Wait Til Next Year

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Well, given how he spent sixty years doing absolutely nothing, I can definitely see how sitting behind a big table while other people talked probably WAS the most “grueling” thing he’s ever done. The bar is set pretty low there, after all. Once again we see that Marianne’s retcon from “buxom box office-bursting sexpot” to “haplessly naive innocent waif” is complete, as she continues to oooh and ahhh over basic movie promotion duties. All in all it’s a typical FW “blow off”-type strip featuring the usual gang of idiots grinning idiotically, as if I expected anything else.

Well, as thrilling as Comic-Con was, it’s time for me to step aside and hand things off to billytheskink who’ll no doubt get some REALLY compelling FW material to work with…as if. Just remember, as bad as whatever just happened was there’s always something worse right around the corner.



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10 responses to “Wait Til Next Year

  1. Here, we can see the problem close up. To quote some guy, “It’s called writing.”

    The punchline is supposed to “work” because Cliff says it was really difficult doing all that fan stuff. And everyone laughs because, of course they’d want to be invited back, despite all that really difficult fan stuff.

    But, based on the dialogue, no one else thought it was difficult. They all describe their experience as just damn wonderful. Of course they want to come back next year.

    The TRUE writer would have had every panel be a complaint of some kind. “My wrist is sore from signing all those autographs!” “My smile feels fake from all those photo ops!” “My arm’s dead from doing all those cadet salutes!” And so on and so fourth.

    But, that sort of thing would involve WRITING Characters, and…that’s just not done these days.

    Sure hope Rick Burchett is updating his resume.

  2. spacemanspiff85

    The way Cliff is looking at Vera while talking about the most grueling thing he’s done creeps me out a lot.

  3. billytheskink

    Cliff, who has been to prison, considers promoting Starbuck Jones at Comic-Con to be the most grueling thing he has ever done. I have never been in prison, but I’ll bet it compares more favorably with the last several weeks of strips than one might initially think.

  4. Epicus Doomus

    BC: Cliff returns to stardom after a SIXTY YEAR hiatus and already he’s bitching about having to promote the film…what a diva. The guy is ninety-something years old and attending a comic book convention is the “most grueling thing” he’s ever done? His memoir will be a pamphlet. Attending Comic-Con was really more grueling than federal prison? Or riding on a tramp steamer? I realize it’s crowded, expensive and the lines are long but Comic-Con can’t possibly be that bad.

  5. Charles

    I like how Darin is in this strip. The storyboarder is one of the six most important people in this production, apparently – the guy who draws pictures for the director.

    Also, nice female representation: two silent wives and a naive babbling child. I think Batiuk’s actually regressing.

  6. If someone were to combine Batiuk’s tin ear for dialogue and plausibility with Lynn Johnston’s inability to imagine how more than two people interact, we could have the perfect terrible strip.

  7. Rusty Shackleford

    If Batty wants to depict contemporary issues,etc. then he should have the cast behaving like arrogant divas. Mason wants his green M &Ms to go with his heroin, Marianne wants rose petals floating in the toilet and chocolates shaped like sex toys.

    Marianne could then gripe about the patriarchy and how she is underpaid, about how there are no lbgtdeswaqubt characters in the movie. The strips write themselves.

  8. count of tower grove

    @spacemanspiff85, That was Vera? Someone in CK thought it was Alec Baldwin.

  9. count of tower grove

    Is Martin tugging his crotch from his trou pocket?