Never Forget Whatshisface

SosfDavidO here! And we’re kicking off this week’s arc with a mysterious stranger! Who could it be in today’s teaser? More importantly, does anyone care? It could be any one of the 21,836 characters that have popped into Westview in the past 40+ years or it could be a retconned character pulled out of thin air. Les’s brother Stanley! Sure, why not?



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31 responses to “Never Forget Whatshisface

  1. If this week doesn’t end with guy that shooting himself, I’m going to be completely disappointed. Why do I get the feeling Batiuk will be talking about brain injuries in football?

  2. Epicus Doomus

    Oh brother. It appears to be another wistful senior citizen…just what FW needed. I like how he just happened to be looking away in panel one, to deepen the mystery. Whoever this guy is, doesn’t he have a hometown football field of his own to wax nostalgically over?

  3. billytheskink

    A long time, eh? This Big Walnut Techster is lucky, we were at a Scapegoats football game as recently as 9 months ago. No one rode the bus home happy.

  4. Gerard Plourde

    So an anonymous Big Walnut Tech alum shows up at a Westview game.Why should we care? (And if he’s old enough to have gray hair, how would he have a letter jacket that still fits and isn’t moth-eaten?)

    • Rusty Shackleford

      I have never met anyone that obsesses over their long gone high school days like these characters do.

      High school is a long distant memory for me and I live not far from where I went. When I drive by the school, it’s like I never went there.

      • Epicus Doomus

        Ditto. It’s definitely strange, I mean how is it possible that they ALL peaked in high school?

      • Gerard Plourde

        I agree. Life goes on. My son ended up attending the same school I did. It’s fun when something triggers a memory, but this obsession is not normal.

  5. I have the horrible feeling that we’re going to be hip deep in Batiuk’s belief that people from rival schools really are monsters that delight in our misery and failure by Saturday. He has to think that we because the alternative, the REALITY that the other side doesn’t especially care or notice our suffering is too injurious to his amour propre to be entertained as a possibility. Maybe he’ll be the man whose flag kept Stropp from reaching the goal line even in death because they refuse to let him have even that because THEY WANT TO CRUSH US!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Hitorque

    God… Nothing says pathos like “middle age dude wearing high school letterman jacket”

    Granted, even that will still never be as bad as “middle age dude wearing cereal box decoder ring and expecting others to be impressed”

  7. Rusty Shackleford

    Hmmm, today’s Crankshaft is gonna generate some negative feedback for Batty.

  8. sgtsaunders


  9. bobanero

    Hmmm. The only character I know of that was from Big Walnut Tech was Frankie. What would be his motivation for coming to a football game at a school that was traditionally the biggest cupcake opponent on their schedule?
    And, since we’re back in football season, are we ever going to see who replaced Bull in the football coach/athletic directory/physical therapist position that he abruptly “retired” from with a Woody Hayes meltdown? Or will Bull be back on the sidelines as if nothing ever happened?

  10. Comic Book Harriet

    1.) Today’s Crankshaft is amazing. Cranky and friends ask NOT to be seated in the part of the crime scene that may still have blood splatter.

    2.) Did Boy-Lisa’s Bio-Dad play for Big Walnut Tech? Maybe he drove his shady food truck into town for the premier?

  11. Mr. “Weight of Substantial Ideas” is interviewed ahead of release of the Lisa Box Set: “Sometimes there’s no humor. Sometimes it’s a beat that just makes a point. There’s not always necessarily funny notes; I’ve learned to do that, and not be afraid to do that.” 45 years in, “Funky Winkerbean” creator isn’t going for funny,

    • Professor Fate

      So he isn’t gong for funny? Well he doesn’t seem to be going for anything else either.
      Sheesh. He’s going to strain his arm he keeps patting himself on the back like that.

    • Epicus Doomus

      Mission accomplished! But seriously, he’s been driving that notion into the ground for thirty-plus years now. We get it…FW is the unfunny comic strip that explores contemporary issues affecting (zzzzzzzzz).

    • DOlz

      Please go on about what a great artist you are. Cause you know deep in your heart no one else will. TB more and more reminds of an old insult, “poor guy he is cursed with delusions of competence”.

    • Rusty Shackleford

      That article explains everything wrong with Batty’s approach: “I’m trying to write the strip I would want to open up the newspaper and read.”

      Thus we now see why yesterday’s strip focused on a senile man and two bores (see if you can guess which is which).

    • What absolute nonsense. He’s always going for “humor,” it’s just that his humor consists of a terrible pun delivered with a smug smirk. Admittedly, he’s not delivering any humor, but he still tries, every single strip.

    • LTPFTR

      “Todd Batiuk will be touring around the country for the release of “Lisa’s Legacy Trilogy,” with a stop in Seattle on November 12. The collection is released on September 24.” Is misidentifying Batiuk the Seattle P-I’s way of passive-aggressively mocking his thorough lack of self-awareness?

    • Gerard Plourde

      Lately he’s been spending so much time “making points” that he neglects to create a coherent story to surround them.

    • Charles

      Dude’s really crawled up his own ass and built a house there.

      Hey Tom, I’ll let you in on a little secret: CHEAP PATHOS IS THE EASIEST FUCKING THING TO WRITE. You’re not writing anything weightier or more substantial. You’re writing worse-than-mediocre tripe that, because it has a patina of sadness and loss over it, avoids the criticism you’d get for any other writing. People generally hold back on bashing a story about some woman dying from breast cancer, but that doesn’t make the story you wrote any better. You don’t write comedy any more because comedy doesn’t have that built-in defense, so if it was as badly written as your cheap pathos, you’d get fucking savaged.

      And I love the line about how you can’t go back to Les’s gym failures after Lisa’s breast cancer when in the past month you brought back the stupid sentient computer and had it appear on a panel at Comic Con and on the red carpet of a movie premiere. Your excuses are as self-serving as everything else you do.

    • bad wolf

      Oh my god, that headline is a screamer. How can it possibly be the real headline?!?

      The jokes, they write themselves, indeed.

  12. bayoustu

    The bus rides were “always happy”?! Boy, is this guy in the wrong strip! Here comes the antidote to your happy memories in: 3…2…1…!

    • Comic Book Harriet

      He gets to have happy memories because he is a horrible person. In a terrible world, only the truly terrible are allowed to feel joy.

  13. Don

    How many years did he go to BWT? Unless BWT’s field was in a state of disrepair, I am assuming they would have played only two games at Westview, with BWT hosting the Scapegoats the other two years.

  14. Today’s Crankshaft is so tone stunningly deaf, and it’s purely because this unlikeable character looks so smugly and cluelessly self righteous. Had he been drawn looking concerned or nervous or even sad, the entire tone of the dialogue would be different. HEY TOM GET A FUCKING CLUE: gun violence is not a topic for comic relief. I dunno, TB, maybe you could also get some yucks out of Les blowing his brains out on Lisa’s death anniversary. That way you also examine a mature and sensitive topic and how people in the modern world deal with it. Jeezus. This sonafabitch is finally pissing me off. To date I’ve only been moderately bemused and skeptical. Is there NOBODY in his immediate camp who is willing to step in and suggest to him that his stuff is going off the rails?!?

    • People like him don’t like having the all-important person whose job is to tell him when he’s writing horseshit around. It’s why he took an instant dislike to Stan Lee.

  15. Charles

    Really is amazing. Batiuk has about a dozen characters that he gives a shit about and writes stories about, and he has another thirty or so who he no longer gives a shit about, but today he decides not to address any of their stories, but rather introduce a new guy to write about. And it’s not as if his “high school was a long time ago” lament is a sentiment that no current character could carry, or is even a novel development.

    The same story he tells every year doesn’t become a new story simply because he uses a new character to tell it.