Take My Sanity! All Of It!

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Yay! Comic book geeks are SO STUPID…amirite? It’s all about the Benjamins…or in this case, the Washingtons and Lincolns. The Cartoon Conan-led Q&A session appears to be over, thank God, as we’re finally at long last almost at the point where the characters will begin to discuss the possibility of the SJ movie eventually someday being released, eventually. And I, like all FW readers, am SO STOKED to hear the various characters talking about how great the unseen movie was before they return to filming more and more and more of them, over and over and over again. Yay!

I’ve always marveled at the way BatNom always includes just a touch of cynical disdain toward everything he loves. Writing and marching bands are torture, comic book collectors are weirdos, Comic-Con is packed with oddballs, Montoni’s pizza isn’t very good, the band box never works and so on. Like today, he can’t just wrap up the SJ Q&A panel on a solid upbeat exciting note, he had to take the time to remind everyone that at the end of the day it’s merely all about money. It’s like he just can’t help himself, there always HAS to be another shoe involved, it always HAS to end on a downbeat note. Sure, it’s just a dumb failed gag in a dumb failed comic strip but still, it’s so predictable and weird.



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9 responses to “Take My Sanity! All Of It!

  1. SpacemanSpiff85

    Coming “summer” blockbuster? There’s no way Batiuk will be able to squeeze more production of the movie (there’s no way he’s done with that), a glamorous premiere, and the actual release into what she left of this summer. So apparently we have another year of this. At least. Not that I’m surprised at all.

  2. billytheskink

    Does everyone at Comic-Con think they are on a roller coaster?

  3. Somehow, he got it into his head that making the characters look like chumps engaged in futile endeavours made them more sympathetic.This is why, when stuck for a comic strip so dizzyingly unfunny that only someone as afraid of humor as Marge Simpson could love it, Matt Groening’s stooges chose Winkerbean.

  4. Rusty

    This is Batiuk’s awkward version of the Futurama meme where Fry demands that someone take his money. Stay off the internets Tom.

  5. You want predictable? We already know what the coda tomorrow will be: http://funkywinkerbean.com/wpblog/?s=Rick+burchett which means we all get to sleep in… Note how TB mentions that the gang INCLUDING Pete and Darin went to CC, and then recall that the two appeared one day (http://www.nj.com/comics-kingdom/?feature_id=Funky_Winkerbean&feature_date=2017-07-05) but not at the actual panel… Aside: curious to know if CK will correct the date in the corner ot tomorrow’s strip.

  6. Rusty Shackleford

    Killing time, killing time, that golden T-square soon be mine.

  7. Rusty Shackleford


    Batty’s blog posts sure are annoying. Why must he always use big words where simpler words would be much clearer. He has to write spelling gaffes instead of spelling mistakes. Grrrrrr.

  8. So, for the past couple of weeks we’ve had a Q&A panel discussion for a film we’ve not seen a single frame from. Did anyone think this was a recipe for anything interesting?

  9. Hitorque

    You know, I would have had more respect for Batiuk if he just directly copied the classic “Shut up and take my money” Frye meme…