Holt Rides in a Volt

Whatever else new artist Rick Burchett brings to this strip, he knows how to draw a realistic, modern looking car. And he can draw the occupants seated comfortably inside, not pressed up against the windshield. Good job!

While the artwork’s (marginally) improved, the writing hasn’t changed. Phil Holt is such a comics legend that he’s instantly recognizable; quite a feat for anyone not named Stan Lee. Yet he bitterly dismisses his life’s work as “just junk.” “Now there was this young fella back in the day, walked in off the street…’Tom’ something, ‘Tom…Batty-yuck’. From Ohio. Showed me his portfolio. Great stuff, much better then my work. Told ‘im thanks but no thanks! Shit, he’d have had my job!”

Of course it’s up to Darin, the high school newspaper comics legend, to cheer up Mr. Holt, and it seems to work. Hopefully he’ll omit the part about the Comic-Con attendee who called Phil’s namesake “an old-fashioned piece of junk.”



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20 responses to “Holt Rides in a Volt

  1. Epicus Doomus

    Every so often a FW strip comes along that’s just perfect for parodies. This is one of them.

  2. Spacemanspiff85

    If you’re determined to drive on the wrong side of the road, at least pay attention, Darin.

  3. billytheskink

    Wait, so the old Westview High computer was not already named Holtron? Pete only just named the character for the movie?

    Everyone has been referring to computer as “Holtron” off set, even to its… uh, face. Given that the computer is clearly sentient, this is pretty much like referring to Tom Hanks as Forrest Gump when talking to him.

    • Comic Book Harriet

      Holtron’s beautiful true name is a series of unpronounceable computer ideograms. Pete callously renamed ‘Holtron’ when he was purchased to do unpaid labor for masters who barely knowledge his sentience and silence him when he attempts to defend himself from insult. #freeholtron

  4. “Hm…yeah, Jack Kirby was pretty terrible as an artist. I mean, he never drew cancer even once! What a loser. I am sooo much better than he is…hey, an email from Kent State! They want to do a volume eight! Cool! Wonder if I can get Jack Kirby to write an intro. Where’s those phone numbers I wrote down, of the people who…failed to appreciate me? He’s gotta be in there.”

  5. Epicus Doomus

    This one really is just jammed with riddles to unpack. The new NEW origin story behind “Holtron”, Boy Lisa’s snazzy new California car and most of all, the enigma that is Phil Holt. What’s with the sneering and ominous contemplation? Is this Phil guy up to something or is it just the art?

    • Comic Book Harriet

      Yeah, that face really says, “I smell a frivolous lawsuit to get sweet sweet studio hush money.”

  6. Charles

    Just because he has a lot of fans at Comic-Con doesn’t mean the stuff he did isn’t junk. A lot of people like crap, after all.

    Also, isn’t it a little weird that Darin talked to a lot of random people at Comic-Con about their fandom for a guy who drew comic books over 60 years ago? Why would that keep coming up in conversation?

  7. One thing that we’ve gotta remember is that for some reason that’s really stupid, Batty kinda hates the House Of Ideas. Attacking and demeaning an artist he associates with Why Marvel Is BAD (Spider-Man has real life problems/Stan Lee told him to come back when he was serious) is well within his capacities.

    • Professor Fate

      I’ve never figured this out – his comic strip had or did until he started this SJ mega arc dealt with real life problems, he doesn’t handle them well but cancer is real, why then is he so down on Marvel for doing something similar? It’s weird.

  8. Chyron HR

    Tune in next week when we’ll hear Mr. Director say, “Sorry, guys, the movie is cancelled. Somebody sued the studio for using his name without permission.”

  9. Gerard Plourde

    “My friend Pete is a screenwriter.”

    So now it appears that Pete’s career as a cartoonist who worked on “The Amazing Mr. Sponge” (a character that Batty’s Batom history states was created by Holt and Freeman) has been retconned away.

    And, like Cliff Anger after his six-month term for Contempt of Congress, it appears that Holt went into suspended animation for the decades after he stopped illustrating comics, only to be reawakened in time to do characatures at a preschooler’s birthday party.

  10. Hitorque

    Why even bother releasing the movie at this point? They’ve had multiple teasers, extended previews, “sizzle reels”, multiple interviews where plot details were leaked, DSH John pretty much told everybody on Facebook exactly what the plot would be start to finish (just by looking at promotional stills), and evidently the Academy already saw it more than a year ago since Masone is up for an Oscar (remember that?)

    2. Holy Christ did I ever get into the wrong profession… Who knew that being an afterthought storyboard artist on ONE movie made enough to get you a new car, house, unlimited vacation time, etc??

    EDIT: The Google Gods tell me that contract storyboarders in L.A. generally make between $80-100k, and while that’s more money than I’ll ever see, I can’t imagine Darrin being able to stretch that out for 2+ years in L.A.’s crushing costs of living…


    “Holtron..mmm. Yes. That would be a very good serial killer name for me!”

  12. Professor Fate

    Okay – here’s the thing – i’s 2017 the SJ’s movie has been production for what 3 years? And there is a sequel already in the works, it’s been featured at Comic-Con – the books have been reprinted so that a new generation can bask in the glory that was Starbuck Jones.
    So how in god’s name does Holt not know about any of this? why the hell wasn’t he already at comic-con autographing SJ original drawings done by him? Seriously, it just beggars the imagination to wonder what deep cave Mr. Holt has been in living in these last few years? Is he some kind of hermit that only comes back to civilization and uses his art in things like children’s parties in order to get enough money to buy gunpowder and salt? It would make an interesting story more so than what we’re about to see.

  13. Hey, Tom Batiuk: in today’s Flash Friday, you managed to spell Ross Andru’s name correctly only once in the four times you mentioned him. As I imagine people get your name wrong all the time, I thought you might be a little more careful. Also, it’s spelled “lithe” and not “leith.” Just thought I’d point that out for you.

  14. It occurs to me that since TB hands out the artistic and literary criticism so liberally at his blog, he surely must appreciate the sincere efforts of this one. I can’t imagine that he would have a double standard. I’m very tempted to compile every negative comment he makes about Flash stuff then rework it, with FW references subbed in for Flash ones.