I Saw Her Smirking There

Does everybody around here lean back in their chairs doing nothing?” wonders Director Guy as he fetches the producer his coffee. Of course, with Starbuck Jones opening soon, and its sequel having been filmed concurrently, what work would there be for the storyboard artist? Maybe Boy Lisa’s run out of his favorite pens again and is unable to work.

Back in C’ville, Pete has indeed found “something”: he spies a Batiukian/Burchettian blonde who stops him in his tracks so hard that his arms and shirttails fly away from his body. He’s pretty whopperjawed, all right! Casual readers might wonder why Pete’s blatantly ogling Cindy, but we know (since Batiuk teased it two months ago) that this is Crankshaft’s Hot Granddaughter Mindy. She’s successfully parlayed her Kent State diploma into a job helping her brother manage the dive theater.



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23 responses to “I Saw Her Smirking There

  1. Charles

    What on earth could the f’ing SCREENWRITER possibly be doing for the world premiere?

    Sorry, TFH and everyone for getting more and more profane over the last several months, but god damn, this is somehow getting stupider and it’s annoying me just how idiotic this all is.

  2. louder

    WT Major Frick! Pete is now a “New York and L.A guy”?????? doing “advance work”????? What does that mean? being the extra cook in the Montini’s kitchen for all those pizza that will add local flavor and botulism to the premier? This story line is beyond bizarre at this point.

    • Charles

      I know “New York Guys” and “LA Guys”. Hell, you may as well call me one since I’ve lived in both cities, although I wouldn’t. And I can tell you that Pete Rustennoofengoofen is about as far away from both groups as you can possibly get.

      It just gets stupider and stupider every time I look at it. Who in the hell is planning this disaster? An earlier sequence suggested it was The Load, which would mean he wouldn’t need Darin to tell him where Pete is since he’s the one who decided what “advance work” (wtf) Pete would be doing. If it’s being done by Crankshaft’s people, how would they have even hired him? If it’s being done by a professional event planner (LOL), Pete wouldn’t even be on the radar.

      And of course Batiuk’s going to forget that Pete went there to actually do any work whatsoever, since Pete (and Batiuk) is undoubtedly going to forget all about it in a stupid yet inexplicably successful attempt to get his weasel greased.

  3. Epicus Doomus

    Who’s a “NY and LA guy”? Pete? Huh? So why’d they send HIM there? Because he’s from Ohio? Isn’t he the screenwriter? My head hurts.

    Another new character? Sigh, just what FW needs. He has already established characters that haven’t appeared in years, but everyone in FW has to be paired up so here comes Mindy, yet another FW character with an utterly absurd job. That leaves Summer as the only FW character of note who’s still single and there goes her last shot at glomming on to Pete and the SJ production too, unless they need a basketball consultant for the basketball scenes or something, a development that wouldn’t even faze me at this point.

  4. You know, if we found these characters more appealing than a dog turd that’s been hardening in the Sun for a week, this strip could work.

    Alas, the dog turds are far more appealing, and aesthetic.

  5. billytheskink

    Some “New York and LA guy” Pete is. All we ever saw him do in New York was battle the “Lord of Late” procrastinate and all we’ve ever seen him do in LA is procrastinate (but in the 1950s!). When he was living in Ohio (about, oh, 5 miles or whatever from Centerville) he at least did things other than shirk. Granted, one of those things was this

    Ugh. Well, at least this time he’s interested in someone legal.

    • Me, I see all this “New York and LA guy” crap for what it is: a jerk from a small town who, after moving to a big city, made no effort to acclimate because he’s a smug jerk who looks down on city dwellers, thinking that he’s more important than he is. One of them from Queens is currently making an ugly ass of himself by positing false moral equivalences about Chancellorsville.

  6. Rusty Shackleford

    Omg New York and LA and he still returns calls to his friends back in Crapview Ohio. Wow, what a big shot. I hope I can still sit next to him at Montonis.

  7. ian'sdrunkenbeard

  8. Count of Tower Grove

    Since when does Pete like icky goils?

    • gleeb

      Well, let’s not forget that Pete once creeped on the then underaged Summer Moore. Although that may have been narcissism, because they resemble each other so much.


      Now. now. We shouldn’t frown on Pete here. This girl will make the perfect “beard” for him! He is an LA/NY kind of guy after all! Hiding your true sexuality by pretending to be with a hot girl is a pretty common practice in those cities.

  9. As if it were not bad enough that they send someone who’s always been small town and always will be small town to a different small town to die of culture shock because the hydrants are a different colour, we’re being asked to care about the characters of Crankshaft again.

  10. Professor Fate

    Pete’s as much of a New York guy as what they sell at Montonis is New York Pizza.
    Let’s just leave off why a script writer is off doing advance publicity work other than perhaps it’s getting him out of the way while they bring in a couple of pros to rework the script and ‘get rid of the whining’ for the massive re-shoots
    As far as the ‘romance’ goes (and what is Pete 30? outside of your teens who reacts like this?) I again find it useful to quote Edmond Blackadder “NO! NO!”

  11. Rusty

    A real city guy, except he spends his time holed up in his apartment reading comic books. Pete is the most obvious loser of the strip, even John managed to successfully date and marry. (somehow).

  12. Eldon of Galt

    With Pete’s hips thrust forward like that, panel three looks like it could use a big “B-O-O-O-I-N-G-G!” sound effect.

  13. sgtsaunders

    This just in: Pete’s horny.

  14. Gerard Plourde

    So what, in Batty’s mind, defines a “New York and L.A. Guy”? Does he think that everybody in those places lives a jet-set lifestyle? That on moving there people magically transform into sophisticated bon vivants who lose the ability to relate? Most people, no matter where they reside, live similar lives that involve work and family. The scenery may be different, and the chance of seeing a celebrity may be more likely in Manhattan or Bel Air or Beverly Hills, but that’s about it.

    • Hitorque

      @Gerard Plourde: Nevermind the fact that you can’t be BOTH a New York and Los Angeles guy, people identify with one or the other… You might as well address me as a Kansas City-Atlanta-Providence guy since I lived and worked in all those places for a couple of years…

      Pete is a middle-America small-town-Ahia guy, and no address change is ever erasing that…

  15. Hitorque

    1. Yes, tell me more about how Pete Rattabastardo is some kind of cultured, interesting metropolitan type of guy….

    2. So when Pete rolls up to spit his game, is his phone set to play “International Playboy” by Wilson Pickett or “Smooth Operator” by Sade??

    3. Seriously, isn’t Pete pushing 40? He wasn’t getting the young tight snatch when he was 23, so what’s different now?

    4. It’s funny because Pete, aka Dr. Manhattan/Hollywood Swinger never tried to pick up women before despite there being like 50 hotties on every city block in NY/LA…

    5. All jokes aside, this is just a smokescreen because Batiuk has been seeing too many Brokeback Mountain comments about Pete and Darrin… In fact, this is the first time they have been apart in years…

    6. With nothing else left to lose, Paul Manafort makes his Hail Mary pick-up move on Tomi Lahren…

    • Comic Book Harriet

      RE your no 5. He’s so excited because that shade of blond is EXACTLY like Darrin’s. If he can just convince her to wear a prosthetic nose in bed, his dream woman, Darynne, is complete!