Martin Mulls It Over

Greetings, SOSFers! It’s billytheskink here – your favorite lizard-named, Martin Mull-referencing, pointless trivia-posting, guest author.

I was wishing (and hoping, and thinking, and praying) that yesterday’s strip was the coda to this Comic-Con arc. It certainly looked like it could be. Unfortunately, it was a tease, and today’s strip takes us right back to yesterday’s ocean-side confab to discuss… the Starbuck Jones movie premiere. Goody, another week of this. That’s four straight weeks now.

A relative of mine had a baby back in June. That baby will be 8 weeks old at the end of this week. FW strips involving Starbuck Jones will have appeared during 65% of her life. This makes me incredibly sad.


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21 responses to “Martin Mulls It Over

  1. Epicus Doomus

    Oh my. There are only but a few ways this can go from here and none of them are good. I don’t even want to say it. Sigh.

  2. erdmann

    Oh, God! He’s going to suggest having the premiere at that damn Crankshaft theater, isn’t he?

  3. Comment of the Week for next week has just been won by @erdmann.

  4. billytheskink

    Based on what I saw over the past three weeks, topping the experience at Comic-Con should not be hard. And yet, every time you think this strip has hit rock bottom, TB shows up with a new excavator.

  5. spacemanspiff85

    I’m absolutely positive the director would not be the one planning this kind of stuff out.

  6. Martin Mull is funny and perceptive. Not sure why he should be sullied by this comic strip. Yeah, okay, same initials as Mr Director Man, but then Mason Jarr shares those initials…and of course, so does Newspaper Spider Man’s wife…

    I take it back. It is great to be reminded of things that are superior to Funky Winkerbean. And yes, that includes Newspaper Spider Man.

  7. the dreamer

    they will be having the premiere in none other than Westview, Ohio with all proceeds going to the Lisa’s Legacy fund

  8. When we talked about the certainty that was premiering the movie in the Valentine, we weren’t really joking. We were pointing out that Batiuk’s odd fixations tend to get in the way of his strip being approachable.

  9. Rusty Shackleford

    Yeah, movie producers are always looking for the opposite of big, well attended events. But, Batty had to find some way to shoehorn this in to the Valentine Theatre and bring the opener to Westview.

    The magic of Hollywood comes to Ohio…oh goody!

  10. Rusty

    Since I don’t care to research whether the origins of Starbuck have anything to do with Cancerville, I wonder if Batiuk will be furiously ret-conning some connection to the theater. Other than it is ground zero for the now decrepit fan-base.

  11. Hitorque

    Shouldn’t this be a discussion for the producers, or the in-house marketing department?

    Why must this billion-dollar project have all the professionalism and planning of a couple of stoner buddies making a viral pet video for youtube?

  12. Hitorque

    So what’s it gonna be? Batiuk is out of ideas…

    We’ve done Montoni’s, we’ve done the park, we’ve done a creepy promotional event in Cleveland attended only by 55+ dudes with Ovaltine and PB+J sandwiches, we’ve done Comicon, we’ve done the old-timey 1950s hipster movie theater…


    Uh, why is the director doing this? Does this fucking movie not have publicists? Probably not considering a simple friendly peck on the cheek created mass hysteria last year.

  14. Hitorque


    1. How the FUCK does Cliffe find that “grueling?” He sat in a chair for 90 minutes in front of a cheering crowd, he maybe answered 2-3 softball questions, and he posed for one photo…

    2. If you’re going to have this stereotypical bubbleheaded, hopelessly innocent, childlike, naive, Forrest Gump’s long-lost sister, fragile, unicorn riding, rainbow hugging, flaky, ignorant, thin-skinned, just-fell-off-the-turnip-truck-even-though-she’s-lived-in-L.A.-her-entire-fucking-life bint as an actress, AT LEAST COMPLETE THE STEREOTYPE BY MAKING HER ATTRACTIVE!! Why the hell are you going to emulate Jennifer Tilly’s ‘baby’ personality without making her look something like Jennifer Tilly? Oh, and Tilly at least knows how to do this and make it sexy — With Marianne I wonder if she’s borderline retarded…

  15. LTPFTR

    Maybe director guy here will talk the studio into going direct-to-video and premiering it at the comic book shop in Westview.

  16. bobanero

    As soon as I read Erdmann’s comment, I knew this has to be what is going to happen. Coincidentally, the Crankshaft family is “sprucing up” the Valentine theater this week.

    I was hoping that his idea would be for the cast and crew to all join hands and leap from the top of the HOLLYWOOD sign together.

  17. Professor Fate

    I’m guessing mostly because I don’t want to look it up, that the Valentine Theater is the one were they all saw the Starbuck Jones Serial from the 50’s yes? A charming exhibit of solid Midwestern values yes. Oh Gag me. Another FW arch that has the effect of having treacle shot a you with a firehouse.
    Seriously what a stupid story idea. Maybe it might be a bit fun if the turns out to be a complete disaster with fan boys fighting in the isles because there aren’t enough seats or the movie itself getting stolen by what’s his face with the food van. But one assumes the Author won’t even have the obvious conflict were the studio tells Martin no you’re not doing that. This is a multi million dollar picture and we’re having its premier in a one horse Podunk town in a theater where the popcorn machine probably doesn’t work. At least give us that. But no it’ll be all wonderfulness and smirks and everybody telling everybody else how wonderful this all is. The very stuff of gripping storytelling.

  18. bobanero

    Seeing as all films these days are only distributed digitally, do you think those kids who bought the Valentine theater were able to spring for a digital projector (3-D?) and a dolby surround sound system that would be necessary to properly show a new sci-fi movie release? That equipment probably costs a lot more than they paid for the entire theater.

  19. Epicus Doomus

    Just a few years ago that junky old movie house was a “last chance” dive showing old films no one remembered or cared about. So naturally it somehow became the epicenter of the SJ universe even though anyone who actually did remember those crummy old serials would have to be in their 70s or 80s by now. Once again BanTom demonstrates how something can be totally irrelevant, obscure and forgotten AND a massive influence on everyone involved, all at the same time. The guy just can’t write a simple story without finding a way to insert his own weird personal tastes into it in the most boring unimaginative way possible.

  20. Rusty Shackleford

    Pre opening party at Montonis, autograph signings at the Komix Korner, Westview Band playing a tribute, opener at The Valentine.

    Now if Batty can just work Lisa, Les, and cancer into the mix….