The Shape of Things to Come

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Can’t think of much to say about this one, except I’m sure the “book tour” will be excruciating.  I don’t know what Les means about a physical trainer helping him to look less old than he is–he needs a beautician (or, even better, a mortician) for that.   I wonder if the original word was not “older” but “fatter”?  That makes more sense, though it also implies Les might be flawed, and we just can’t have that.  Les will grow older, as everything does, but he is not in bad physical shape.   Certainly not like some people we could mention.

The stupid non-punchline is made worse by Dullard’s reaction–

Back when I watched a lot of anime, that face meant over-the-top enjoyment, as if a person got a surprise birthday party, or a piece of cake, or saw a really dreamy boy, or something along those lines.  If Dullard is so wrought by Les’ idiot statements, then he is even more worthless than I thought possible.

Of course, it could be that I’m looking at this the wrong way, and that Dullard has been affected by Les in the same way that the takers of dimethyltryptamine-19 from Banshee Chapter were affected:

If so, that would be the most interesting development this strip has had in decades…which of course, takes it right off the table.  Darn it!



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24 responses to “The Shape of Things to Come

  1. Epicus Doomus

    If the phrase “book tour” doesn’t make you shudder nothing will. The last book tour took MONTHS to play out. As bad as FW is these days, it’s NOTHING compared to those five or six week long Les arcs he used to do all the time. Remember “Radio Ron”, the book signing banter, the airport courtesy phone, the original movie option arc? Shudder.

    • Charles

      How could you forget the Sunday strip where Les was being such an enormous dick to the TSA agents that if he actually did that in real life, he’d still be on a list today to be tased and anal-probed the moment he set foot in an airport.

  2. I wonder what Westview teacher is going to take over Mr. Moore’s Language Arts class two weeks into the new school year? Or has Les done future generations a favor and quit teaching?

    • billytheskink

      The only difference Les’ students would see is that they wouldn’t get insulted by the teacher quite so often… And if Linda or Kablichnick are filling in, it would almost be like Les never even left.

    • Gerard Plourde

      Once again, The Author imposes his schedule on the strip, no matter what it does to continuity. The real world volume three of the Lisa saga is being released and needs publicity to boost sales, so the fact that no full-time teacher could take an extended leave at the beginning of the school year to hawk his personal product is ignored.

  3. Smirks 'R Us

    Ah yes, several weeks of Less condescending to the masses. Awesome.

  4. bayoustu

    Oh, yeah- because Funky’s personal trainer has done wonders for him!

  5. The Dreamer

    wait, Funky has a personal trainer? Funky who is a fat, pot bellied alcoholic who can barely keep with Les when they run together? must be the worst personal trainer in the world!

    • Rusty Shackleford

      Yeah, he is getting ripped off. Better he spend his money on things he enjoys and hopefully he will die young, while Les grows old in a nursing home crapping his pants and babbling to himself.

  6. count of tower grove

    Gad zooks! The Lord of Language is at it again!

  7. spacemanspiff85

    The entire writing process, the way Batiuk depicts it, consists of just writers block and then a book tour.

  8. I wonder how close to slander his swipe at the likes of us will be this time.

  9. Rusty Shackleford

    Les better get in shape. No way I am buying a book about cancer from a fit person!

  10. An actual example of self-deprecating humor would be “So I don’t look as old as I actually am.” But Les can’t possibly deprecate himself, so he says “So I don’t look OLDER than I actually am. Because the way I actually am is perfect at all times.”

  11. bobanero

    He just got the proofs for the covers and he’s planning the book tour? I’m guessing that he just brought up the book tour so he could use the lame personal trainer joke and we won’t hear about it again for several months if at all.

  12. Max Power

    By viewing the cover art of the sacred Lisa text both Les and Boy Lisa have gained enhanced smugness powers.

  13. jp

    Les’ slightly altered hair style makes it all the more evident that he is Batuik’s avatar. Ewwwww.

  14. Don

    Speaking of Les, didn’t Summer and Keisha start attending Kent State five years ago? (And note that TB never bothered to show either of them playing for Kent State in that period.) Are they on the six-year plan or something? Unless they were on a religious mission or in the active armed forces, they have used up all of their eligibility, so their athletic scholarships are gone as well.
    Wait, don’t tell me, let me guess…the strip hasn’t shown the start of school yet, so next week, SURPRISE, guess who the new Athletic Director and Girls’ Basketball Coach are?

  15. Double Sided Scooby Snack

    You need a personal trainer to prepare for a book tour? Since when? Just sounds like a forced and contrived excuse to see what a smug jackass Les can be with Trainer Gurl.

    And doesn’t Les already go on these long jogs with Flunky, as they enjoy an Ellie & Annie style heart to heart? He looks like he weighs all of 125 as it is. I guess Batty has some MEGA clever Les vs Trainer puns he needs to use up.