Taking Holt

Looks like the party’s over, and Darin’s spent the better part of his time pestering “Mr. Holt” rather that getting to know the other parents. There’s the purple mom in the background…she spotted Jess-less Darin at the party and swooped in to chat him up, only to be left standing there once Darin spied his idol. Now she looks on from a distance, arms akimbo, before resignedly gathering the drab blue and slate gray party balloons. Meanwhile, as if having ol’ Phil reduced to working children’s parties wasn’t pathetic enough, Batiuk has him bumming a ride home.



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21 responses to “Taking Holt

  1. Gerard Plourde

    What an odd request to make of a total stranger. But little does Darin suspect that Holt relocated to California in the 1960’s and is in reality the long sought Zodiac killer.

  2. billytheskink

    I’m not sure I ever thought the day would come when the best thing about a comic strip was a pair of brown corduroy pants, but here we are.

  3. Epicus Doomus

    Yeah, the Marianne Winters lookalike mom is standing there in stunned disbelief as Boy Lisa scurries away from her to blab with the cranky old caricature artist but hey, he already has the prefect wife at home, so other women are obviously the last thing on his mind. Plus Holt used to draw COMIC BOOKS, which is more than Party Mom could ever offer…unless she used to draw The Flash or something.

    And of course Phil Holt himself is at rock-bottom after having been thoroughly chewed up and spit out the ass end of the brutal cutthroat comic book game many decades ago. Bitter, broken, probably at least close to being a transient, so destitute he’s forced to bum rides from strangers, that’s how it always ends in “show biz”. Just like Cliff and Cindy, thrown away by “the industry” as soon as they outlived their usefulness, Phil’s just another sad casualty of living your dream. So many weird mixed messages in this comic strip, you know?

  4. I’d pay, like, a whole Internet Dollar if it turns out “Phil Holt” is a complete hoax but figures if someone’s going to fanboy over him sure, he’ll take the admiration and the free ride home and maybe help moving a couch into his fifth-floor walk-up apartment. (“Of course it doesn’t look like my professional autograph, I’m signing you something personal.”)

  5. Great. Another one of the legion of pathetic shlubs that have to be rescued from obscurity by the main characters. Someone in television land clearly sees himself in these people.

  6. Charles

    I’m sure the lady’s standing there like that because she can’t believe that asshole father talked to the guy she hired to draw pictures of the children the entire party, distracting him from his work while he was on the fucking job.

    There was apparently a magician there too, but his 20 minute show only lasted 4 minutes because Darin had to talk to him about Doug Henning for a half hour.

  7. Rusty Shackleford

    And it begins…we will now spend weeks learning about how the man screwed him over.

    We’ll see him living in some shabby old place, we will be treated to words nobody uses. We will see priceless (just kidding) artwork and mementos strewn about.

    It will end with a job offer to work on SJ, the welfare program for comic book castaways.

    • Rusty

      I agree. Brace yourself for an exposition-packed car ride back to Phil’s place.

      • Hitorque

        Yep, here comes five straight weeks of sepia toned flashbacks and renegade comics covers secretly published in the dead of night in defiance of their fat, boorish, cigar chomping editor…

  8. Hitorque

    Evidently that 80s pop classic should be renamed “Nobody *Drives* in L.A.” I mean if even the lead actress of a billion dollar movie still lives with her mom and takes the bus to the studio….

  9. Comic Book Harriet

    Wait. Skyler is a boy? I know that they chose the name to pull one of those really annoying, “Pick a Gender Neutral Name to put off Baby Gender Reveal For a Little Bit Longer tropes.” But I seriously don’t remember when we actually got the confirmation?

      • Comic Book Harriet

        *embarrassed laugh* Must have missed that one. Or my brain rejected it immediately because so much unbridled joy in a Funky comic, displayed by five characters in a row…does NOT compute. (I’m not counting Cayla as a character, Batty doesn’t.)

  10. Professor Fate

    this is very depressing even by the standards of this strip – I’m half way convinced that Boy Lisa is going to take Mr. Holt home once he sees the conditions that he’s living under.
    And the bitterness that’s what makes it depressing – it’s seeped into the marrow of the strip and has poisoned it. For a man who been able to spend his life doing what he wants to drawing it’s a jarring note.

    Oh yes probably not intentional on behalf of the Artist but Holt’s face today looks a bit like the work of Fletcher Hanks a very early, very primitive and very strange comic book artist who did ugly like nobody’s business – and was by all accounts one horrible human being to boot (abusive alcoholic) maybe just once one of these character’s fall will be because his own flaws that he’s learned to now overcome or live with? Nah it’s always the man putting you down

  11. Okay…so how did Holt get to the party in the first place? Take Crankshaft’s bus? This reminds me of the “Mason drives Marianne to her house, despite Marianne having a perfectly good car right next to his” bit.


    Does this guy not have a credit card and a smart phone? Order a fucking Uber you cheap bastard! How the fuck were you supposed to get home from this job in the first place?!! Oh, I’m sorry. I forgot that you have a pity story that is supposed to make an excuse for Darrin to include you into this Starbucks Jones fiasco.

  13. count of tower grove

    Thel Keane is the woman in the background, Skyler has Jeffy’s untied shoe.