I’ve Had My Phil

You know what gang? It’s a lovely summer’s evening as I write this. The missus and I are sitting by the pond watching the koi swim over the lights. I am enjoying the peace, quiet, and sanity of my backyard and came into the house just long enough to put up a placeholder for you, dear readers, to snark away at today’s strip.


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21 responses to “I’ve Had My Phil

  1. Honestly, i’d expect the wacka-chika guitar-porn music was playing over this entire episode. This is really uncomfortable.

  2. billytheskink

    And TFH still manages to put in more effort than TB.

  3. Epicus Doomus

    “Slow down”??? If things were moving any slower the entire strip would be caroming backwards in time. They have time for Comic-Cons and Flash museums but Pete can’t scrounge together a half an hour to meet Boy Lisa’s entire reason for being? OK then.

    “Hi honey, how’d Skyler enjoy the party?”

    “It was great! After it broke up I gave this old weirdo a lift home and we stopped by his hovel for a while, Skyler had a terrific time rolling around on his unkempt dirty floor!”

    “Note to self: continue marginalizing Darin’s parental duties.”

  4. Rusty Shackleford

    Yes it is a beautiful summer evening, so best wishes to all my fellow snarkers.

    As for the strip, my goodness what is with the childish hero worship. Normal adults shouldn’t act like this. It’s fine to have people to look up to, but in the end we are all just human. And when you become an adult, you should learn to be grateful for what you have. We all cannot be rock stars, and that is ok.

  5. Over at the FW blog, TB’s still flogging these Starbuck Jones “covers” by various guest artists. They’re being auctioned off later this year with the proceeds going to Lisa’s Legacy Cancer Fund. There are about 20 covers in all, some by pretty well-regarded artists. It’s hard to think of a worthier charity than cancer research, but I have to wonder what kind of demand exists out there for original cover art for volumes that were never published, regardless of who drew it.

    • Jimmy

      As others have mentioned, a full-on Batom Inc. and Starbuck Jones tack would actually be preferable.

      • That would require TomBat to have actually come up with the Batom Comics stories. The relentless absence of any strips showing the actual story of the Starsux Jones comic/movie makes me believe he has no actual interest in SJ beyond as a vehicle to spin his coulda-been-a-silver-age-star fantasies.

        • Eldon of Galt

          Of course there are no such stories. He hasn’t been able to come up with any sort of interesting or even coherent story on any subject for years. It’s apparently enough to have a name (Starbuck Jones!), and a concept (outer-space adventures!) and just putter around with those bits forever, and not bother with irksome details like plot and character.

          • Keep in mind too that “Starbuck Jones”, “Amazing Mr. Sponge”, and “Moon Mile Meek” are all products of Batiuk’s fifth-grade imagination. He’s had plenty of time to develop some kind of coherent story or plotline around these characters.

    • Doghouse Reilly

      Will I have to hang it on my wall sideways?

  6. SpacemanSpiff85

    At this point, why doesn’t Batiuk just go all in and rename all these characters “Tom”? You know when he was writing this he was picturing himself shaking Jack Kirby’s hand. Just like every time Les does anything, you know he’s picturing himself being praised and worshipped.

  7. spacemanspiff85

    Did anyone else notice Batiuk taking a shot at Tom Armstrong in his blog? Seriously, he is the last damn person who should ever be criticizing someone else’s artwork. Especially someone who actually drew his strips for him. And honestly, the art has been the strong point of Batiuk’s strips for like a decade now.

  8. Jimmy

    Darin tries to put a bolt into Holt. Sorry, I was so enamored with the title posts from earlier in the week I had to try again. Call me Hacky McHakmeister.

  9. ian'sdrunkenbeard

    “You’ve always been an inspiration to me, Phil. When I saw how crappy your illos were, I knew I couldn’t do any worse!”

  10. This is not just terrible because we have Durwood fangasming. We get the threat of Mopey Pete having a post-something or other smoke.

    As for Batiuk throwing shade on an artist for making his strip unreadable, who’s he gonna blame? HIMSELF?! Like Hell!!

  11. Charles

    So we have this conversation which more than suggests that Darin’s visit is winding down and he’s going to leave soon, but Phil breaks out the drawing implements for Skyler. Appears to me that the artist and the writer aren’t on the same page.

  12. Gerard Plourde

    This has to rank as one of the most improbable and creepy arcs yet. What, in the course of one afternoon, would induce a total stranger to reach the level of intimacy with Darrin depicted in the last two frames? What we’ve been presented with is:

    1. Darrin, suffering from a cold, takes Skyler to a birthday party. (Cold symptoms do not appear at all after this.)

    2. On arriving at the party, Darrin somehow recognizes the chaicaturist to be cartoonist Phil Holt, who he’s never actually met.

    3. After talking to him for the duration of the party, Darrin agrees to give Holt a ride home.

    4. Holt invites Darrin, a total stranger whose behavior up to now fits the profile of a potential stalker, into his home.

    5. Darrin suggests that he may bring a second stranger to Holt’s sometime to which Holt responds favorably adding that he’s there for Darrin.

    6. Darrin tells Holt, who it’s been established that he’s just met, that Holt has always been there for him, and violates Holt’s personal space by touching Holt’s shoulder while shaking his hand.

  13. Rusty

    He should just rename the strip Comic Books, A Love Story.

    • DOlz

      “Comics and Pizza”, a new noir comic brought by Batom comics. The company famous for creating a title and calling the job done.

  14. bobanero

    Great, so now he’s going to bring Pete along for a threesome.