gibberish! You can’t say “which said.” There are dozens of ways to write that word balloon more clearly and correctly. Pick one. That was just terrible.

    And of course he memorized hundreds of comic books in one sitting — Sitting on the floor with milk and cookies, that is. Of course. And he owes it all to Holly, who like every other middle aged person in Batty’s pointy little bald head, is a HUGE comic book fan and collector.

    So will this Starbucksturbation continue next week?

  5. What Batiuk loses sight of is that if you try to parody clunky fan gibberish, your strip shouldn’t be clunky fan gibberish.

  6. Gerard Plourde

    So Masone’s reference to the comic book is to cover a plot hole in this movie that’s been in production longer than “Boyhood”. What were Pete and Darin doing when they were supposed to be working on the script?

  7. If one of my writers (I edit a magazine) submitted the text in panel 2, which said text would be highly offensive to my editorial eye, i would ask them not to submit content when drunk or stoned.

  8. sgtsaunders

    In actuality, none of which said shit happened, pal.

  9. bobanero

    And how do you “staunchly” help someone with comic book research? All she did was throw him in an empty bedroom with a crate full of books and say “Have at it”. The past three weeks have basically been the orgasm that the past (how many? I can’t care enough to keep track) years of Starbuck Jones foreplay have led up to. Hopefully he’ll clean up the mess over the weekend and move on, but I have a bad feeling that we’re in for some sloppy seconds.

  10. @bobanero Hey! You’re forgetting she also fetched him hot chocolate and cookies, in the manner of all dutiful women in the Funkiverse!


    You know, I do vllogs about Twin Peaks. I’m kind of a fanatic about that type of thing so I know how people can be overzealous in asking questions about plot points. But even I wouldn’t ask a question like that to Kyle MacLachlan. And I’m sure he wouldn’t get his info from some housewife that collected old twin peaks video tapes.

  12. Rusty Shackleford

    Staunchly helped?

    Who talks like this?

    Funky, Funky, come quick, they just mentioned my name! OMG!

  13. Rusty Shackleford


    No need to explain. Twin Peaks has an interesting story, and so one would expect some specific questions. This strip has nothing of interest, and I’m not even sure why I am still here. Just, can’t, look, away.

  14. hitorque

    1. At least have the decency to identify her as Mrs. Holly Winkerbean, a comics collector in Westview, Ahia lest the DMZ people think you’re referring to a secret mistress…

    2. As others have mentioned, all Holly did was give him access to a crate of comics in a quiet room… Comics which he could have easily requested as .pdfs from the publisher and read without ever having to leave the set, since the publisher (remember them?) is almost certainly involved in production…

    3. Holy fuck Holly’s face is close to that monitor… And isn’t she supposed to be working? And why is she watching in an all-dark room when it should be daytime?

    4. Too bad Masone didn’t tell the crowd he held up production for a month just to go to Ahia to read comic books… How big of a cheer do you think he would have gotten from those geeks then?

  15. Majicou

    Tom wrote that last panel by playing MadLibs with his assistants. “Okay, I need an adverb. ‘Staunchly’? That’s nonsense, but it’s lunchtime.”